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Missing teen, Amanda Bien, could be with gypsies

Amanda Bien, 16, has been missing since September 24, 2005 and her mother believes is traveling with a band of gypsies. Amanda, who will be 17 years old next March, is 5 feet 6 inches tall and approximately 110 pounds. She has hazel eyes, brown hair and a pale complexion. She has pierced ears and a pierced navel and may be traveling with her boyfriend.

A local mother is asking for help locating her 16-year-old daughter who has been missing since Sept. 24 and who she believes is traveling with a band of gypsies.
Linda Bien said her daughter, Amanda Bien, is with her 15-year-old boyfriend who she says is one member of a family of scam artists from Salisbury, Mass. Linda said she wants to get her daughter home before the gypsy family leaves for Florida.

“I have to get my daughter out of there,” said Linda. “I feel like she’s in a cult … and they have no respect for anyone or anything.”

It appears that Amanda Bien has a history of runaways; however, the concern is the potential danger that she may get herself in, let alone she is presently considered a minor.

Police Chief Larry Streeter said Amanda has had 15 contacts with police, mostly with runaway issues and a variety of delinquency issues.

“She has been a repeated runaway, and it’s a result of a relationship with a male companion,” said Streeter. “We do not believe her disappearance was combative or hostile, but that doesn’t take away from any possible endangerment she could face.”

Any information regarding her whereabouts should be reported immediately to the Newton Police Department at 382-6774, or the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) at (800) 843-5678.

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Tara Grinstead Investigation: Anita Gattis; “her sister left the house under her own will and then something went very wrong after that.”

Its been nearly two weeks and there have been no solid clues or leads as to the disappearance of Tara Grinstead. Several volunteer search parties have been organized on multiple days and have turned up empty.

Searches have been conducted every day in various ways, including on foot, by horse, with helicopters and with all-terrain vehicles. Wednesday, cadaver dogs were used, though authorities stressed it wasn’t because they were looking for a body.

In an interview with CBS, The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm, Tara Grinstead’s sister Anita Gattis discusses her ideas of what may have happened the night that her sister went missing.

Anita Gattis, Grinstead’s sister, says police “didn’t find a lot” when they searched Grinstead’s home in Ocilla, Ga.

“The house was locked,” Gattis told The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm Friday. “Her cell phone was back in the charger. She always takes her cell phone with her everywhere she goes. Her purse and her keys were missing. The car was home but it was unlocked, which is very unusual. Tara always kept her car locked.”

Gattis says she suspects her sister left the house under her own will “and then something went very wrong after that. I don’t know if it started out to be an abduction and she was just lured out of her home, or she went with somebody and then something happened. I’m just not sure. But I really do feel like it is an abduction at this point.”

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Man held in Atlanta, Maurice Lashon Wallace, now called suspect in the death of Olamide Adeyooye

The police in Atlanta, GA now say that Maurice Lashon Wallace of Normal “is involved or has knowledge” of what happened to Olamide Adeyooye. Maurice Lashon Wallace was in custody on identity theft charges in Atlanta; however, is now being called a suspect in the disappearance of Olamide Adeyooye.

Normal police Lt. Mark Kotte said 27-year-old Maurice Lashon Wallace of Normal “is involved or has knowledge” of what happened to Olamide Adeyooye, based on interviews and evidence collected in an investigation that spans three states. Kotte declined to elaborate, saying that information could jeopardize the investigation.

No charges have been filed against Wallace in connection with the death of Adeyooye, a 21-year-old student from the Chicago suburb of Berkeley.

Fiends of Wallace and Adeyooye have made the connection that the two knew each other and that they lived in the same apartment complex.

Wallace has been in custody since a week after Adeyooye disappeared when he was picked up at an Atlanta shopping center on a warrant in an unrelated identity theft case in Normal. Kotte said the identity theft case involved multiple victims, but he declined to say if Adeyooye was one of them.

Friends say Adeyooye and Wallace knew each other and that he had been to her off-campus apartment. Kotte declined comment on any connection between the two.

Seems that Maurice Lashon Wallace has a past history of convictions.

Wallace was convicted Sept. 6, 2001, of entering a taxi and striking the driver. A memorandum in a court file indicates late in the same month, he bought a one-way ticket to Heathrow Airport in London, turned himself over to immigration officials and asked for political asylum.

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Missing Boy Priest Willis Found safe and sound

Priest Willis, who was reported missing late Thursday night, was found Friday morning after spending the night with a homeless couple sleeping in a boxcar.

The man, Lyndon Thompson, said that Priest said he was lost and asked him and his girlfriend for help.

“We took care of him. We didn’t want him to get in trouble,” says Thompson’s girlfriend.

The couple is homeless. All three slept on a boxcar. This morning on the way to call for help, they were spotted. Priest’s mother rushed to the scene.

Priest was not hurt. He told police he had planned to run away to Canada with two of his friends, but his friends backed out at the last minute. He had about $2.60 in his pocket.

The couple will not face any charges.

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William (Bill) Rossey, 63-year-old man, Missing since October 29, 2005

William Rossey, 63, has been missing since Saturday, October 29, 2005. He was last seen by his wife at 7:00 pm on Saturday. William or Bill Rossy is described as white with fair skin, blue eyes and blond hair.

He was reported missing by his wife, who said he was last seen at 983 Liberty St. around 7 p.m. that day, according to the Meadville Police Department missing person report. He left to go downtown and never returned.

The 63-year-old man is described as white with fair skin, blue eyes and blond hair.

He was wearing a black ball cap with “father” written on it, a baseball-type jacket and dark blue jeans. He was also wearing blue tennis shoes with fasteners.

If anyone with information or leads on William Rossey’s whereabouts is asked to call police at 724-6100.

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Remains Identified As Rita Evacuee, Sheril Susan Moore

The remains of the missing Texas woman Sheril Susan Moore were identified and confirmed. She was found about 1/2 mile away from her vehicle in a field in Oklahoma. She was on her way to Colorado to visit with her son as she was in the process of evacuating from Hurricane Rita.

The cause of death is unknown at the time and investigators are considering it to be a homicide even though her husbands seems to think it was an accident caused by fatigue.

“We are continuing to investigate this as a homicide until we get evidence that shows us otherwise,” said Grady County Undersheriff Irene Perske.

Remains discovered in a rural area near Amber have been identified as that of a missing Hurricane Rita evacuee from Houston, who was headed to her son’s Colorado home, Grady County officials said Thursday.

Search crews discovered the remains of Sheril Susan Moore, 59, on Tuesday in a pasture less than one mile from where the woman’s sport-utility vehicle was found last week, Grady County Undersheriff Irene Perske said. She had been missing for a month.

On Friday, authorities resumed their search for the woman after a farmer found her car abandoned in a pasture near Amber. The 2001 Ford Explorer was about 300 yards from the road sitting along a creek bed.

The Equusearch team was the first to find the remains, McMullen said.

Grady County Sheriff’s deputies and Equusearch, a search and rescue team out of Houston, Texas, began searching the farmland Tuesday morning following fruitless searches both Thursday night and Friday to find a woman missing from Texas.

Sheriff Kieran McMullen said the Equus team was in the southwest corner and Layton had a group in the southeast corner when the two groups decided to start toward each other.

The Equusearch team was the first to find the remains, McMullen said.

By noon, volunteers from across the county had assembled to aid in the search for remains. McMullen said besides Equusearch and the deputies, volunteers from the Grady County Volunteer Fire Departments, Rush Springs Fire Department, Oklahoma State Troopers, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, Amber Police and Grady County reserves deputies showed up to assist in the search.

Moore’s husband, Barry Moore of Houston, said he believes his wife was suffering from fatigue and stress from being on the road for about 48 hours and that she became lost and disoriented.

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Aaron Brooks, 15, Missing Since October 26, 2005

Aaron Brooks has been missing since October 26, 2005 when he was last seen at Galt Community Park.

The Galt Area Crimestoppers has offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to the whereabouts of Aaron Brooks, a 15-year-old Galt High freshman who was reported missing Oct. 27.

Family members and friends have been searching for Brooks since he was last seen on Oct. 26. Police report that he was seen the following day in the east parking lot of Galt Supermarket, 814 A St.

Anyone with information may call 888-393-8477 (TIPS).

Family, friends concerned about disappearance of Galt High student

A crowd of at least 50 parents and students gathered Monday evening to mark the fourth day since Galt High freshman Aaron Brooks was reported missing.

His family is concerned about his safety, but Galt police say Brooks’ disappearance may have been voluntary.

“At this point, we can’t categorize this as an abduction,” said Galt police Officer Chris Sanford. “All indications at this point (are) that he is missing voluntarily.”

Anyone with information on the case may call Galt police at 366-7000.

From KCRA 3; Volunteers Search For Missing Galt Teen

Volunteers from the area took part in a search for Aaron Brooks in the last known location that he was seen.

A group of volunteers took part in a search for a missing Galt teen Friday morning. Aaron Brooks, 15, was last seen at Galt Community Park on Oct. 26, and that’s where Friday’s search was centered.

“We don’t know if foul play is involved, but we’re very concerned about his welfare. At this point we just don’t know,” Galt Police Department spokesman Ken Erickson said.

“I’m just frustrated in general that there have no calls, no leads, no sightings … it’s just a very grave situation when some things don’t happen,” the missing teen’s father, Bernie Brooks, said.

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