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Shivani Vednaigam, 11, Missing from South Sacramento, CA (Update: Found Safe)

Shivani Vednaigam, 11, is an East Indian female who went missing from her South Sacramento home around 8:00 a.m. Thursday.

Shivani Vednaigam

She is 5’4″, 100 lbs. with black hair,and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a black tank top, a blue denim jacket and blue jeans.

According to reports, Shivani may have been using the Internet to communicate with an unidentified person from a neighboring Western state.


Any one with any information please call the on-call Homicide/Missing Persons Sergeant at (916) 264-5471.

UPDATE: Shivani Vednaigam FOUND SAFE

A missing 11-year-old Sacramento girl has been found safe. She apparently spent the night at a friend’s house without her parent’s knowledge.

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Heather Teschler, Second Suspect Now Charged in Christine Rudy Death (Plea Deal Reached)

Heather Teschler is facing felony and misdemeanor charges in the death of Christine Rudy. Heather Teschler will most likely be a witness in the states case against Christine Rudy’s husband, Shaun Rudy, who is accused of killing Christine and their unborn child. Heather Teschler

Eighteen-year-old Heather Teschler is facing felony and misdemeanor charges.

The criminal complaint says Teschler withheld information from authorities and harbored a felon, Christine’s husband Shaun. (WSAW)

UPDATE I: Teschler Reaches a Plea Deal

Teschler will provide full and truthful information about Shaun Rudy in exchange for immunity, and to protect her from any further prosecution relating to her testimony.

Teschler’s charge of aiding a felon will likely be delayed for a year, and she’ll likely be placed on one year probation for her charge of resisting or obstructing an officer. She could also get nine months in jail. (WSAW)

UPDATE II: Witness Expected to Reach Plea Deal in Christine Rudy Murder Case

The woman investigators say witnessed the murder of a Thorp woman may testify in the case. Prosecutors say Heather Teschler will testify against Shaun Rudy.


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More charges Brought Against Steven Avery and Court Ruling for Brendan Dassey

Steven Avery, who is already being charged in the murder of Teresa Halbach had further charges added to the litany of ones for the brutal and heinous murder of the young freelance photographer.

Additional charges filed Wednesday accuse Avery of being party to first-degree sexual assault, kidnapping and false imprisonment of Halbach. The maximum punishment for the new charges are 106 years in prison.
(JS Online – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel )

Judge rules Dassey will be tried as an adult.

A Manitowoc County Circuit Court judge ruled Friday that Brendan Dassey will be tried as an adult for the crimes related to the death of Teresa Halbach, according to the Appleton Post- Crescent.
(Fourth Estate – UWGB)

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