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Stereotyping, Profiling or Just Playing it Safe? In Australia, Airlines Trying to Protect Children

No matter what you want to call it, profiling or stereotyping, in this day and age it just may be good common sense. In Australian, men are barred from sitting next to unaccompanied children on flights. Sure there may be an insinuation, but if its a rule for all males could it just be perceived as a guideline in the best interest and welfare of children. Although such a rule would not have prevented this from happening.

However, before people start spouting off about their civil rights are being violated or they were made to feel embarrassed. Stop and think that it may not be about them. Sometimes is about this 10-year-old girl who was molested, Or the fact that kids flying alone may be targets of airport predators. Rather than worrying about adults first, why don’t we put the children’s welfare first this time?

Read the full story at the Travel Bloggers.

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Shaun Rudy is a “person of interest” in his Christine Rudy death

The Clark County Sheriff’s Department says Shaun Rudy is a “person of interest” in his wife, Christine Rudy’s, death. Its about time, many were wondering when this would occur.

Human remains were identified Friday (December 16, 2005) as Christine Rudy’s, who had been missing since November 12. That was when Shaun said the two were arguing in the car and he dropped her off on County MM despite her being six months pregnant.

Sheriff Louis Rosandich says a number of people are being interviewed, including Shaun, who’s held on drug and weapons charges. Authorities hope to pass the case to the district attorney by January 1, and then decide who to charge.

Chief Deputy Jim Backus says they hope to turn over the reports to District Attorney Darwin Zwieg by the first of the year.

Police investigating the case of a pregnant woman who went missing and then later turned up dead hope to turn over evidence to the district attorney by January first.

Christine Rudy, of Thorp, was reported missing by her husband, Shaun Rudy, about two days after he said he dropped her off on Highway MM on November 12th. The newlyweds had been arguing.

Clark County Sheriff’s Department officials on Friday said the remains found in a rural wooded area in the county were those of the 21-year-old.

Chief Deputy Jim Backus says they hope to turn over the reports to District Attorney Darwin Zwieg by the first of the year. He will determine if charges should be filed against one or more people.

Once again the last known person with the victim is a person of interest and may most likely have charges brought against him. At the very least, who allows their six month pregnant wife to get out of a car in the middle of November in Wisconsin and does not go back for her?

WISN; Police Call Husband ‘Person Of Interest’ In Wife’s Death

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Community Prays for Sue Ann Ray

Family and friends gathered and held a vigil in the parking lot of a Canton Wal-Mart Sue-ann-ray-vigilSunday night to pray for Sue Ann Ray who has been missing for nearly five months.

A group of about 30 people gathered in the parking lot of a Canton Wal-Mart Sunday night to pray for a mother who has been missing for nearly five months. 26-year-old Sue Ann Ray disappeared in late August.

The group released balloons in to the air carrying information about Sue Ann Ray.

“Who knows where the balloons will pop?” Ray’s sister, Sandy Chasm, told WSB-TV. “It may land in the right people’s hands who saw someone parking this van here, who saw someone taking her wherever they took her.”

Ray’s 6-year-old daughter, Charity, lives with her godmother, Leslie Colley,Sueann 4 who says the girl asks where her mother is.

“I don’t know the answer,”Colley said. “I just tell her that we’re trying to find her. I can’t tell her that she’s not coming back. I can’t tell her that she is coming back.”

Sue Ann Ray’s family has hired an private investigator and the reward for information to the where abouts of Sue Ann is up to $105,000. Sue Ann Ray’s estranged husband, Quinton Ray, is the last person to see her alive. The police are still not calling him a suspect. It has obviously taken its toll on the family as Sue Ann’s father made the following comment:

For Ray’s father, Danny Jenkins, not knowing has been difficult.

“If hell is any worse than this, I don’t know,” Jenkins said. “It’s tough not knowing where your little girl is, whether she’s laying out in the woods rotting, whether she went through a wood-chipper like I was told.”

Who was he told by?

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