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Human Remain Identified as those of Christine Rudy

According to findings by the crime lab in Madison, WI the remains found last week have been positively identified as those of the missing pregnant woman Christine Rudy.

Human remains found in rural Clark County are identified as those of Christine Rudy of Thorp. The 21-year-old pregnant woman had been missing over a month. The remains were positively identified Friday by analysts at the state crime lab in Madison, according to the Clark County Sheriff’s department.

The search for Rudy started when she was reported missing November 14th, two days after her husband Shaun Rudy claims to have left her along the side of a road in a forest area in bitter cold temperatures. Rudy said he dropped off his wife at her request during an argument, about 12 miles from their home.

Previously the sheriff’s department has said 23 year old Shaun Rudy was not considered a suspect. It is hard to imagine whether a suspect or not in the actual death of Christine Rudy, which cause of death is still to be determined, how anyone in good conscience could leave their six month pregnant wife on the road side.

Authorities did not release any further details.

No other details were released, except that the investigation into her disappearance had changed from a missing person case to a criminal investigation.

Although not a suspect, Christine Rudy’s husband is considered a person of interestas are others and Shaun Rudy remains in jail on unrelated charges.

The case is now being treated as a criminal matter and Christine’s husband, Shaun W. Rudy, 23, is among people whose activities investigators want to know more about, according to Chief Deputy Jim Backus.

“Foul play may have certainly been a part of Christine’s death,” he said. “(Shaun) is a person of interest, as are others.”

Clark County authorities have not spoken to Shaun Rudy since Nov. 20, when he requested an attorney, Backus said. His account of what happened, that he dropped his wife off along Clark County MM, has remained consistent.

His attorney, William Poss, has declined comment.

Shaun Rudy has not been charged with anything related to his wife’s disappearance.

He remains in the Clark County Jail and is scheduled to enter a plea in Clark County court on Thursday for possession of drug paraphernalia and a firearm as a felon.

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