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Jerry Anderson, Husband of Emily Anderson arrested for her Murder

Jerry Anderson is being held in Caldwell County Jail without bond for the murder of Andersonhis wife, Emily Anderson. Emily Anderson’s body was found January 7 near Duncan, S.C. She had multiple gunshot wounds and they found the victim’s body in the tool compartment.

Police have arrested the husband of a Caldwell County woman whose body was found earlier this month stuffed in a truck.

Caldwell County sheriff’s deputies arrested Jerry Anderson around 12:30 a.m. today and charged him with the murder of his wife, Emily Anderson, 49.

Jerry Anderson is being held in Caldwell County Jail without bond.

The Observer reported last week that Emily Anderson had been considering a divorce from her husband.

Caldwell County Sheriff’s Detective Brian Bennett filed an affidavit Jan. 9, in which he reported talking with a close friend of Emily Anderson’s, Patricia Thorpe, of Barnegat, N.J.

The affidavit indicated Anderson told Thorpe she was considering ending her 4 1/2-year marriage to Jerry Anderson. The affidavit also reported that Emily Anderson had spoken with a Hickory attorney, Rachael LeClair.

When contacted by The Observer and asked to comment on the divorce reports, Jerry Anderson said, {quot}I don’t have time for this conversation,{quot} and hung up.

(Charlotte Observer)

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Missing Alzheimer’s patient, Mary Cole, Dies shortly after being Found

Mary Cole, a 66 year old Alzheimer’s patient who disappeared for four days was found in a storage room of the nursing home where she lived . Unfortunately Mary Cole later died at a hospital most likely from dehydration.

Mary Cole, 66, had disappeared Monday from Liberty Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, authorities said. She was found Friday under a table in a storage room at the center, said her daughter, Tammy Terry.

At that point, she was dehydrated but had a heart beat and pulse, Terry said. But she died soon after she arrived at Presbyterian Hospital. An autopsy will be performed.

There seems to be some issue as to why the storage room that Mary Cole was ultimately found in was not searched during the six searches that took place.

A police investigation will focus on why the storage room wasn’t locked and why Cole wasn’t found after six searches, said Charlotte-Mecklenburg police spokesman Keith Bridges.

Terry was perplexed as well.

“The people in that nursing home were wonderful to us. They sat up all night with us. They searched from 7 a.m. to nightfall with us. They cried with us,” Terry said. “But I don’t understand why she wasn’t found.

“They told us they’d searched every nook and cranny of that place.”
(Charlotte Observer)

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Family Of Missing Jennifer Kesse Offers $15,000 Reward

Jennifer Kesse was last heard from Monday night. Police, detectives and familyJennifer Kesse members have been searching for the missing Jennifer Keese.

Detectives spent Friday back at her condo complex, while her family members hit the streets trying to get her name and picture to people throughout Central Florida. Detectives were at the condo early Friday, trying to talk to people who may have seen Jennifer on Tuesday morning before she would normally leave for work.

Jennifer’s family increased the reward to $15,000, while also making a passionate plea for her safe return.

Joyce and Drew Kesse made yet another impassioned plea Friday to try and locate their missing daughter. The Kesses are clinging to hope that their daughter, described by friends as “street smart,” is still alive.

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Possible Witness in the Christine Rudy Murder

According to court documents there may have a been a witness to the heinous murder of Christine Rudy. Shaun Rudy, is the primary suspect in the case and it appears that there may have been a woman at the scene that witnessed the murder.

In the documents, Walters says 18-year-old Heather Teschler admitted to her that she was with the Rudys. Here’s what Walters says they told her.

Shaun was upset about Christine using meth while she was pregnant with their baby and he was also high on meth at the time. Christine started, “flipping out” and was trying to hurt herself. Shaun stopped the car so Christine could get out, then she threatened to kill herself. He handed Christine a gun, but she reportedly told Shaun, “you do it.”

Walters says Shaun described to her how he stayed in the car, pointed a long gun at Christine and shot her in the head. Walters says Heather Teschler told her she looked away but heard the shot. Again, this is all part of a statement Jacy Walters gave to police.

However, it seems that the prosecution may have some questions regarding Heather Teschler’s credibility.

One of the big questions is if Heather Teschler will be a believable witness. She has underage drinking and disorderly conduct charges on her record, and the Clark County district attorney says that will definitely have an impact.

UPDATE: Extradition Charges Filed In Connection To Murder Case for Heather Teshler

It is believed that one of these stolen guns may have been used in the shooting of Christine Rudy.

Extradition charges have been filed against a woman investigators say could be a witness to Christine Rudy’s death. This week, charges were filed against Heather Teshler. The Clayton County Sheriff’s department says Teshler was involved in a burglary in Iowa. Investigators say Teshler stole nearly $5,000 in property, including three firearms. Last week, the Clark County Sheriff’s Department said one of those guns may have been used to kill Christine Rudy.

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Robin Turn’s body Found by Texas EquuSearch Volunteers

Sad news out of Harris County. The search for Robin Turner ended at 12:15pm on Thursday, January 26, 2006 when 2 volunteers discovered what appear to be human remains.

There is no confirmed ID at this time. Please direct all questions to Harris County Constable Pct 4. Special thanks to Harris County Pct 4, their Citizen’s Patrol, and Texas Equusearch members.

Please keep Robin, her family, and all her neighbors that did so much in your prayers

From KPRC, Body Found May Be Missing Woman.

A body found Thursday in northeast Harris County may be that of a missing 51-year-old woman, officials told PRC Local 2.

An autopsy will confirm the identity and the cause of death.

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