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Missing pregnant woman, Christine Rudy was shot and dismembered

The original story from Christine Rudy’s husband that his wife went missing after heChristine Rudy had dropped her off on the road side his six months pregnant was a little difficult to believe. Looks like many of our original thoughts and doubts were correct.

Christine Rudy, 21, of Thorp, was reported missing by her husband, Shaun Rudy, about two days after he said he dropped her off on Highway MM on Nov. 12. The couple, who were married in August, had been arguing. Christine Rudy was six months pregnant.

A pregnant woman reported missing by her husband was shot and dismembered and her body parts were dropped off a bridge into a river, Clark County sheriff’s investigators said Thursday.

Based on information that authorities have received, police believe the following occurred:

Chief Deputy Jim Backus said Thursday that part of the woman’s Christine rudy  1remains were found in a wooded area where Shawn Rudy said he last saw her.

Backus said she was killed Nov. 12 in the rural area about six miles south of Thorp and her body was taken to a rural Thorp residence where it was dismembered.

Clark County Sheriff Louis Rosandich said investigators believe the body parts were then dropped off a bridge over the Chippewa River near Jim Falls in Chippewa County. Those remains have not been recovered but searching continues, he said.

“We really don’t know if the body is in there or not. It is based on information we have received,” the sheriff said, declining to elaborate.

Although the investigation into the murder of Christine Rudy is not complete and her husband has not been charged with the crime, he is the prime suspect.

No charges have been filed in the killing. Shaun Rudy, 23, has been jailed on unrelated drug and weapons charges. Backus and Rosandich said Thursday that Shaun Rudy is the prime suspect in the killing.

“He will be charged,” Clark County District Attorney Darwin Zwieg said.

(La Crosse Tribune)

Shaun Rudy Accused of Shooting Christine Rudy

Clark County Sheriff Louis Rosandich says Shaun Rudy allegedly shot his wife, Christine Rudy, and dismembered her body.

Some of her remains were found in December. Rosandich believes body parts were dumped in the Chippewa River near the Cobban Bridge in Chippewa County. So far, nothing has been found there and more searches of the river are planned.


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FBI Confirms Remains Those of Teresa Halbach

It’s been almost three months since the Teresa Halbach disappeared, but it wasn’t until today that everyone knew for certain whose remains were found on Avery’s Salvage Yard property. Today the FBI confirmed what we pretty much already knew in our hearts; the bones and remains found at the Avery Salvage Yard were that of Teresa Halbach.

Sheriff Jerry Pagel says the FBI confirms that the bones found at Steven Avery’s family salvage yard are those of 25 year old Teresa Halbach. The FBI report contained and confirmed the following gruesome findings:

The report from FBI headquarters in Quantico, Virginia says Mitochondrial DNA analysis of evidentiary remains found in a burn pit match the DNA sample of Halbach’s mother.

Investigators say they found Avery’s and Halbach’s blood in her SUV found on the property, as well as pieces of Halbach’s bones and teeth in a burn pit near Avery’s trailer.
(NBC 15)

Sheriff: Remains are Halbach’s

He said the FBI analysis “is consistent with the DNA analysis conducted by the Wisconsin Crime Lab, determining the charred remains found on the Avery property are that of the victim, Teresa Halbach.”

Pagel said no additional comments on the evidence would be made at this time.

Halbach’s brother, Mike, told The Post-Crescent the FBI findings confirm what the family already believed – but should still help in the case against Avery.

“It just confirms what we already knew at least a month ago when we saw the death certificate,” he said. “(The FBI and state Crime Lab) both came up with the same results. It should eliminate any talk about her not being out there.”

He said the family, which had a memorial service for Teresa in November, does plan to bury the remains when they are finally released by the court.

State Crime Lab scientists earlier had said the chances of the remains not being Halbach’s were one in a billion.
(Appleton Post-Crescent)

FBI identifies remains as Halbach

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Missing Girl, Mayra Erisuris Sandoval, Calls Parents To say she is OK

After more than a week since she went missing, 12 year old Mayra Erisuris Sandoval called her parents to tell them she’s OK.

Mayra Erisuris Sandoval, 12, wouldn’t tell her parents where she’s been living, who she’s with or if she’s coming back, but did say she’s safe.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office told the family they believe the girl is in Mexico with a man in his early 20s.

But the parents aren’t sure what to believe.

Detectives now believe Mayra had left for Mexico before the photos were taken, probably the day she disappeared.

Detectives are working with the FBI and immigration to find Mayra and her acquaintance, who is described as a Hispanic male from Sarasota.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Ralph Ortiz at (941) 316-1201 or Crime Stoppers at 366-8477.
(Herald Tribune)

Missing Sarasota girl believed to be in Mexico

The Sarasota Sheriff’s Office says the 12-year-old girl called her parents from Mexico. Investigators don’t believe she was abducted, but say she’s in the company of a man in his early 20′s.

They are currently looking into criminal charges against the man.
(Tampa Bay’s 10)

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Disabled woman, Shelly McKee, Missing near Perris

43-year-old Shelly McKee has been missing since January 7 from Sun City in Western Riverside County near Perris.

McKee suffers from bi-polar disorder and is mentally disabled. She was last seen 11 days ago on January 7th. She’s 5′ 7″ 115 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes.

If you know anything about where Shelly McKee is, call the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

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Michael May missing from the Paradise Bay area since January 14

Michael May, a 45-year-old man has been missing from the Paradise Bay area since January 14. He has not been seen since about 9 a.m. Saturday when he left to spend time by himself at the couple’s vacation property.

Michael May, a Seattle resident who owns property in Port Ludlow with his wife, Judy Hugueley-May, left the couple’s Seattle home about 9 a.m. Saturday to spend time by himself at the couple’s Port Ludlow recreational property at 31 E. Alder Street, deputies said.

Hugueley-May told officials he had received family related news several days earlier that had upset him, and on Saturday night had a telephone conversation with him that caused her to be concerned for his safety.

After hearing nothing further from her husband that night, Hugueley-May contacted a neighbor near the Port Ludlow address to check on him. The neighbor found May’s van in the driveway and entered the unlocked back door of their trailer. May’s wallet, car keys and watch were on the kitchen counter, officials said.


  • Height: 6 feet, 3 inches
  • Weight: 208 pounds
  • He has a large, bushy mustache and usually wears a baseball hat to cover his balding head.
  • He was last seen wearing jeans, white tennis shoes and a black, hooded sweatshirt

Anyone with information about May can contact the sheriff’s office at 360-385-3831

(Port Townsend & Jefferson Country Leader)

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