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Previous Page | Next Page to Distribute on-line Amber Alerts to its Subscribers has teamed up with The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to distribute Amber Alerts to is on-line community. has recently come under fire for the exposure it creates to younger subscribers and predators. The on-line alerts will begin today on MySpace. MySpace still has a ways to go in protecting its on-line networking community; however, this addition of on-line Amber alerts makes sense. Teenagers and those of college age that predominately make up MySpace would be the first to know if teens had gone missing. Disseminating the information and fast internet responses may help enable police in the battle to find missing persons.

The online alerts, which will begin Tuesday, will be sent to all users in the ZIP codes where it was issued. They will appear in a small text box at the top of a user’s portfolio. The user can click on the box for more information, including a photo of the missing child and a description of the suspect. (CBS News)

MySpace also announced two safety features designed to protect members’ privacy.

The site will now require people signing up for an account to provide a working e-mail address and verify their identity by responding to an e-mail sent to the listed address. This is a practice common with other online services, but MySpace has been hesitant thus far because of fears the confirmation messages might end up mistakenly in spam filters. The site, open only to those 14 and over, will also offer a tool to prevent any member under age 18 from being contacted by adults, and vice versa. The tool, however, is optional and relies on self-reported ages. (Fox Reno)

My Space still has a ways to go in providing safety to its users as there is presently a law suit by four families against the networking internet giant. to Send Out Amber Alerts

MORE SAFETY FEATURES As part of its safety program, MySpace now requires all new members to register with a valid e-mail address, which they say helps law enforcement track down potential predators. New applicants will receive a verification e-mail with a link requiring them to click back and verify their identity. U.S. senators Charles Schumer and John McCain said last month they planned to introduce legislation that would require convicted sex offenders to register active e-mail addresses, expanding the existing requirements that they register personal information with local municipalities. The database of e-mail addresses would let social networking sites like MySpace bar offenders from their services by cross-checking new applicants against the database. (FOX)

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Laura Bush Takes on the Crusade for Missing & Exploited Children

In an effort to help in the world wide battle for missing & exploited children, First Lady Laura Bush has taken up the cause.

The missing and sexually exploited children of the world are the most vulnerable among us. There are so many countries that have little to no laws protecting child. Child pornography and trafficking have become an epidemic. It is about time that this problem is taken seriously in other countries.

Read the full story at Scared

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The Dana Pretzer Show – Tonight – Wednesday, Jan. 10th – 2006; Guests: R. Stephanie Good & Wendy Murphy, Tim Miller

Listen LIVE tonight at 9:00 pm EDT to Dana Pretzer on the Scared Monkeys Radio network. Click on the icon for live feed. (Listen to replay podcast here)


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Tonights Guests:

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Kristina “Kristen” Smith, 14, Missing in Escondido, CA … Possibly Lured Away By Man She Met on Internet (UPDATE: Found Safe)

How many times will we have to report these types of stories? A 14 year old girl from Escondido, CA (Kristina “Kristen” Smith) is missing. It is feared that they was lured away by a man that she met on the internet.

  • Kristina Smith; blue-eyed, brown-haired girl

Police said her parents stopped her on Friday from taking a cab from her suburban North County home to a Motel 6 on Pacific Highway near Old Town in San Diego to meet a man she met on the Web, according to the newspaper.

Sunday morning, the parents found the girl missing when they went to wake her at 9:30, according to the Union-Tribune.

Investigators believe Kristen may have gone to meet Charles “Chuck” Leroy Crowell, 34. Crowell flew from South Dakota to San Diego, police said, checked into the budget motel Thursday and left Sunday before they could talk to him, the Union-Tribune reported. (News 10)

Charles Leroy Crowell Description:

  • bald
  • 300 pounds
  • 5 feet 7 inches

If any one has any information please call the Police at 760-839-4722.

UPDATE: Missing teen found with older man in South Dakota

14 year old Kristina Smith was found safe in South Dakota with 34 year old Charles Crowell, a man she had met on the internet. Charles Crowell is presently in jail facing charges from child endangerment to kidnapping.

Escondido police say Smith was found by authorities who were staking out the Sioux Falls home of Charles Crowell. He had checked into the motel Smith tried to visit and left yesterday.

Police say Crowell may face charges ranging from child endangerment to kidnapping.

Smith is now in police care. (KGET)

Man Facing Rape Charges In Missing Girl Case

(34 year old Charles Crowell)


The teen had apparently been chatting online with 34-year-old Charles Crowell who is now facing rape charges.

Police say Crowell met the teen at an Embarcadero motel on Sunday, and they flew together to South Dakota.

The girl’s parents are outraged that a married man, with a daughter of his own, could prey on their child. (KFMB)

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Pedophile Arrested by Canadina Police After Child Molested and Shown via the Internet

A man who had sexually molested a preschool girl and broadcast the images live over the internet has been arrested. The depravity of some people defies words. Luckily for this young girl, this pedophile sent the images to and undercover detective. The young girl was rescued 2 hours after Toronto police’s Sex Crimes child exploitation unit witnessed the live assault.

Toronto Police

He alerted police in St. Thomas, a city in southwestern Ontario where police believed the man lived, and they were able to track him down in two hours.

“To see this child and look that child in the eyes and realize that the child was live somewhere, being abused, we had to save the child right then,” Krawczyk said at a news conference. “The minute we realized what was happening, we went as fast as we could.”

Krawczyk belongs to Toronto’s Child Exploitation Section, acclaimed for its work tracking down child pornographers on the Internet. Microsoft Corp. teamed with the detectives last year to launch a software program designed to help police forces around the world hunt down child porn Internet traffickers.

Tool Thwarts Online Child Predators

Using CETS, police agencies can manage and analyze huge volumes of information in powerful new ways, such as cross-referencing obscure data relationships and using social-network analysis to identify communities of offenders.

“CETS has helped police catch up with cyber-criminals on the Internet,” Gillespie says. “The product has exceeded my wildest dreams. I have also been impressed by Microsoft Canada and their passion to do the right thing. I am overwhelmed with their sense of responsibility”. (

The man’s name has not yet been released to protect the identity of the preschool girl. It has not been reported what the relationship is between the arrested pedophile and the girl.

He said the identity of the 34-year-old man was not being released to protect the girl. He declined to say whether the suspect was related to her.

Krawczyk said the girl was safe with family members and getting medical care.

The man’s bail hearing was set for Tuesday and he faces 10 charges of sexual assault and the production, possession and distribution of child pornography. (WNBC)

The unidentified man will be charged with an array of sex charges that will hopefully put this dirt bag away for quite a while.

Ontario law enforcement agencies yesterday revealed how they tracked down and arrested the 34-year-old man, who faces a litany of charges including making child pornography, sexual assault and sexual interference. (

The Toronto Child Exploitation unit has done some amazing work including helping Florida police locate a young girl who had appeared in a series of sexually explicit photographs taken at a Walt Disney World hotel. There message is very clear and very much appreciated.

“The message to all pedophiles, and people who want to sexually exploit children on the Internet is that we are on the Internet 24/7, we know where you are and we will find you,” Krawczyk said.

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Jeffrey J. Marsalis Accused of Raping on-line Dates

Be care careful of those you meet through on-line dating. If it looks to good to be true, it usually is. 33 year old Jeffrey J. Jeffrey J. MarsalisMarsalis is facing 9 counts of rape involving 8 woman. Most of the woman he is accused of raping Marsalis met through on online dating service, It would appear that Jeffrey Marsalis may have used a date rape drug as his MO.

They said they woke up hours later, back at his apartment – groggy, sometimes undressed – after an apparent sexual encounter or even in the middle of intercourse.

 ”It was like waking up from surgery,” one woman said. “My body was there, and I could see what was going on around me, but I couldn’t move.” (AP)

Be very careful of who you meet on the internet, be careful of who buys you a drink and please do not leave your drinks unattended.

He was an online dater’s dream: Tall, clean-cut, with a fashionable address and a taste for upscale bars and restaurants. He said he was a doctor, an astronaut, a spy – though he was really an on-and-off nursing student. With woman after woman, he would slip something in their drinks and then rape them, police say.

In court this week during Marsalis’ preliminary hearing, the women told strikingly similar stories of meeting the smooth-talking Marsalis between 2003 and 2005, then feeling unusually intoxicated after returning from the bathroom or letting him buy a round from the bar.

Jeffrey J. Marsalis was acquitted of three similar assaults in Philadelphia in January. Its hard to believe so many could have accused Marsalis of rape, all in the same manner, and it not be a real issue. After being acquitted, Marsalis was then rearrested on new charges.

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Josh Duckett to Open official “Team Trenton” headquarters today in Central Florida for Missing Son

Josh Duckett, the father of missing Trenton Duckett, is opening the official “Team Trenton” Trenton Duckett 5headquarters in Central Florida. The office space was donated to Josh Duckett by a local marketing company.

Authorities continue to search for the 2-year-old, who has been missing since Aug. 27.
Trenton’s mother Melinda was named the prime suspect days after she killed herself. (Florida Today)

Also, Josh Duckett has hired a private investigator to help in the search for Trenton Duckett.

As well as setting up a headquarter and hiring a PI, Josh Duckett and “Team Trenton” have created a web page for Trenton Duckett. As the police department scales back on man power and the media attention wanes, parents of missing children need to get more creative in finding ways to get the information out and to get new leads.

Trenton Duckett 3

Meanwhile, Trenton’s father, Joshua, recently set up a “Team Trenton” command center in Leesburg in order to help keep the search going. A Web site has been established at, featuring information about the boy, as well as phone and e-mail contacts for people who may be uncomfortable giving a tip directly to the police. (The Village Daily Sun)

Flyer For Trenton Duckett

Please help bring Trenton home

Anyone with information regarding Trenton’s whereabouts is urged to contact authorities at (800) 423-TIPS.

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Website & Billboards started for Missing Nina Reiser

A new web site has been started to help provide awareness and information for the missing Nina Reiser. The web site is


(Click on picture to go to

Nina Reiser’s friend Anthony Zografos said today that 20 billboards would be posted in Oakland and surrounding neighborhoods Monday.

Anyone with information about Reiser is asked to contact Oakland police at (510) 777-3333. Callers can also leave information on the Police Department’s tip line at (510) 637-0298.  (Mercury News)

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Georgia Teens ID’d in Sexually Explicit MySpace Controversy

Two 15 year old female students from North Oconee High School have been identified as those allegedly responsible for posting the list of dozens of names of individuals and their sexual exploits on There are consequences to your actions.

The girls could be charged with distributing sexually explicit materials to minors, authorities said.

For those that think they can do anything and everything on line in a malicious manner to others, best think again. For those that think they have complete anonymity best think again as well.

The two students at North Oconee High School were identified after investigators subpoenaed records from MySpace, Yahoo and BellSouth, sheriff’s Lt. David Kilpatrick said.

The two girls included their names on the list, perhaps in an attempt not to be caught, Kilpatrick said. (AP)


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Authorities Wanted Blogger who posted Sex Gossip of High School Students on

So you think there is total “freedom of speech” on the internet? Think again. Authorities in Georgia are looking for the blogger who posted a list of sexual encounters between many high school students on what else,

Oconee County Sheriff’s officials said they were investigating who posted the gossip about North Oconee High School students Sept. 1-9. Since gossip isn’t a crime, the sheriff’s report lists the offense as distributing obscene materials to minors. The list describes sexual encounters and could be accessed by people younger than 18.

“There’s a lot of difference between writing on a bathroom wall and distributing it all over the world on the Internet where anyone has access to it,” Lt. David Kilpatrick told the Athens Banner-Herald for a story published Sunday.

Why people continue to do such things and act in a manner where they think there are no consequences is amazing. Grow up folks, the internet can be one of your greatest resources.

Kilpatrick said that MySpace gave him the e-mail address of the person who created the site, but that it was an anonymous Yahoo account. He said he would subpoena BellSouth, the Internet service provider used to create the e-mail address, to try to determine who paid for the Internet service. (AZ Central)


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