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Josh Duckett to Open official “Team Trenton” headquarters today in Central Florida for Missing Son

Josh Duckett, the father of missing Trenton Duckett, is opening the official “Team Trenton” Trenton Duckett 5headquarters in Central Florida. The office space was donated to Josh Duckett by a local marketing company.

Authorities continue to search for the 2-year-old, who has been missing since Aug. 27.
Trenton’s mother Melinda was named the prime suspect days after she killed herself. (Florida Today)

Also, Josh Duckett has hired a private investigator to help in the search for Trenton Duckett.

As well as setting up a headquarter and hiring a PI, Josh Duckett and “Team Trenton” have created a web page for Trenton Duckett. As the police department scales back on man power and the media attention wanes, parents of missing children need to get more creative in finding ways to get the information out and to get new leads.

Trenton Duckett 3

Meanwhile, Trenton’s father, Joshua, recently set up a “Team Trenton” command center in Leesburg in order to help keep the search going. A Web site has been established at, featuring information about the boy, as well as phone and e-mail contacts for people who may be uncomfortable giving a tip directly to the police. (The Village Daily Sun)

Flyer For Trenton Duckett

Please help bring Trenton home

Anyone with information regarding Trenton’s whereabouts is urged to contact authorities at (800) 423-TIPS.

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  1. Oh my God………. he is such a georgeous

    Good job, Josh!!! and Good Luck!!!

    The whole nation has fallen in love
    with this little angel… and I think
    we all need to find out what happened
    to him.

    Keep it up.

    Comment by Patti | October 19, 2006

  2. Lets all join in Prayer for God to watch over Trenton and bring him home.

    Comment by Reva Bruhn | October 24, 2006

  3. The other night, we were shopping at Save A Lot in Eustis and I saw a little boy that looked just like Trenton so I started observing. The people with him had him dressed in a hooded sweatshirt and would not allow him to take down the hood even though he wanted to. I thought this was very odd since it was too warm in there for that. There was also an older boy with them and he was dressed in very light clothes. I finally decided to call the police because if I were Josh, I would want anyone who even had a slight suspicion to call.
    The police showed up right after the people had loaded their trunk with the groceries. We couldn’t get the license number because they were loading the trunk. We started telling police what we saw and during that time, the people disappeared but the car was still there. Also thought that was odd because they had bought lots of groceries, some being cold items, and yet they managed to disappear when the police arrived, leaving the car there.
    The police gave us permission to leave after about ten minutes because we had to pick up someone and we never heard what happened after that.
    Just wondering if Josh was informed of this and wondering if anyone can tell us what happened after we left.
    We didn’t want to give false hopes but it would bother us way too much not to notify police that he looked like Trenton and that the people with him were acting very strangely by trying to keep his head covered with the sweatshirt hood even though the little boy kept taking it down as he was too hot.
    Please let us know what happened if possible.

    Comment by Bonnie | November 16, 2006

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