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Authorities Wanted Blogger who posted Sex Gossip of High School Students on

So you think there is total “freedom of speech” on the internet? Think again. Authorities in Georgia are looking for the blogger who posted a list of sexual encounters between many high school students on what else,

Oconee County Sheriff’s officials said they were investigating who posted the gossip about North Oconee High School students Sept. 1-9. Since gossip isn’t a crime, the sheriff’s report lists the offense as distributing obscene materials to minors. The list describes sexual encounters and could be accessed by people younger than 18.

“There’s a lot of difference between writing on a bathroom wall and distributing it all over the world on the Internet where anyone has access to it,” Lt. David Kilpatrick told the Athens Banner-Herald for a story published Sunday.

Why people continue to do such things and act in a manner where they think there are no consequences is amazing. Grow up folks, the internet can be one of your greatest resources.

Kilpatrick said that MySpace gave him the e-mail address of the person who created the site, but that it was an anonymous Yahoo account. He said he would subpoena BellSouth, the Internet service provider used to create the e-mail address, to try to determine who paid for the Internet service. (AZ Central)


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Beth Twitty Interview on Dutch TV Show, Robert Jensen

Wacth below the video from Beth Twitty’s appearance on the Robert Jensen Show


(Click on picture for link to video)


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Police Conference Discussing DNA taken from Missing Nina Reiser’s Husband, Hans Reiser

Watch Video here of DNA Police News Conference

During the news conference, Jordan confirmed they detained Hans Reiser Thursday night in order obtain a DNA sample. Jordan said police will use the DNA and compare it to evidence in the missing person’s case.

Police said they did not question Reiser, adding his lawyer was not present.

Jordan said of Reiser, “He is not a suspect now because we don’t have a crime.” (WNBC 11)

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