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Pedophile Arrested by Canadina Police After Child Molested and Shown via the Internet

A man who had sexually molested a preschool girl and broadcast the images live over the internet has been arrested. The depravity of some people defies words. Luckily for this young girl, this pedophile sent the images to and undercover detective. The young girl was rescued 2 hours after Toronto police’s Sex Crimes child exploitation unit witnessed the live assault.

Toronto Police

He alerted police in St. Thomas, a city in southwestern Ontario where police believed the man lived, and they were able to track him down in two hours.

“To see this child and look that child in the eyes and realize that the child was live somewhere, being abused, we had to save the child right then,” Krawczyk said at a news conference. “The minute we realized what was happening, we went as fast as we could.”

Krawczyk belongs to Toronto’s Child Exploitation Section, acclaimed for its work tracking down child pornographers on the Internet. Microsoft Corp. teamed with the detectives last year to launch a software program designed to help police forces around the world hunt down child porn Internet traffickers.

Tool Thwarts Online Child Predators

Using CETS, police agencies can manage and analyze huge volumes of information in powerful new ways, such as cross-referencing obscure data relationships and using social-network analysis to identify communities of offenders.

“CETS has helped police catch up with cyber-criminals on the Internet,” Gillespie says. “The product has exceeded my wildest dreams. I have also been impressed by Microsoft Canada and their passion to do the right thing. I am overwhelmed with their sense of responsibility”. (

The man’s name has not yet been released to protect the identity of the preschool girl. It has not been reported what the relationship is between the arrested pedophile and the girl.

He said the identity of the 34-year-old man was not being released to protect the girl. He declined to say whether the suspect was related to her.

Krawczyk said the girl was safe with family members and getting medical care.

The man’s bail hearing was set for Tuesday and he faces 10 charges of sexual assault and the production, possession and distribution of child pornography. (WNBC)

The unidentified man will be charged with an array of sex charges that will hopefully put this dirt bag away for quite a while.

Ontario law enforcement agencies yesterday revealed how they tracked down and arrested the 34-year-old man, who faces a litany of charges including making child pornography, sexual assault and sexual interference. (

The Toronto Child Exploitation unit has done some amazing work including helping Florida police locate a young girl who had appeared in a series of sexually explicit photographs taken at a Walt Disney World hotel. There message is very clear and very much appreciated.

“The message to all pedophiles, and people who want to sexually exploit children on the Internet is that we are on the Internet 24/7, we know where you are and we will find you,” Krawczyk said.

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Attorney for Brian Rooney want DNA samples in Murder case of Michelle Gardner-Quinn

David Sleigh, Defense attorney for Brian Rooney who is accused of sexually assaulting and murdering Michelle Gardner-Quinn is requesting DNA samples.

BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) – The attorney for Brian Rooney, the man accused of sexually assaulting and then killing a University of Vermont senior, wants extra samples of DNA evidence preserved for independent testing.

Defense attorney David Sleigh is asking a judge to order the Vermont Forensic Lab to save at least three copies of all DNA samples and to ask for special permission to run tests if a sample is too small to be divided.

Attorney Sleigh is arguing that the defense is entitled to DNA samples to independently test the evidence that the state has. The defense can play all the legal games they want, Brian Rooney and the DNA evidence that the prosecution has will prove his guilt. Sure Rooney is entitled to a defense, that does not mean that he is not guilty. The evidence will show that to be a fact.

Deputy State’s Attorney Justin Jiron filed papers objecting to the request to divide samples into thirds. Standard lab protocol calls for dividing the samples in half.

“The defense motion does not indicate a reason for departing from the protocol,” Jiron wrote. “A requirement that all evidence be divided into three or more parts is unduly burdensome.” (Rutland Herald)

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Glendy L. Bowman, 17, Pregnant Teen Missing after last seen leaving with boyfriend, Joseph A. Aguilar

A 17 year old pregnant girl, Glenda L. Bowman, is missing. Bowman was last seen getting into a car with her boyfriend, Joseph A. Aguilar, and another friend. Her disappearance is being considered suspicious. Witnesses at the scene claim that Aguilar was hitting and pulling Glenda Bowman in to the car.

Glendy L. Bowman was with several friends Sunday evening at McDonald’s at Sterling Town Center when her boyfriend, Joseph A. Aguilar, and a friend pulled up in a dark-colored Toyota Echo about 6 p.m., Loudoun County sheriff’s spokesman Kraig Troxell said.

Witnesses told investigators that Aguilar and Bowman, who have been dating about three years, got into a heated argument before Aguilar forced her, against her will, to get in the car, Troxell said.

Although Glenda Bowman was described as a frequent runaway; however, the witnesses described more of an assault and that she was taken against her will.

Aguilar, who has family in Haymarket in Prince William County and whose last known address was in Sterling, ran away with Bowman last year, Troxell said. Sheriff’s investigators traced the couple to Guatemala, where they were staying with family, he said. (Washington Post)

Anyone with information to call Loudoun police  at 703-777-1021. To remain anonymous, call the tip line at 703-777-1919.

Pregnant Teenager Remains Missing 5 days after being forced into car against her will

“She was forced into the car by her boyfriend who was assaulting her at the time,” Troxell said her friends told authorities.

Troxell said Bowman and Joseph A. Aguilar’s two-year relationship could be described as tumultuous, and the couple has disappeared before.

From police accounts the boyfriend, Joseph A. Aguilar, is not being cooperative.

He said authorities have spoken with Aguilar on the phone and that Bowman’s friends have said they have seen her at various locations, but he said the department couldn’t confirm the sightings and haven’t spoken with Aguilar in person.

“He’s not being very cooperative,” Troxell said in describing Aguilar.

Before disappearing Sunday night, Troxell said Bowman took her mother’s car without permission; it was recovered near the McDonald’s, he said. (Leesburg Today)

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Walter Smith Jr, 42, Missing in Flat Rock, Indiana

Walter Smith Jr. has been missing for 2 months. Smith disappeared from his Flat Rock, IN Walter Smith Jr.home. According to police there was so sign of struggle in his home and all of his personal belongings were left behind.


  • 5 feet 11 inches tall
  • 205 pounds
  • He was last seen driving a black 2000 Daewoo Leganza with paper tag J045763. (The Indy Channel)

Anyone with any information please call the Shelby County Sheriff?s Department at 888-387-1441.

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University of Central Florida Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity Hazing incident May have included Sexually Assault of Pledges (UPDATE: CLOSED DOWN)

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Central Florida appear to be in some SAEmajor trouble. The fraternity has been suspended by its national charter after three students were found so drunk that they need to be hospitalized. Now SAE is being investigated in a hazing ritual where some of the pledges may have been sexually assaulted.


School officials investigating an apparent hazing ritual at a fraternity house on the University of Central Florida campus in which pledges were found in diapers, fairy wings and women’s panties told Local 6 News that there is evidence that several of them may have been sexually assaulted.

University police, acting on a tip, said they noticed loud, aggressive screaming and moaning coming from the SAE fraternity house.

“At first, students would not let police into the fraternity house because they said they were performing a ritual,” Local 6′s Louis Bolden said. “Apparently, that ritual included male students dressing up like women and drinking until they had to be hospitalized.”

Friday, Local 6 News reported that a university official close to the investigation confirmed that a police investigation has been launched into whether the men were sexually assaulted.

UPDATE: (11/9/06) Florida University Shut Down After Hazing IncidentUCF

Looks like a bade case of when Animal House goes wrong, terribly wrong. What gets me is how on earth any self  respecting person would allow anyone to do this to them? With the price of what college tuition (UCF: $3,502 in-state, $17,027 out-of-state) is these days? Exactly why would anyone allow themselves or want to be a part of something that would do this? Better than that, those that did this to the pledges have a firm grasp of right and wrong. The sad fact is that this is the tip of the iceberg … SAE just happened to get caught.

Police said they found pledges crawling on their hands and knees and wearing items such as diapers and women’s underwear, three men were taken to a hospital, and the house smelled of beer, urine and vomit. (AP)

Let’s take a look at what UCF has to say about their fraternities on their web-page.

Fraternity and Sorority Life will be a premier Greek community that fosters an inclusive environment committed to academic excellence, community engagement, personal and leadership development in a safe and supportive environment … (UCF)

Yep, nothing says  “personal and leadership development in a safe environment” like wearing woman’s underwear and spelling like urine and vomit.

The mission of Fraternity and Sorority Life at the University of Central Florida is to provide a quality and safe undergraduate fraternal experience that enhances student development through the active advising of student leaders. We endeavor to provide opportunities that will create life-long bonds through the principles encompassed in fraternal values … (UCF)

Nothing says life-long bonds like making another dress in a diaper or female underwear and get them so intoxicated that they need to be hospitalized. The end result is that Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter at UCF was closed. Lets hope that they brain-trust as UCF decides to take a look at the rest of the Greek system as well on their college campus.

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter will be closed immediately, said Brandon Weghorst, a spokesman for the Evanston, Ill.-based fraternity.

“Our board does not feel it’s worth the effort to rehabilitate the group,” Weghorst said Wednesday. He said as many as two-thirds of the chapter’s approximately 90 members may have been involved.

The chapter, at the school since the university opened in 1968, was previously suspended for a year in 2003 for a suspected hazing.

Chapter president Dru Dalton did not immediately return a message seeking comment Thursday. (AP)


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Jeffrey J. Marsalis Accused of Raping on-line Dates

Be care careful of those you meet through on-line dating. If it looks to good to be true, it usually is. 33 year old Jeffrey J. Jeffrey J. MarsalisMarsalis is facing 9 counts of rape involving 8 woman. Most of the woman he is accused of raping Marsalis met through on online dating service, It would appear that Jeffrey Marsalis may have used a date rape drug as his MO.

They said they woke up hours later, back at his apartment – groggy, sometimes undressed – after an apparent sexual encounter or even in the middle of intercourse.

 ”It was like waking up from surgery,” one woman said. “My body was there, and I could see what was going on around me, but I couldn’t move.” (AP)

Be very careful of who you meet on the internet, be careful of who buys you a drink and please do not leave your drinks unattended.

He was an online dater’s dream: Tall, clean-cut, with a fashionable address and a taste for upscale bars and restaurants. He said he was a doctor, an astronaut, a spy – though he was really an on-and-off nursing student. With woman after woman, he would slip something in their drinks and then rape them, police say.

In court this week during Marsalis’ preliminary hearing, the women told strikingly similar stories of meeting the smooth-talking Marsalis between 2003 and 2005, then feeling unusually intoxicated after returning from the bathroom or letting him buy a round from the bar.

Jeffrey J. Marsalis was acquitted of three similar assaults in Philadelphia in January. Its hard to believe so many could have accused Marsalis of rape, all in the same manner, and it not be a real issue. After being acquitted, Marsalis was then rearrested on new charges.

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“Buddy Up for Safety” Program Put forth in Burlington, VT in wake of death of Michelle Gardner Quinn

All to often college age students think they are invincible and bullet proof. Then tragically they are reminded that they are not as in the case of murdered UVM student Michelle Gardner-Quinn. Burlington, VT police are stressing the “Buddy Up for Safety” program. We would stress to always use judgment. One never needs to walk around in constant fear, one needs to just use judgment. That includes the friends around college age kids as well. You all know when one of your friends, whether drunk or impaired, is doing something that contains a high risk. Step in and be vocal. Help your friends that may not be able to make a proper choice for themselves, it may be the only chance you have to save them. Don’t let friends go off alone or with strangers … please “buddy up”.

The new awareness program called “Buddy Up for Safety” advises people to walk with others, carry a charged cell phone containing emergency contact numbers and park in well-lighted spots.

“If grabbed, don’t freeze or panic. Draw attention to yourself by yelling worlds like ‘Call 911,’ ‘Help’ and ‘No,’ loudly and repeatedly,” he said.

Tremblay said he will encourage UVM to add more emergency phone call stations on Main Street “to send a message that this is a safe area.” (WCAX)

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Sex Offenders Enrolled or on Staff at Universities in Texas … Accident Waiting to Happen

Do you ever wonder whether sex offenders live near you? Do you ever wonder whether they are at colleges and universities that your children attend? ABC News 13  in Texas decided to find out that very question and the answers were shocking. Doesn’t this give one a safe feeling? There comes a point in time where law abiding citizens rights have to be given greater latitude than those that are criminals. especially sex offenders. To continue to put sex offender in an environment that is a “target rich environment” is just asking for problems.

Of course every university or college is going to proclaim their safety. However, we have learned over the years the repetitive rate of sex offenders is high and that in many cases they are not caught on the 1st, 2nd or 20th offense. Colleges can increase all the securities measures they wish, the problem is they are not getting rid of the source. The sex offender will act again, no matter what the lighting is like on campus, its only a matter of time.

University of Houston:

See the list of registered sex offenders who are enrolled in classes, faculty members, or vendors at the University of Houston

Texas colleges and universities

See the list of registered sex offenders who are enrolled in classes, faculty members, or vendors at Texas college campuses.

Read the letter from the University of Houston’s President and ask yourself if that makes one feel at ease.

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Walter Benskin, 56, Missing in CO, Texas EquuSearch Joins Search

56 year old Walter Benskin of Santa Fe, TX was last seen on October 25, 2006 in the WalterBenskinRipple Creek area of Rio Blanco County. Benskin was on a hunting trip with his son-in-law when they became separated

The son-in-law later went back to camp to grab a jacket, but Benskin never returned.

Authorities say a storm quickly moved into the area and dumped up to two feet of snow.

Crews searched for three days but found no sign of Benskin, and scaled back their efforts on Saturday.

Deputies say he wasn’t dressed for the storm and had no survival gear. (KWTX)

Search resumes in Colorado for local man

The search was back on Tuesday afternoon for a Santa Fe man lost during a hunting trip in Colorado.

Authorities with the Rio Blanco Sheriff’s Office had called off the hunt Tuesday morning, but resumed a small-scale operation after a private search company in Colorado offered its help.

“At this point, I have reactivated it, and they are back on the scene,” said Mike Cook, sheriff’s office dispatcher. (Galveston Daily News)

EquuSearch joins team looking for hunter

Dickinson-based Texas EquuSearch has joined the hunt in Colorado for missing hunter Walter Eugene Benskin of Santa Fe.

The team began aerial and ground searches Tuesday afternoon after local officials had called off the operation.

“They’re still out there searching,” Barbara Gibson of Texas EquuSearch said on Wednesday. “The weather has improved, and they’re just going 90 to nothing.”

Linda Booker with the Rio Blanco Sheriff’s Office said officials had not found any clues when they broke for lunch on Wednesday. (Galveston Daily News)

Search ends for man missing after hunting trip

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