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Jeffrey J. Marsalis Accused of Raping on-line Dates

Be care careful of those you meet through on-line dating. If it looks to good to be true, it usually is. 33 year old Jeffrey J. Jeffrey J. MarsalisMarsalis is facing 9 counts of rape involving 8 woman. Most of the woman he is accused of raping Marsalis met through on online dating service, It would appear that Jeffrey Marsalis may have used a date rape drug as his MO.

They said they woke up hours later, back at his apartment – groggy, sometimes undressed – after an apparent sexual encounter or even in the middle of intercourse.

 ”It was like waking up from surgery,” one woman said. “My body was there, and I could see what was going on around me, but I couldn’t move.” (AP)

Be very careful of who you meet on the internet, be careful of who buys you a drink and please do not leave your drinks unattended.

He was an online dater’s dream: Tall, clean-cut, with a fashionable address and a taste for upscale bars and restaurants. He said he was a doctor, an astronaut, a spy – though he was really an on-and-off nursing student. With woman after woman, he would slip something in their drinks and then rape them, police say.

In court this week during Marsalis’ preliminary hearing, the women told strikingly similar stories of meeting the smooth-talking Marsalis between 2003 and 2005, then feeling unusually intoxicated after returning from the bathroom or letting him buy a round from the bar.

Jeffrey J. Marsalis was acquitted of three similar assaults in Philadelphia in January. Its hard to believe so many could have accused Marsalis of rape, all in the same manner, and it not be a real issue. After being acquitted, Marsalis was then rearrested on new charges.

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  1. [...] Jeffrey J. Marsalis is facing 9 counts of rape involving 8 woman that he met on the internet, many through Read the full story that involves the alleged rapist using date rape drugs on his victims. [...]

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  2. Now… I gotta ask ya….

    Does this guy look like someone YOU would want
    to date??? No wonder he was looking for girls
    on the internet. I’m sorry… I just don’t
    go for that meet someone from cyberville that
    you know nothing about… that could be the son
    of the Boston Strangler as far as you know.

    I’m sorry… but guys that look for girls on
    the internet HAVE to be the biggest losers of
    all… why, if they can’t get up and get dressed
    and splash a little cologne on, then maybe he
    just doesn’t DESERVE to be with anybody.

    I say we go back to the old fashion way….
    make them earn it. Meet someone charming and
    make them work for it. There are no easy ways
    to find someone that loves you… but if you’re
    looking there, you’re looking in the WrOng place.

    Just stop…….

    Comment by Patti | November 5, 2006

  3. Patti..are you kidding me? Do you actually think this guy looked like this picture online? Ummm…duh…this is his police picture…online, he was totally clean cut and in a suit. And, the date rape drug can be used by just about anyone with access…even those nice boys whom you probably meet out at a bar and think are safe…or, your brother’s best friend whom you think is safe…or some damn priest at your local church for God’s sake…get a clue, honey…it’s everywhere and not just online!

    Comment by Jenn | November 6, 2006

  4. This guy looked nothing like this when he had a profile. He had pictures of himself at work at the hospital, in scrubs, with other people…he seemed normal. He was very good at his story. trust me, the women that he attacked were all smart women that had a few things in common: they were all very attractive, professional, well put together…he is a predator, plain and simple. And as Jenn said, ANYONE can have a date rape drug, not just a guy you meet on the internet. This guy had weeks of emails and phone calls, and he backed up all of his stories. and he turned out to be a criminal. When you meet a guy in a bar, he could very eaily slip somehting in your drink, and you have probably only known him for less than an hour. Neither situation is any better, but don’t be fooled- it can happen to you. It doesn’t matter how well you try to protect yourself…

    Comment by Jamie | November 6, 2006

  5. Yea, I know…. it’s so sad. Look at the site that has to
    do with the number of sex offenders in our colleges that
    either attend school or work there. It’s Astounding!!!!

    And I know what you are talking about in the bars. I was
    drugged once. Almost fell asleep at the wheel and found
    myself being confronted by the police because I was passed
    out in the middle of an intersection. I didn’t even know
    where I was and I was at the intersection where I buy my
    gas and junk food on my way to work… that bad!!! I left
    the parking lot after changing my mind about getting some-
    thing to eat cause this crack-head lady came up to our car
    and asked for some money. The Greek guy I was with (the
    one that drugged me) was really, really rude to her. It
    spoiled the mood and I excused myself and started driving
    home. That was around 12:30 and I was found in the inter-
    section at 3:30.

    I know I wasn’t raped, but I could have died driving in
    that condition. The police were really nice and my sister
    picked me up. They told me to file a report… which I did.

    Pretty Scarey out there. We all need to arm ourselves, if
    we can… Now I know.

    Comment by Patti | November 7, 2006

  6. He didn’t look like that in person and he didn’t come out and yell he was a Dr/astronaut/spy.
    He was particular with his women but most of them didn’t grow up in the philly area.
    They were professional women, well spoken and well traveled (he required that) but that doesn’t mean they weren’t naive.
    Anyone can get drugged, anyone can get drugged and raped but to not report it? 11 women didn’t report it?? Not one.
    I don’t doubt that he did it, he is capable of it. I figured him out to be a murderer not a rapist.
    I can also see a chick that was bred, born and raised from Philly throwing him in the river if he did that to them, but then again What is an astronaut in training doing here?

    Comment by janey | November 13, 2006

  7. Yes, this guy is indeed clever. I met him as well, and dated him, for about a month back in 1999. Yes, he was pulling this routine even way back then !! He is incredibly clever. He had me fooled too, until that is, I called the hospital and FOUND OUT the truth!!
    At that time he was saying he was a Dr. at Hahneman Hospital, and after the calls I received from security there I know it was NOT his first time.
    In my opinion, he is a very clever rapist with delusions of grandeur. Yes, I actually think he BELIEVES his own stories. I feel really sorry for these girls.
    If someone were to ask me if I thought he was capable of slipping thESE girls a date rape drug? Without even a seconds hesitation I would say YES! And, do I believe he raped them? YES, I do.
    And to Jen, you said “who would date this guy??” Jen, if you saw the fox 29 broadcast at the end of October they showed other pictures. PIctures I had sent them of Jeff from when I dated him. These pictures show he is in fact an attractive guy.
    So, yes, he waS charming, intelligenT, attractive and seemingly safe – or so everyone thought. He is the worst of all predators. Just because he did not jump out of the bushes in some dark alley does not make him innocent of rape. For women he is the type we have to fear most.
    Jeff only dated attractive, intelligent, goal oriented women. Probably to make up for what we NOW know are his OWN INADEQUACIES. I don’t doubt for a moment that he did this. I’ll be there in court – hopefully to see justice prevail.
    For me.. I’m happily married and thankful to not have to go through “dating”. You just never know anymore.

    Comment by no name | November 17, 2006

  8. Janey, you sound as though you have experienced the wrath of this guy?

    In high school he was pretty smooth, clean, tan (fake but tan) and dressed well. He was a major flirt with most the girls.

    I can believe he did what he did, he seemed to have the capability even in HS.

    Now the biggest thing is to make sure he doesn’t hurt any more women. He needs to be put away and helped.

    Comment by Angel | November 17, 2006

  9. I went on a date with him back when I was 24 and whoa did he look different.

    Comment by kat | November 19, 2006

  10. I dated Jeffrey too…and I believe he didnt do the things he’s accused of doing. Yes he’s a slick talking charmer who made a few mistakes and lied a bit…but a rapist he is not. I’ll be in court too, and I’ll be FULLY supporting him. It looks as though I’m the only girl who has encountered him (besides his mom) that will be on his side.

    Comment by Kelly | November 20, 2006

  11. I almost dated Jeffrey from He said he was a pediatric surgeon @ Hahneman. I tried to do searches for him online, but he never came up; I thought because he said he was only a resident that he wouldn’t be listed with the other doctors. I cancelled our date the day it was supposed to happen because I had a funny feeling. Boy, am I glad now. I could have easily been one of those girls. There seems to be countless woman on here that knew of him. I would urge them to contact the proper authorities. I called the DA myself and I hope it helps put him behind bars once and for all. He’s raped at least 10 woman and his attorneys say the women are just mad that he lied about his identity and that he turned them down. I’m so sick of rapists getting aquitted because WE were afraid to contact the police. When you get raped you feel ashamed and dirty and that it was your fault. I don’t blame these women for not coming forward. I wouldn’t have. And to Patti who is calling online dating desperate. When you move to a new area it’s sometimes the only way to meet new people. That was my case and as it seems, he picked woman like myself, that wouldn’t know any mutual people with him. We are all attractive, intelligent women who were just looking to meet someone new after exhausting the bar scene. Thankfully now I’m happlily engaged. After I cancelled the date with Jeff, I met my fiance. I’d never meet anyone online that didn’t have a background check. If did this then it would have avoided the subsequent women from going through this. Jeff deserves to be behind bars!!!

    Comment by anonymous | November 28, 2006

  12. I am really surprised by Kelly’s comment. If I were you I would just consider yourself lucky that you weren’t one of the many women he raped. He lied to me, told me he was a doctor, served time on the military, and was accepted to NASA training but had to leave due to a knee injury. He produced ID badges to support his identity. He may be your friend, and that’s none of my business. I just know that never in my life have I had one draft beer, become violently ill, and couldn’t wake up until late the next afternoon. Trust me, the flashes of memory that I have from my ‘date’ with Jeffrey are nothing that I would wish on my worst enemy. I will see you in the courtroom, and if you still have the same opinion after hearing the girls’ stories, I will be surprised.

    Comment by jamie | November 28, 2006

  13. Jamie, I understand how you feel, believe me. When I was 20 the same thing happened to me, by a state trooper who I now have potential to see on occasion when I’m working, but who the hell would believe a 20 year old kid versus a state trooper? So, I never reported it either, not because I was ashamed or anything but I didnt want to “go into battle” so to speak with the state police. Date rape is nothing more than he said she said and short of being raped with eye witnesses standing by it’s near impossible to prove. So I just counted myself lucky, and moved on with my life. I sympathize with any woman who has been raped and I’ll be the first to stand on their side. And I’m certainly not calling you a liar, I dont know what happened, I wasnt there, but for now I’m going to believe Jeffrey and stand on his side. I just cant see him doing such horrible things. It’s a personal conviction that I will live with if I’m wrong. Lets assume for a second that all these things were true…he still didnt do anything to me, to my friends, to anyone I know. I find it hard to “personalize” it in that way. I cant be upset with someone or stand against someone just because others are making horrifying claims about them. If any of us went against our friends, family, children or whomever just because someone else said something bad about them we would have a world full of friendless and lonely people. As far as any lies he may have told, they’re just words to me and I can forgive that. People lie, it’s not the end of the world. I’m not saying we should all go out and lie about everything, but if that’s the only thing he did to me…then I still dont see what I should be so upset about. It may seem selfish and I’m sorry, but I cant make all of my decisions in life based on what other people are saying. I’m not going to go out and call any of you a liar, ultimately, I was not there and only you and Jeffrey know what really happened, but regardless of what did or did not happen, I will be sitting on his side of the courtroom. I will however respect you and the testimony you will be giving along with all those other girls weather or not I agree with it. Everyone is entitled to have their side of the story. And weather he is found guilty or innocent I will still support him because I think everyone needs someone in their corner. Would you just ditch one of your friends if they were in the same position or would you support them because they didnt do anything to hurt you and because they are your friend? This is definately a case with a lot of tension and emotion and there will always be two very differing sides.

    Comment by Kelly | December 4, 2006

  14. Question to Angel. When you were in High School with this guy, did he live in Washington state or Montana? There is someone from these areas with the same name and I am trying to determine if it is the same fella.

    Comment by Terri | January 7, 2007

  15. I knew someone by the name Jeffrey Jevne Marsalis in Kent, WA. Jevne was his mother’s maiden name. Her name was Darlene Jevne. She started the Jevne Academy for kids with special needs and was nailed for embezzling over $300,000 from the school in the 1990s. Is this the same Jeffrey J. Marsalis?

    Comment by alex | February 20, 2007

  16. Kelly, yes, in a heartbeat, I would refuse to stand by the side of any person, friend or not, who hurts people in this manner. You would have to be delusional to believe that so many women with so much to lose would face the pain and embarrassment to stand up in court and recount such similar experiences if your “friend” were innocent. I think you are sad and naive to actually believe this man is your friend. A person like that only cares about himself. He doesn’t care about you. So why on earth would you post messages to women who have been violated in such a manner on behalf of a man whose narcissim makes him the equivalent of a psychopath? If you have any respect for others, and for yourself, you should let it go. Any overly dramatic pleas of “friendship” are sad and low in face of the victim’s trauma.

    Comment by jane | February 26, 2007

  17. Well then Jane, I guess that doesnt make you a very good friend. I would stand by ANY of my friends, guilty or innocent because that’s what I feel is the right thing to do. Until he does something to hurt me, which he never has and likely never will, I will stand by Jeff 100% and not regret a moment of it. As I said before, I respect the opinions of others, but I dont have to agree with them, as you very clearly do not agree with my opinion. What you would do with your life and the decision you would make are your own and mine are my own as well. In all honesty, when I first saw his face on the news, I let myself think for a moment that he had done such horrible things…but as the months have gone on, the more I hear (and not just from him), the less sense it makes that he did any of it. I personally dont believe he did any of the things he’s accused of doing and I will stand behind that position through the following months and the trial. I can see you obviously have a lot of anger and hostility toward Jeff or maybe just the situation in general, and I certainly dont appreciate you calling me sad, delusional and naive. There are more than enough people on his side of this that would think the same of you and all the rest of his accusers. Like I said, your life is your own. We all have to live with the choices we make and my choice is to support Jeff. That is the only choice that I am happy with and the only one to me that feels right. Now granted…he is a bit of a narcissictic ass at times, I wont deny that, and neither does he…but knowing Jeff, I just cant see any side of him that would rape and traumatize anyone. He just doesnt have it in him. Think what you want to think of me, seems I’m being crucified right along with him on this…

    Comment by Kelly | February 28, 2007

  18. I think Kelly has been fooled. While I will admit doing a lot of flirting with him, I would never defend him in court. I have seen his smooth talk and heard the stories and lies. He always had some story to tell.

    I don’t think you are doing anything wrong, Kelly. I just feel you have been manipulated. There is no crime in that.

    And yes, I went to High School is Washington State at Kentridge High…class of 1992. Jeff might even remember me for all I know…LOL.

    Comment by Angel | April 10, 2007

  19. I do want to add that I question the rape part of this. I wouldn’t think him to have much problems getting women to do whatever he wanted them to without drugs.
    Hmm…the more I think about it…the more I see it as possibly them being upset that he is in fact a “player”, liar, manipulater, tease, etc. and got their feelings hurt…maybe even drank too much and took offense to him thinking their “yes” in their drunken stupor meant “no”.
    I don’t know.
    I know he lies…I know he is smooth…I know he is good looking……only God knows the real truth, eh?

    Comment by Angel ( | April 10, 2007

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