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“Buddy Up for Safety” Program Put forth in Burlington, VT in wake of death of Michelle Gardner Quinn

All to often college age students think they are invincible and bullet proof. Then tragically they are reminded that they are not as in the case of murdered UVM student Michelle Gardner-Quinn. Burlington, VT police are stressing the “Buddy Up for Safety” program. We would stress to always use judgment. One never needs to walk around in constant fear, one needs to just use judgment. That includes the friends around college age kids as well. You all know when one of your friends, whether drunk or impaired, is doing something that contains a high risk. Step in and be vocal. Help your friends that may not be able to make a proper choice for themselves, it may be the only chance you have to save them. Don’t let friends go off alone or with strangers … please “buddy up”.

The new awareness program called “Buddy Up for Safety” advises people to walk with others, carry a charged cell phone containing emergency contact numbers and park in well-lighted spots.

“If grabbed, don’t freeze or panic. Draw attention to yourself by yelling worlds like ‘Call 911,’ ‘Help’ and ‘No,’ loudly and repeatedly,” he said.

Tremblay said he will encourage UVM to add more emergency phone call stations on Main Street “to send a message that this is a safe area.” (WCAX)

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  1. Good idea… hope it works.

    Keep your chin up Vermont… it will take some time
    but you will heal and life will go on…

    Michelle will be forever young… she is so beautiful.

    Comment by Patti | November 5, 2006

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