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Sex Offenders Enrolled or on Staff at Universities in Texas … Accident Waiting to Happen

Do you ever wonder whether sex offenders live near you? Do you ever wonder whether they are at colleges and universities that your children attend? ABC News 13  in Texas decided to find out that very question and the answers were shocking. Doesn’t this give one a safe feeling? There comes a point in time where law abiding citizens rights have to be given greater latitude than those that are criminals. especially sex offenders. To continue to put sex offender in an environment that is a “target rich environment” is just asking for problems.

Of course every university or college is going to proclaim their safety. However, we have learned over the years the repetitive rate of sex offenders is high and that in many cases they are not caught on the 1st, 2nd or 20th offense. Colleges can increase all the securities measures they wish, the problem is they are not getting rid of the source. The sex offender will act again, no matter what the lighting is like on campus, its only a matter of time.

University of Houston:

See the list of registered sex offenders who are enrolled in classes, faculty members, or vendors at the University of Houston

Texas colleges and universities

See the list of registered sex offenders who are enrolled in classes, faculty members, or vendors at Texas college campuses.

Read the letter from the University of Houston’s President and ask yourself if that makes one feel at ease.

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  1. [...] Take a look at this report done in Texas. Who are we supposed to be protecting, the sex offenders or potential victims? [...]

    Pingback by Scared Monkeys | November 4, 2006

  2. If only there were a way to identify sex offenders in higher education who go after adult women, who for societal and financial reasons do not identify the creeps. Yes, there are “policies” in place, but to use them means an end of working at the University for the victim. Often the job is highly specialized (being in that lofty environment), and management is actively involved in hiding the incident(s). A truly hostile environment, a risk that women take who make this career choice.

    Comment by strayze | November 4, 2006

  3. Where else are they going to find the most beautiful women
    in the world… besides they’re smart, tooo.

    That’s why they call it rape. They have to either hold
    you down, drug you, knock you out or just plain threaten
    you with a knife held to your throat!

    We all need to ARM ourselves… for we never know who the
    boogeyman might be:

    the professor
    the janitor
    the student
    the doctor
    the guy next door

    You name it, they’re there.

    Comment by Patti | November 7, 2006

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