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Stepfather, Steven J. Carrington, confesses in Teketria Buggs killing

Steven J. Carrington, the stepfather of Teketria Buggs has confessed to killing the 12 year old girl.

Just hours after Teketria Buggs was laid to rest in a Fort Bend County cemetery, her stepfather confessed to killing the 12-year-old girl.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Terri Ann Carlson said today that Steven J. Carrington admitted to killing the girl to detectives overnight.

She died from either blunt trauma or stab wounds, according to preliminary autopsy results. Carrington had been the prime suspect all along although he has not been charged in the Buggs killing. Carrington, 31, is jailed and charged with murder in connection with the 1998 shooting of his cousin, Corey Brooks, 21.

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Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch Allegedly Received Note From Daughter’s Killer

There are some truly sick and twisted people in this world. If it is not enough that Tim Miller, founder of Texas EquuSearch lost his daughter Laura in 1984 as she was murdered. Now Tim Miller receives a sick letter stating to be from the last person to see his daughter alive.

TES Note

Someone sent a chilling note to a Houston-are man who runs an organization that helps find missing people, KPRC Local 2 reported Wednesday.

The note Miller received, which was made up of words cut from newspapers and magazines, claimed to be from the last person to see Laura Miller alive.

Authorities and Miller said the letter could be a trick.

The letter was sent five months after the death of one of the murder suspects.

Many believe that Robert Abel was allegedly responsible for the murder of Laura Miller. If you are not familiar with the story, read here.

Robert Abel was one of the alleged prime suspects in the abduction and murder of Tim Miller’s daughter along with the 3 other victims found on Calder Rd back in the 80’s.

Upon receiving the note made up of words cut from newspapers and magazines, Tim Miller and authorities said it could be a trick. If this is, there are some extremely deranged people who would do such a thing. To a man who has suffered the pain of losing a daughter and dedicating his live to other families with missing persons so that they might have closure.

Any one that would send such a note has some serious issues. This would be an act that would truly be much more deserving of burning in hell.

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