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Missing Jogger Judith Nilan Found Dead (Update: Arrest Made)

Judith Nilan was reported missing and was last seen alive about 4:30 p.m. Monday, when she went out for a daily run. Judith Nilan’s body was discovered Tuesday in a building near her home, according to the state police.

The state police used tracking dogs, a helicopter and volunteers to search for Nilan.

Police later cordoned off an area off Red Head Hill Road, not far from the Nilan home.

The body, tentatively identified as Nilan’s, was found at about 11 a.m. Tuesday morning, Vance said. It was sent to the medical examiner’s office in Farmington for an autopsy.

Judith Nilan’s body was found on the property owned by Caroll Spinney, the performer who plays Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on the television show “Sesame Street,” a town official said.

Nilan’s husband, Jon Baker, called police Monday night after Nilan failed to return from her daily run, said Sgt. J. Paul Vance, a state police spokesman.

Vance would not say what led police to the storage building, which straddles the Connecticut-Massachusetts line about 6 miles from Nilan’s home and near her jogging route.

No suspects were in custody Tuesday afternoon, but police had solid leads, Vance said.

UPDATE: Arrest made in the murder of Woodstock woman, Judith Nilan

A 36-year-old Plainfield man has been arrested in connection to the death of a Woodstock woman.

Police say they arrested Scott Deojay after he was discharged from Day Kimble Hospital where he was undergoing a medical evaluation. He has been charged with kidnapping and is being held on $1 million. More charges are pending.

“We all, for the whole town, express out deepest sympathy for the family,” says Margaret Whalean, Woodstock First Selectman.

Police are awaiting an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. An investigation lead to the arrest of Deojay for kidnapping. More charges are pending.

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Scarborough, George Smith IV, and the Cruise Industry Congressional Hearing

Joe Scarborough has done tireless work on the disappearance of honeymooner George Allen Smith IV aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. The disappearance and the presumed cover up and tampering of evidence have sparked a Congressional hearing into the cruise line industry, its risks, security and jurisdiction issues.

Well, this is a joint hearing with Chris Shays. He chairs in Government Reform the Homeland Security Committee. I chair the one with oversight over the FBI and the Justice Department. And both of us are senior members of Homeland Security.

Coming on the foot heals of yet another disappearance of a passenger aboard a cruise ship, Congress will have hearings and the following is a rather informative look into the many issues that cruise ship passengers have never contemplated until recently.

SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY is just beginning. Tomorrow, there’s going to be a hearing right behind me on Capitol Hill, and they’re going to be investigating what happened to that man, George Smith IV, and whether the cruise line that he was on with his beautiful wife covered up a murder, or at least covered up evidence of a possible murder for profit.

SCARBOROUGH: And now to the case of the missing honeymooner George Smith.

The 26-year-old vanished from his honeymoon cruise five months ago, and now Congress is bringing the cruise industry to Capitol Hill, as we in SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY have been demanding for months.

Now, Congress is going to hold hearings right here in D.C. tomorrow to try to get answers on what the cruise industry is doing, and to be quite blunt with you, what they’re not doing to keep you and your family members safe when you go on a cruise.

It’s what George Smith’s family calls justice for George.

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Search for Teketria Buggs slows but does not stop completely

There have been no new developments in the search for missing 12-year-old Teketria Buggs which prompted Darryl Phillips of the Texas EquuSearch Mounted Search and Recovery Team on Sunday night to called off the full-force active search for the missing girl.

“Last night we called a meeting and talked with the family to let them know we were going to stop the search,” Phillips said. “But we’re still out here evaluating what we did and what we need to do to see if we’ve missed anything. We’ve just stepped aside for now, and we’re waiting until more information comes in that we could look into.”

However, according to EquuSearch this does not signify the end of the search but only a chance to regroup and weigh their options. They still plan to put boats in the water and await any further leads to investigate.

Phillips said although the ground search has slowed down, the team still plans on putting boats back in the water on Tuesday to continue searching for Buggs, and a few teams on four-wheelers will be out searching the area Monday.

“We haven’t been able to find anything. Right now, we’re just playing it by ear and following any leads that may come in,” Phillips said.

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Nathanial Philip Hendrickson has been missing for almost two weeks

The search continues for a Mayde Creek High School graduate, Nathanial PhilipNateHendrickson Hendrickson, who has been missing for almost two weeks.

Hendrickson left all of his belongings in his room including a cell phone and wallet, and apparently, drove off in his Teal 2000 Nissan Sentra.

His vehicle, which was parked near the home that day, also vanished.

Hendrickson is a white male with brown hair and blue eyes. He is 6’2” and weighs 180 pounds. The vehicle’s license plate number is L76DKL. Any leads can be pitched to Finkelman and the Spring Valley Police at (713) 465-8323 or Huston or Tim Miller at Texas EquuSearch (713) 582-9859.

Poster of Nathanial Philip Hendrickson

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Jill Begora remains missing from Royal Caribbean cruise ship

Jill Begora, the Canadian woman who went missing from a cruise ship near the Bahamas still hasn’t been found. Begora is a resident of Victoria, B.C.

Begora went missing on the last night of an eight night Caribbean Cruise Lines vacation. Her husband Dennis Begora, formerly a dentist in St. Catharines, Ontario, last saw her at about 9 a.m. on Saturday. He reported her missing when the ship arrived in port at the Bahamian capital, Nassau at about 1 p.m.

The ship had come from Antigua, an eastern Caribbean island, and officials believe Begora may have gone overboard in the Bahamas.

Fran Cooperman-Pfaff, a Victoria resident and Begora’s best friend had some interesting comments to say regarding Begora.

Fran Cooperman-Pfaff, a Victoria resident and Begora’s best friend, was shaken by what seems more and more certain to be her friend’s death.

“I’m feeling devastated and incredibly sad that this woman is just not going to be here anymore,” said Cooperman-Pfaff.

Recently the family of a man who may have been murdered on a cruise filed a lawsuit against the Caribbean Cruise Lines. But Cooperman-Pfaff doesn’t suspect foul play is involved in her friend’s disappearance. She said Begora suffered from a lifetime of depression.

“There’s something very mesmerizing about the water and you just wonder if someone who is going through a difficult time would just go over,” said Cooperman-Pfaff, but added that the uncertainty surrounding her friend’s disappearance is the hardest part for her to deal with.

“Not knowing what happened is the most difficult part of it,” Cooperman-Pfaff said. “If we could find out more details we could be a lot more settled.”

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