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BREAKING: Teketria Buggs found in the Brazos River in Orchard, TX

There is some sad news to bring regarding Teketria Buggs. Teketria Buggs

Texas Equusearch found Teketria Buggs in the Brazos River in Orchard, TX (Ft Bend County) at approx 12:45pm today.

Tim Miller and four other searchers along with a well-known cadaver dog had taken the new sonar equipment (received from out of state) to search the Brazos River this afternoon.

God bless and rest in peace Teketria.

Updates to follow … Update: ABC13 (TX): Body of missing 12-year-old girl has reportedly been found

The ongoing search for 12-year-old Teketria Buggs has apparently come to a tragic end.

According to authorities with Equusearch, Teketria’s body was discovered just after noon today.

Investigators of the Fort Bend County TEKE TESSheriff’s Office confirm they have received information that an unidentified body has been located in the Brazos River just south of FM 1489. Law enforcement officials caution there has been no confirmation that this is Teketria.

UPDATE: From Bob Dunn, editor & publisher of FortBendNow just left the following information in our comments. Fort Bend Now has been doing a fantastic job following the missing persons story of Teketria Buggs. Here is what they forwarded:

Here’s our latest update on the Teketria Buggs story:

Searchers Recover Missing Girl’s Body

Searchers have found what they believe is the body of Teketria Buggs in the Brazos River, about 2 miles from the 12-year-old girl’s home where she was reported missing Dec. 3.

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Steven Avery Speaks Out: “All the evidence was planted” in the murder of Teresa Halbach

The latest rantings of Steven Avery are that he did not kill Teresa Halbach and that all the Avery CBSevidence that the police found on the Avery Salvage Yard property was planted. Thats right, he is being framed. Yes that it right, Teresa’s car, her car keys, and even blood that was found in her car. Steven Avery even goes so far to say that even Teresa Halbach’s charred remains and scattered bones and teeth found at the crime scene have all been planted.

Since the latest developments, Avery still insists he did not kill Teresa Halbach.

He says all of the evidence, including Teresa Halbach’s charred remains, her car, and car key were planted all throughout his property. Avery

He says the same about his blood that was found in her car.

According to court documents Steve Avery’s blood was found in the following places in Teresa’s Halbach’s Rav 4:

  • Driver’s seat area
  • Ignition area
  • Front passenger seat
  • Rear Passenger door entrance

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Still No Sign of Jill Begora Missing from Royal Caribbeans Jewel of the Seas

There is still no sign of Jill Begora, missing from Royal Caribbeans ‘Jewel of the Seas’ cruise ship. Jill Begora had not been found by Monday evening, according to Dana Warr, a spokesman for the Coast Guard.

The U.S. Coast Guard was not asked by Bahamian authorities on Monday to help continue with the search for a Canadian woman who may have fallen off of a cruise ship near Nassau, officials said.

Canadian authorities are leading the investigation, said Lynn Martenstein, a spokeswoman for Royal Caribbean Cruises

The last know time line of events are as follows:

The Royal Caribbean cruise ship that Begora and her husband were traveling on, the Jewel of the Seas, which had sailed from Fort Lauderdale, docked in Nassau about 11:30 a.m. Saturday, said Michael Sheehan, a spokesman for Royal Caribbean Cruises.

Begora’s husband said the last time he saw her was around 9 a.m. Saturday. Begora did not use her identification card to get off the ship in Nassau, Sheehan said.

Royal Caribbean cruise line ship Jewel of the Seas pulled into Port Everglades on Sunday morning.

Cruise passengers were questioned by Coast Guard officials. They later reported their findings to the FBI, and the ship continued on to Key West, where it was scheduled to dock today.

Royal Caribbean International issued the following statement:

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to this family regarding this very tragic situation,” Michael Sheehan, a spokesman for the cruise company, told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “We care deeply about each and every guest on board our ships and are always concerned about their well-being. Their safety is our top priority, and we are doing what we can to assist this family during this difficult time.”

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Wreckage from George F. Baker III ‘s plane washes ashore Nantucket

A three-by-five-foot piece of the top of Baker’s plane, which was discovered in theBaker planecrash-wreckage surf off Maddequecham, and some smaller debris including pieces of the aircraft’s seats was recovered. They are believed to be that of George F. Baker III ‘s missing plane that dropped from radar as it approached for landing.

Further searchers using side scanner sonar may have located more debris and sunken pieces of the plane.

Over the weekend, the Tioga, a research vessel from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration equipped with side-scanning sonar, searched the area offshore from where the debris was found and may have located some more sunken pieces of the plane. It is unclear, however, if what was spotted on the sonar is the wreckage of Baker’s plane and what if anything could be done to retrieve it, Nantucket Police Chief Bill Pittman said.

The search was called off at 1:00pm as weather conditions worsened. However, the police department continued to search and officers made the discovery while on patrol on Maddequecham Beach around 4 p.m. Baker PlaneCrashSearch-Tioga-01_000

The perseverance of the police department paid off when officers on patrol on Maddequecham Beach around 4 p.m. on Friday located a large piece of the top of the plane in the surf and were able to pull it out of the water and bring it back to the police station to be turned over to the National Transportation Safety Board, which is leading the investigation, Pittman said. Pittman also said various other pieces of small debris were found in the same area, including parts of the seats.

( full article from the Nantucket Island Inquirer)

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