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Mother of Missing Rice University Junior Matthew Wilson Comes to Bay Area to Search for Son

Matthew J. Wilson, a junior at Rice University in Houston has been missing since December 15, 2007.  Wilson’s car was recently found on June 10, 2008 in the 1200 block of Allston Way in Berkeley, CA.


Matthew Wilson Description:

  • a 20 year old Caucasian male
  • 5 feet, 7 inches tall
  • weighs 135 pounds
  • red hair
  • green eyes
  • wears glasses
  • He had a full beard when his roommate last saw him.

Cathy Wilson, the mother of missing Matthew Wilson has flown to the Bay Area from Oklahoma and joined the search for her son.

His mother, Cathy Wilson, recently flew to the Bay Area from Oklahoma and joined the search for her son Saturday afternoon, according to Bridget Melson, co-founder of Trinity Search and Recovery.

“People really dig back into memory when they see her,” Melson said. ‘She looks so much like her son.”

The group will resume the search at about 2 p.m. today and plans on making stops at University of California-Berkeley as well as Bay Area Rapid Transit stations in Berkeley, San Francisco, Oakland and Walnut Creek.

Melson said there have been more than 10 reported sightings of Matt Wilson in the Bay Area, including several in Walnut Creek within the last week.

Trinity Search and Recovery has handed out fliers to businesses in the area of some of the sightings, and employees reported seeing a man who fit Matt Wilson’s description, Melson said.


Cathy Wilson walks through People’s Park in Berkeley asking people if they have seen her missing son, Matthew. His car was found abandoned in Berkeley last month.

Family web site:

Mom comes to Bay Area to look for missing son

After the car was found on June 10, dirty and abandoned, on Allston Way in central Berkeley, a Pleasanton group that helps families search for missing loved ones got involved. The organization, called Trinity Search & Recovery, created a Web site with photos of Matthew and set up a telephone number for tips. A $25,000 reward is being offered by his mother, Rice University and Crime Stoppers of Houston.

Police in Berkeley and at Rice University have said they do not suspect foul play in Matthew’s disappearance. The book on identity theft suggests that Matthew may have considered changing his name, his mother said, but if that’s the case, it seems unlikely he would keep his flaming red hair and beard.

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Vermont AMBER ALERT Issued for Missing 12 Year Old Brooke Bennett … Missing Since 6/25/08, MySpace Connection

An AMBER ALERT has been issued for 12 year old Brooke Bennett from Braintree, VT. Brooke Bennett has been missing since 9 am Wednesday, June 25, 2008. An uncle dropped her at a Cumblerand Farms convenience store in nearby Randolph, VT. Brooke had told her parents that she was being picked up by a female friend and visiting a sick relative at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, in Lebanon, NH. It is now believed by police that the story was a lie.

Brooke Bennett

(Brooke Bennett)


  • Bennett is 4 feet, 11 inches tall
  • weighs 98 pounds
  • brown hair
  • blue eyes
  • she was last seen wearing a pink sweater, blue jeans and a pair of white sneakers with pink lettering.
  • Her hair has purple streaks and both of her ears are pierced on the top and bottom.

 Police fear that 12 year old Brooke Bennett may have been taken by someone that she met online through the social networking Web site MySpace

Surveillance footage from the Cumberland Farms store, which police have so far declined to release, showed the girl being dropped off. Instead of meeting the friend, she is seen walking away from the store, alone, toward the village of Randolph, police say.

Brooke Bennett_Cumberland Farms

She was not reported missing by family members until 9 p.m. Wednesday night.

Early Thursday, clothing similar to what the girl had been wearing was recovered in Brookfield, 10 miles north of Randolph.

The discovery triggered an intense ground search of the area by the state police search and rescue team and dogs from two different departments. “The items have been sent to the Vermont Forensic Laboratory for examination,” according to the release. Brooke Bennett_2

Dive teams will search Sunset Lake today, a body of water near where the clothing was found, according to the State Police .

There are two MySpace account profiles. Talk about a contrast:

Missing Vermont girl linked to MySpace activity

To further discuss the case and get updates, go to Scared Monkeys, Missing Persons forum; Brooke Bennett, Missing 12 Year Old

 UPDATE I: Pictures from Surveillance video of store that Brooke was in with her uncle


Brooke Bennett store pic

Authorities haven’t identified the person she was communicating with, but state police computer experts were analyzing the computer in a bid to learn more. They don’t know if it was a woman or a man.

The girl established her first MySpace account under her father’s supervision, but he later pulled the plug on it a couple of months ago after they learned about some of her activity on it, according to Bennett, 41, of Bethel, Vt.

“We told her when we set it up there that’s things you’re not gonna’ do,” he said. “We had a little respect problem after a month or so, so we shut it off. There was an issue, and we decided it was not appropriate for her to have it. We changed the password so she couldn’t use it,” he said.

She later set up an account from another computer, which Bennett said he didn’t know until a week ago. The girl lives with her mother in Braintree, not with Bennett.

UPDATE II: Brooke Bennett Missing Persons Press Conference VIDEO

America’s Most Wanted

But after Brooke Bennett was dropped off at the store by her uncle and cousin, she never made it to the hospital, and hasn’t been seen since.

Surveillance video from that day shows Brooke walking away from the store by herself towards the town of Randolph. When a family member in Brookefield found items of her clothing near her uncle’s home — the house where she was supposed to spend the night — it prompted an intensive search by police dogs and helicopters.

The investigation led by Vermont State Police has uncovered that MySpace, a popular social networking site, may have had something to do with her disappearance. After analyzing her computer, authorities learned that Brooke had been in contact with someone on the site days before she went missing. Investigators have not yet released the identity of that person.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Circumstances: Both photos shown are of Brooke. She was last seen on June 25, 2008 at a gas station in Randolph, Vermont. She may travel north to the Royalton, Vermont area or she may travel out of state. Brooke has a mole under her chin, a birthmark on her upper right arm, a scar on her calf, and her ears are double pierced. Her bottom teeth are discolored. When Brooke was last seen, she had purple highlights in her hair. She was last seen wearing a pink sweater, blue jeans, and white sneakers with pink lettering.

Brooke Bennett Bridge

The logistics of where Brooke was last seen and where her clothes were found, the Floating bridge at Sunset Lake is actually about 7-8 miles away from the Cumberland Farms in Randolph where Brooke was last seen, so it’s doubtful she could have walked there.

UPDATE III: Witness Updates of disappearance of Brooke Bennett

According to reports, witnesses saw Brooke Bennett outside of a laundromat and Dunkin Donuts between the hours of 9:30 and 11:00 am in Randolph, VT. Police have also stated that some of her clothes were found lying beside Route 65 near the floating bridge. The clothes have been sent to the state forensic office.

Witnesses saw Brooke outside a laundromat and Dunkin Donuts in Randolph Wednesday morning between 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. She wasn’t seen again– but some of her clothes were found along route 65 in Brookfield.

Bennett was last seen on surveillance at Cumberland Farms. She enters the store with her uncle, he purchases coffee and some cigarettes, and they leave the store. Brooke walks left, her uncle goes right.

“We know she stayed in that area for a period of time… because we have witnesses that put her in that area,” says Vt. State Police Col. James Baker.

Police found several pieces of Brooke’s clothing lying beside Route 65 near the floating bridge Thursday. That prompted a search Friday of Sunset Lake– but that search turned up no new clues.

UPDATE IV: In Wake of Brooke Bennett Disappearance, Local experts warn of Internet dangers

As police work to piece together the online correspondence that prompted Brooke Bennett of Braintree to arrange a meeting with an apparent stranger, experts are warning parents to keep tabs on their kids’ Internet use.

Gary Kessler, who teaches digital forensics at Champlain College, said a very low-tech approach can help prevent problems.

“You show an interest in kids’ lives, and you communicate those interests,” he told The Burlington Free Press. “It comes down to what kind of relationship you have with your kids.”

UPDATE V: Fliers posted for Brooke Bennett in VT (Video)

UPDATE VI: Search for missing 12-year-old girl widens

The search for a missing 12-year-old girl broadened Friday as the FBI joined in and police investigators turned to officials at, the online social networking site through which she had been communicating with an unknown person prior to her disappearance.

Experts in missing children say the Internet can be a dangerous place.

“The reality is that the internet is the predator’s new playground. They don’t have to lurk in bushes anymore, they can lurk in cyberspace,” said Marc Klaas, founder of the Klaaskids Foundation, of Sausalito, Calif.

“It provides them with a much greater degree of anonymity. It enables them to create any kind of a fantasy or fake life they want so they can use their well-honed manipulative skills to get close to the particularly vulnerable,” said Klaas, whose 12-year-old daughter, Polly Klaas was abducted from a slumber party in 1993 and later found slain.

UPDATE VII: Michael Jacques, Uncle of Missing Brooke Bennett Arrested for Sexually Assaulting a Minor

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AMBER ALERT Issued in NC for 3 Year Old Siraj Unir Davenport … Missing from a flea market in a Raleigh suburb

An AMBER ALERT has been issued for in North Carolina for 3 year old Siraj Unir Davenport. The Amber Alert was issued by law enforcement officials at 4:24 p.m. Sunday. 

“We don’t know if he’s wandered off or been abducted,” Sgt. S.S. Jones of the Smithfield Police Department said.

An Amber Alert was issued by law enforcement officials at 4:24 p.m. Sunday.

Sinraj Munir Davenport

The flea market is located next to a steep 20-foot drop into the Neuse River. Johnston County Sheriff’s Department’s water rescue teams were called to search the river Sunday evening.

Susie Barbour, who taught the child in preschool, said the child, nicknamed Raji, is bilingual in Malaysian and English. (Charlotte Observer)

The three year old went  missing from a flea market in a Raleigh suburb. The flea market is located on Highway 301 South in Smithfield, a small town just south of Raleigh, NC


  • Davenport is a Asian male
  • approximately three-feet tall
  • weighing 35 pounds
  • dark brown hair 
  • brown eyes 
  • was last seen wearing a light blue t-shirt with a yellow truck on the front, dark blue sweat pants and Adidas tennis shoes.

Police search for missing 3-year-old (VIDEO)

If anyone has any information regarding Siraj Unir Davenport’s whereabouts, please call the Smithfield Police at 919-934-2121, 9-1-1 or Highway Patrol.

UPDATE I: Helicopter, crews searches for missing child


It turns out that 3 year old Siraj Unir Davenport was never missing. The entire story was a hoax. Not only is the boy safe, he was never missing in the first place.

But authorities said none of that was true during a news conference Tuesday morning.

“I can tell you that the child was never in Smithfield. The child was not abducted from the flea market central square,” Smithfield police Chief Steve Gillikin said.

Local and federal law enforcement agencies spent a lot of resources in their search as they looked for the boy on Sunday and Monday, canvassing the area around the flea market.

“There’s been a lot of man hours spent, there’s been a lot of money spent, and unfortunately, in situations like this, it makes the next one that comes along that much more difficult,” Gillikin added.

Local mothers were also upset when they heard of the hoax.

“You get a little disgusted that someone would even pull something like that because you want people to pay attention when kids are missing,” Johnston County resident Caren Wharton said of the hoax.

To discuss this case or more updates, go to Scared Forums: Missing Siraj Unir Davenport.

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Mindy Jordan, Missing on Cruise ship Norwegian Dawn … Reported Missing off Atlantic City Coast

46 year old Mindy Jordan is missing while on a cruise from NYC to Mindy_jordanBermuda aboard the Norwegian Dawn. Mindy Jordan reportedly went overboard at about 7:50 pm Sunday. According to Norwegian Cruise Lines Mindy Jordan was apparently trying to climb between balconies on the cruise ship.

The Coast Guard says the ship was approximately 45 miles northeast of Atlantic City when the woman was reported overboard Sunday night. It departed from the company’s Manhattan Cruise Terminal at 4 p.m.

The Coast Guard launched two helicopter crews, which searched for two hours before returning to base due to the weather.

The vessel proceeded on its scheduled itinerary, and is set to arrive in Bermuda on Wednesday.

The Cruise line issued the following statement:

the cruise line said the ship immediately began a search and rescue operation, but did not provide further details. On Monday, the Coast Guard said continuing winds over 50 mph and heavy rain prevented it from resuming the search.

To futher discuss the case go to Scared Forum, Missing: Mindy Jordan.

UPDATE I: Clowning Around or something far worse? Parents of missing Mindy Jordan state their daughter was in an abusive relationship.

Relatives of the missing 46 year old nurse Mindy Jordan are calling for an investigation into what happened as they think something is wrong with the story and does not add up. Smell test #1: What person has their spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend go overboard and continues on the cruise to its destination as opposed to staying with the search for their missing loved one?

 UPDATE II: FBI: Woman’s plunge from cruise ship not a crime

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Josh Hartman, 27, and Fiancee Ana Martin, 31, Missing Since May 8, 2008 from Oceanside Harbor, CA

27 year old Josh Hartman and his 31 year old fiance Ana Martin have been missing since May 8, 2008. They were last seen heading out on their 32 foot boat, The Pelican, on Thursday morning from Oceanside Harbor, CA.


Josh Hartman and Ana Martin

PICTURES of the couple can be seen here.

UPDATE I: The 32 foot boat belonging to Josh Hartman and Ana Martin washed ashore on a beach near Rosarito, Mexico. The couple was not on board the boat.

SAN DIEGO —  The fishing boat belonging to an Oceanside couple who went missing at sea this week has washed up on the beach near Rosarito, Mexico, authorities said.

No one was on board the 32-foot boat when it landed ashore Friday north of Rosarito, a beach community 20 miles south of the border, U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Jeremy Denning said.

An aerial search for the vessel named Pelican was called off, he said.

UPDATE II: Mexican Navy Handling Sea Search For Missing SoCal Couple

SAN DIEGO — The search for a missing Oceanside couple whose fishing boat washed ashore just north of Rosarito, Mexico, is in the hands of the Mexican Navy, a U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant said Saturday.

The U.S. Coast Guard has inspected the waters off San Diego County with a helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft, but the search has been suspended, according to Denning.

Odds of survival in the cool waters off the U.S. shore “are slim” at this point, the lieutenant said.

If they’re to be found alive, the greater probability is that they would be off Baja California near where the Pelican was beached, an area the Mexican Navy continues to search, Denning said.

Hartman called family members Thursday afternoon to say they were fishing off Camp Pendleton and getting ready to return to port. He’s been described as an experienced boater and fisherman.

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Ashley Howley Has Been Missing Since June 16, 2004 …. Could Her Body/Remains have Finally Been Found

Breaking news in the 4 year old case of missing Ashley Lyn Howley.Ashly_Lyn_howley

Ashley Lyn Howley has been missing since June 16, 2004. At the time of her disappearance, Ashley Lyn Howley was 20 years old. At 3:13 a.m. June 16, 2004, Ashley Howley called the police to file an assault report. She stated Robert MacMichael had hit her on the head, choked her, and threatened to kill her. This was the last confirmed contact with Ashley Lyn Howley.

After she was reported missing, detectives searched her apartment but found no signs of foul play at the apartment. Ashley’s car was a 1995 gold Pontiac Bonneville with Ohio License #ER94JA which was located a few miles from her home, about a month after her disappearance.

At the time of her disappearance, Ashley worked as a dancer at the Dockside Dolls located at 2210 E Dublin-Granville Rd.

There may be breaking news in this 4 year old case of missing Ashley Lyn Howley. Police have confirmed that they found human remains on Friday morning at a Perry Township home Thursday but will not comment further.

Investigators received information that there were human remains in this area,” Columbus Police Sgt. Rich Weiner said. “Over the last couple days, they came into the area, and we have confirmed that we have found human remains.”

There’s speculation that the body is that of Howley, who has been missing since June 2004, Newsome said.

Though investigators said they won’t know the identity of the body until DNA testing is complete, the area where the remains were found is significant.

The wooded area where investigators completed a three-day search was directly behind the home of Robert MacMichael, the father of Robert MacMichael II.

MacMichael II is currently in jail and is accused of killing his mother and her boyfriend in a Minerva Park home earlier this year.

MacMichael II also is the boyfriend of the 20-year-old dancer and was the only suspect in her disappearance, according to police. (NBC 4i)

Ashley Howley_crime_scene

Craig Holmandispatch
The remains found this week likely will be identified with a DNA test. Police think they are Ashley Howley’s and suspect she was killed by her boyfriend in 2004. He was living near the area where the body was found.

Police Find Remains, Won’t Confirm An Ashley Howley Match

Searchers find human remains along Olentangy River

Police are releasing little information but said the largely skeletal remains were found in what they described as a shallow grave.

“We have confirmed that we have found human remains,” said Sgt. Richard Weiner, a police division spokesman. “There is a probability that the remains belong to Ashley Howley.”

Howley, 20, disappeared from her North Side apartment in June 2004. The search location is directly behind a home linked to Robert P. MacMichael II, Howley’s former boyfriend and the prime suspect in her disappearance.

MacMichael lived at one time with his father at 8250 Olentangy River Road, a home perched on a hillside that overlooks the woods now being searched

Human Remains Found Near River

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19 Year Old Ben Roseland Missing Since Febuary 9, 2008 in Clinton, Iowa

19 year old Ben Roseland has been missing since February 9, 2008. Ben BEN_RoselandRoseland was last seen at about 10:30 pm on February 9 leaving a friends house in the 400 block of 10th Avenue South and heading for a nearby Hy-Vee story to get something to eat. According to reports he never made it to the store. There has also been no activity on his cell phone or bank accounts Searches of the area have turned up little.

Although three canvasses of the area where he was last seen have turned up only a pair of shoes believed to be his, Roseland’s mother, Theresa, has not given up hope.

“You have to hope you find him OK,” she said. “You can’t think about what might be bad.”

Pictures of Ben Roseland can bee seen HERE.


  • 19-year-old Ben Roseland
  • white male
  • 5’11″ tall
  • weighs 175 pounds
  • brown hair
  • blue eyes
  • was last seen wearing camouflaged coverall

Search continues for Roseland

Ben Roseland’s family has created a web page,, in hopes of assisting the efforts in finding Ben.

“Anything we could do to help out, we wanted to do it,” said Capion, who was assisted in her endeavor by friend Diane Litterst. “It’s kind of hard to physically get up there from here, but this is one way we can help out.”

Go to the family web site,

If  anyone has any information or the whereabouts of Ben Roseland please contact the Clinton Police Department at 243-1458.

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8 Year Old William Pilkenton of Washington State Missing Since 2/15/08 on Vancouver Island, Canada

William Pilkenton, 8, of Washington State went missing  Friday, February 15, William Pilkenton2008 while vacationing with his parents on Vancouver Island on a beach at the edge of Tonquin Park.

The boy was last seen just after 10 a.m. on a beach at the edge of Tonquin Park, according to Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He apparently was playing near the shoreline about 35 feet from his parents just before he disappeared.

The boy’s parents, David and Camilla Pilkenton, were in shock after the disappearance of their son William, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sgt. Dave Lucas said.

“I don’t know what a big enough word is,” Lucas said as he tried to describe the parents’ anguish.

Search resumes Saturday for missing eight-year-old from U.S

TOFINO – Volunteers, police and search and rescue personnel resumed a frantic search Saturday around Tofino, trying to find an eight-year-old Washington state boy last seen playing on a rocky beach.

William Pilkenton and his father David were walking along the rocky shore of Duffin Cove, near a bed and breakfast where the family was staying. The older Pilkenton left his son for a moment and when he returned, the boy was missing.

An RCMP dog team brought in Friday night went out again early Saturday and another dog team was scheduled to join the search later in the day.

Garth Cameron of Westcoast Inland Search and Rescue said an RCMP dive team would also join the search.

An RCMP helicopter with infrared capacity to detect body heat also began flying over the area.

Massive search in B.C. for missing 8-year-old

 UPDATE I: Official search for lost Washington boy ends, but local searchers on lookout

TOFINO, B.C. – The official search for a lost seven-year-old boy has ended but local airlines, boating companies and others will remain on the lookout for any sign of the child.

Search co-ordinator Garth Cameron said none of the search and rescue crews were going out Monday and those from other parts of Vancouver Island have gone home. “Our SAR group is still recovering,” Cameron said.

After scouring Tofino and the surrounding area since Friday, Cameron said searchers concluded that William Pilkenton probably was lost in the waters off the rocky beach where he was last seen playing.

“It’s a high probability that he’s in the water,” said Cameron.

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Missing Snowboarders Michael George and Kyle Kerschen, Search Continues near Wolf Creek Ski in Colorado

Two 27 year old snow boarders Michael George and Kyle Kerschen, both from Albuquerque, Snowboarders_missingNM have been missing since Saturday, 1/5/08. There is still no sign of the missing snow boarders as search efforts continue. Recently tow other snow boarders, Adam Putnam and his fiancee Rachel Fehl who had been missing since Saturday were rescued in Sante FE, NM.

Mineral County Sheriff Fred Hosselkus asked anyone who may have seen the men before they disappeared to contact authorities. Sheriff’s spokeswoman Sandy Kroll said missing-person fliers were being distributed in surrounding communities, and skiers and others were asked to look for any sign of them.

Kroll said Hosselkus has not said how long the search would continue. The men’s families have asked authorities to keep looking.

UPDATE I: Hunt resumes for two Colorado snowboarders

CREEDE, Colo. (AP) — The Wolf Creek Ski Patrol and at least one helicopter resumed the search Friday for two snowboarders missing for nearly a week in the southwest Colorado mountains.
A third person was reported missing after an avalanche in southern Colorado.

Michael George and Kyle Kerschen were reported missing on Jan. 5 near the Wolf Creek ski resort about 170 miles southwest of Denver. Both are 27 and both are from Albuquerque

Their car was found in the ski area’s parking lot.

UPDATE II: Richardson, Udall intervene for missing N.M. men

UPDATE III: Hunt resumes for 2 snowboarders; 3rd person missing in avalanche

UPDATE IV: Bodies of Missing Michael George and Kyle Kerschen have been Found

The bodies of two New Mexico men last seen snowboarding at Wolf Creek Ski Resort in January have been found.

On Monday, a helicopter found and removed the bodies of 27-year-olds Michael George and Kyle Kerschen, both of Albuquerque, Mineral County Sheriff Fred Hosselkus said in a statement.

“We’re thankful we found them and they were together,” said George’s mother, Laura George.

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Hiker Missing: Meredith Emerson Missing Since New Years Day near Blood Mountain in North Georgia (Update: Person of Interest Gary Michael Hilton Found, Charged with Kidnapping)

24 year old Meredith Emerson has been missing since New Year’s Day when Meredith Emersonshe went hiking near Blood Mountain in north Georgia. Meredith Emerson went hiking with her black Labrador retriever, Ella, in Vogel State Park located at the base of Blood Mountain in the Chattahoochee National Forest. Her vehicle was found abandoned and a water bottle and dog collar belonging to Emerson were located. Police state that she was seen talking to a 60 year old man.

If you have any information please call 706-439-6069 or 706-439-6071

Police say the man, described as 60 years old and weighing 160
pounds, was seen several times on New Year’s Day with Emerson.
Police believe the man is Gary Michael Hilton, who drives a white
Chevy Astro van with DeKalb County license plates.

Friends say Emerson went hiking with her black Labrador retriever, Ella. Her 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier was found abandoned Wednesday at the base of Blood Mountain.

Police confirmed that a water bottle and dog collar found near a
hiking trail belonged to Emerson. (NBC – Augusta)

Hiker Meredith Emerson Missing on Blood Mountain in Union County, Georgia

Search for Missing Hiker Continues

Gary Michael Hilton

Gary Michael Hilton

UPDATE I: “Person of interest” found in search for hiker

Police in Georgia say a man wanted in connection with a 24-year-old hiker missing was found tonight at a convenience store in Atlanta’s suburbs.

Gary Michael Hilton of DeKalb County, was found by police and taken to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation office for questioning. The missing hiker, Meredith Emerson, wasn’t with him.

She’s originally from Longmont but has been living outside Atlanta.

UPDATE II: Police question ‘person of interest’ in Ga. hiker’s disappearance as search for woman resumes

Also on Saturday, authorities went to Forsyth County in the Atlanta suburbs, where Emerson’s black Labrador retriever named Ella was found Friday at a grocery store, Bankhead said. Authorities identified Ella using her implanted microchip, Union County investigator Kimberly Verdone said.

Officials continued Saturday with their questioning of Gary Michael Hilton, who authorities said was seen with Emerson several times Tuesday.

Police picked up Hilton at a convenience store in the Atlanta area, Verdone said. She previously described the 61-year-old man as a “person of interest,” not a suspect.

UPDATE III: Search for missing hiker narrowed

Meanwhile, the “person of interest” connected to Emerson’s disappearance is not cooperating with investigators, Forsyth County Sheriff Ted Paxton told the Journal-Constitution earlier Saturday.

Authorities said Gary Michael Hilton, 61, remained at “an undisclosed location” and is being questioned in the disappearance of Emerson, whose dog, Ella, turned up a day earlier at a Cumming-area grocery store.

Paxton said Saturday that investigators have surveillance tape showing that Hilton had been in the area where the dog was found, but added, “We don’t have the luxury of him cooperating in the search for the woman.”

GBI officials wouldn’t confirm media reports that some of Meredith Emerson’s belongings were found in a dumpster outside this Quik Trip on Keith Bridge Road in Cumming, not far from the Kroger where Emerson’s dog was found. WSB reported that officials searched the dumpster, dusted a pay phone at the Quik Trip for fingerprints and had removed the receiver from the phone.

UPDATE IV: Police found items belonging to missing hiker Meredith Emerson in a dumpster Saturday in Cumming, GA

Police found items belonging to missing hiker Meredith Emerson in a dumpster Saturday in Cumming, outside a store where surveillance cameras captured the man investigators are calling a “person of interest” in the case.

The discovery triggered a new search for Emerson, 24, as police fanned out into a wooded area near the store searching for any clues.

The Kroger store is the same location where Emerson’s dog was found Friday night.


UPDATE V: Gary Michael Hilton Charged with Kidnapping of Meredith Emerson

A man authorities say was the last person to see a missing Georgia hiker has been charged with kidnapping with bodily injury, Georgia Bureau of Investigation officials said on Saturday.

Gary Michael Hilton, 61, is being held under a federal warrant for failing to appear on a citation, officials said.

 UPDATE VI: Missing Ga. hiker, 24, believed dead

Sad but enivitable findings in the case of missing Meredith Emerson. Investigators have recovered three bloody fleece tops similar to the kind Meredith Emerson wore.

Investigators had recovered three bloody fleece tops like the kind Meredith Emerson wore and said they held out little hope of finding her alive.

“It’s gone from a search and rescue to a search and recovery,” Union County sheriff’s investigator Kimberly Verdone said.

Three bloody fleece tops believed to be Emerson’s and a bloodstained piece of a car’s seat belt were found in a trash bin beside a convenience store where Hilton had used a pay phone, the warrant stated. Hilton had attempted to vacuum and wash portions of his 2001 Chevrolet Astro van, which was found without the rear seat belt, according to the document.



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