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Mindy Jordan, Missing on Cruise ship Norwegian Dawn … Reported Missing off Atlantic City Coast

46 year old Mindy Jordan is missing while on a cruise from NYC to Mindy_jordanBermuda aboard the Norwegian Dawn. Mindy Jordan reportedly went overboard at about 7:50 pm Sunday. According to Norwegian Cruise Lines Mindy Jordan was apparently trying to climb between balconies on the cruise ship.

The Coast Guard says the ship was approximately 45 miles northeast of Atlantic City when the woman was reported overboard Sunday night. It departed from the company’s Manhattan Cruise Terminal at 4 p.m.

The Coast Guard launched two helicopter crews, which searched for two hours before returning to base due to the weather.

The vessel proceeded on its scheduled itinerary, and is set to arrive in Bermuda on Wednesday.

The Cruise line issued the following statement:

the cruise line said the ship immediately began a search and rescue operation, but did not provide further details. On Monday, the Coast Guard said continuing winds over 50 mph and heavy rain prevented it from resuming the search.

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UPDATE I: Clowning Around or something far worse? Parents of missing Mindy Jordan state their daughter was in an abusive relationship.

Relatives of the missing 46 year old nurse Mindy Jordan are calling for an investigation into what happened as they think something is wrong with the story and does not add up. Smell test #1: What person has their spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend go overboard and continues on the cruise to its destination as opposed to staying with the search for their missing loved one?

 UPDATE II: FBI: Woman’s plunge from cruise ship not a crime

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