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Missing Matthew Wilson’s Car Found Abandoned in Berkeley, CA

Matthew Wilson, a 20 year old computer science major at Rice University has Matthey_Wilson2been missing since December 15, 2007. Wilson’s vehicle, a silver 2004 four-door Dodge Neon with Oklahoma license plate 863 MCZ, has been found abandoned in Berkely, CA.

HOUSTON — The car that belongs to missing Rice University student Matthew Wilson has been found in Berkeley, Calif.

Wilson’s silver 2004 four-door Dodge Neon with Oklahoma license plate 863 MCZ was towed as an abandoned vehicle from a residential street in West Berkeley June 10. 

Berkeley police informed the Rice University Police Department there were no obvious signs of foul play inside the car, and they have issued a description and photos of Wilson with a request for the community’s help in searching for the missing 20-year-old from Haworth, Okla. Rice police notified Wilson’s family of the news.

”The discovery of Matthew’s car is an important piece of evidence,” said Rice Police Chief Bill Taylor. “We will cooperate fully with the Berkeley Police Department investigation, and we’re all hopeful that Matthew will be found alive and well.”,

Missing Rice student’s car found in California

“My understanding is that (Berkeley police) have done a thorough search of the car and feel comfortable that there was no indication of foul play,” said Rice University Police Chief Bill Taylor.

He added that Berkeley police indicated the car had been abandoned for some time.

Wilson’s mother, Cathy Wilson, said she has no idea why her son, who was last seen in Houston on Dec. 14, would be in Berkeley or whether he knew anyone there.

Though she is glad the car was found, she said, the discovery did not offer her full relief.

“I’m just pondering what else could have happened,” she said.




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  1. Sue, Did you see the article about his car being found? I hope his mother is still checking this site or if anyone can send Sue’s comment directly.

    Comment by Julie | June 15, 2008

  2. Hey Julie,

    I did see that article and did contact the family directly. If this is him that I have been seeing, I really wish he would get his butt in gear and call his family.

    I can kind of get why someone would want to have an experience apart from the people and things they have known.

    But there is a level of responsibility to those who do love you, so they do not worry needlessly. Worrying about the life and welfare of a loved one is so painful and hurtful, it is cruelty to cause that to happen if it can be avoided. There is a way to “be yourself” and at the same time, be fair and kind.

    Okay I am nagging,

    Comment by sue | June 26, 2008

  3. “Into the wild” movie crosses my mind when I see news of Matthew Wilson.

    Comment by Patricia | July 6, 2008

  4. They just arrested with a stolen laptop at UC Berkeley. So, he’s not missing anymore.

    Comment by Katprint | August 14, 2008

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