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U.S. Aid Worker Cyd Mizell kidnapped & Missing in Southern Afghanistan Feared Dead

Cyd Mizell, a US aid worker from Eureka, California and her Afghan driver were kidnapped in southern Afghanistan in January 2008. According to the Asian Rural Life Development Foundation, both 50 year old Cyd Mizell and her driver are feared dead.

Cyd Mizell 2

Cyd Mizell & driver Abdul Hadi

Mizell worked on aid projects for the Asian Rural Life Development Foundation, or ARLDF.

A statement posted on the group’s Web site says, although there’s no confirmation, information has been received indicating the two aid workers have been killed.

No group has claimed responsibility for the abductions.

The kidnappings happened in an area known for insurgent activity. (KCBS)

Fate of US aid worker a mystery two months on, say officials

ARDLF said in a statement a month later that it had received “information over the past few days indicating that our two aid workers have been killed.”

This was, however, never confirmed and an ARDLF employee in southern Kandahar city, where they were taken, said Tuesday that they were just “rumours”.

“The case is still open,” a US official said Tuesday.

The kidnappers never contacted authorities, said Assadullah Khalid, the governor of the volatile southern province of Kandahar, the heartland of the Taliban movement waging a deadly insurgency that has included kidnappings.

“No conditions were set,” he told AFP.

The Taliban have repeatedly denied involvement, with spokesman Zabihullah Mujahed saying again Tuesday: “Our military friends have not abducted the American woman.”

Parents respond to word that kidnapped US aid worker feared dead

Statement from the parents of missing Cyd Mizell

We are all heartbroken to receive credible reports of the deaths of our daughter, Cyd, and Muhammad Hadi, her driver, in Afghanistan. While these reports remain unconfirmed, we are beginning to accept that the hoped-for outcome may no longer be possible.

Cyd knew before she went to Afghanistan that it could be a dangerous place, but she went because she loved the Afghan people and dedicated her life to serving them. We are trying to understand why someone would kill a gentle, caring person who came to their country to help the poor. Many of the people of Kandahar came to love her almost as much as we loved her, and all of us share her loss.

We thank everyone who has worked so hard to secure her release and who now seek to confirm what we’ve heard. We thank everyone around the world who’s been praying for Cyd, and for us.

Please continue to keep our family and Mr. Hadi’s family in your prayers.

We ask now that you please respect our privacy as we wait for confirmation and grieve for our Cydney.

Thank you.

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Remains Found Identified as that of Missing Cori Baker

13 year old Cori Baker has been missing since November 9, 2007. Cori Baker was presumed dead and her sister’s 19-year-old boyfriend, Marquis Bullock, has been charged with her murder. 


(Cori Baker)

Remains were just recently discovered in a wooded, rocky area of Creek County. The Medical Examiner has confirmed that the remains found were that of 13 year old Cori Baker.

A skull and other remains were found Friday evening in the wooded terrain near the playing fields at Paintball Adventure Games Inc. The business is north of the Creek Turnpike near South 49th West Avenue.

Police are investigating reports that Bullock had been to the paintball facility shortly before Cori’s death.

Dental records were used to confirm that the remains were Cori’s, Medical Examiner’s Office spokesman Randy Saffell said.

Cori’s family members — who have searched extensively for the girl — were notified Monday that the remains were Cori’s, Saffell said.

Creek County Sheriff’s Capt. Mike O’Keefe said more remains as well as clothing were found during the search. The remains were scattered over a wide area.

Details about the clothing were not released, and investigators were trying to determine whether they were related to the case. (Tulsa World)

UPDATE I: More bones, clothing belonging to teen found around facility

UPDATE II: Teenager didn’t disturb remains after discovery

Zach Searle has watched enough police dramas on television to know when he has walked upon a possible crime scene.

The 15-year-old has seen how his favorite TV detectives preserve evidence so they don’t ruin cases.

That’s why he didn’t call attention to a skull he found while refereeing a paintball game on March 21.

Instead, Searle kept his discovery to himself until the game was completed. He then told his supervisors at Paintball Adventure Games Inc., who called the Creek County Sheriff’s Office.

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19 Year Old Ben Roseland Missing Since Febuary 9, 2008 in Clinton, Iowa

19 year old Ben Roseland has been missing since February 9, 2008. Ben BEN_RoselandRoseland was last seen at about 10:30 pm on February 9 leaving a friends house in the 400 block of 10th Avenue South and heading for a nearby Hy-Vee story to get something to eat. According to reports he never made it to the store. There has also been no activity on his cell phone or bank accounts Searches of the area have turned up little.

Although three canvasses of the area where he was last seen have turned up only a pair of shoes believed to be his, Roseland’s mother, Theresa, has not given up hope.

“You have to hope you find him OK,” she said. “You can’t think about what might be bad.”

Pictures of Ben Roseland can bee seen HERE.


  • 19-year-old Ben Roseland
  • white male
  • 5’11″ tall
  • weighs 175 pounds
  • brown hair
  • blue eyes
  • was last seen wearing camouflaged coverall

Search continues for Roseland

Ben Roseland’s family has created a web page,, in hopes of assisting the efforts in finding Ben.

“Anything we could do to help out, we wanted to do it,” said Capion, who was assisted in her endeavor by friend Diane Litterst. “It’s kind of hard to physically get up there from here, but this is one way we can help out.”

Go to the family web site,

If  anyone has any information or the whereabouts of Ben Roseland please contact the Clinton Police Department at 243-1458.

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Hey Aruba … No Body, No Crime, REALLY??? Jessica O’Grady Missing & Presumed Dead … Edwards is now serving 80 years to life

No body, No Crime … Only in Aruba and when a crime is committed like in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. In other places where people take crime seriously there are arrests, prosecutions and convictions made without a body all the time. Like in the case of missing Nina Reiser and her husband Hans Reiser who is presently on trial for her murder. Or in the case of Kendrick Williams as well. Its only in places like Aruba where a cover up of a crime takes precedent over a crime against an individual where justice is denied that such actions are condoned. It would appear that only in Aruba does Paulas Van der Sloot’s comments of “No Body, No Crime” ring true.

Satish says to Joran: I didn’t declare anything.
Joran says to the brothers: Of course you did.
Satish says to Joran: What did I say / against your father?
Joran says to the brothers: You said that he (Joran’s father) said that if there’s no corpse there’s no case, or I don’t know what more sorts of shit.
Joran says to the brothers: That’s not true, the only thing he (Joran’s father) said that if there’s no body there don’t have a case.

Jessica O'Grady 1

(Jessica O’Grady, University of Nebraska at Omaha student)

19 year old University of Nebraska student, Jessica O’Grady, is missing and presumed dead. Jessica O’ Grady was last seen on May 10, 2006. O’Grady made a cell phone call the night that she went missing stating that she was going to the house of the man she had dated, Christopher Edwards. Jessica O’Grady was never seen nor heard from again. No body, no crime, huh? Don’t tell that to Christopher Edwards. Jessica’s body was never recovered; however, Christopher Edwards is presently serving 80 years to life in the death of Jessica O’Grady.

Jessica O’Grady, who is presumed dead, was last seen alive on May 10, 2006. She made a call from her cell phone late that night, saying she was going to the house of a man she had dated, Christopher Edwards. Edwards is now serving 80 years to life for the 19-year-old woman’s death, although her body has never been found.

Investigators aren’t giving any details of the tip, but say it is promising.

New Tip In O’Grady Case Under Investigation: Anniversaries Of Disappearance, Conviction Near

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