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Police Take DNA samples from Hans Reiser in Missing Nina Reiser case

Although still not considered a suspect in the case of missing Nina Reiser, police on Thursday took a DNA sample from her estranged husband, Hans Reiser.

Oakland police investigators obtained DNA from the husband of a missing Oakland woman Thursday after serving a search warrant on Hans Reiser’s person, Police Department spokesman Roland Holmgren said today.

Holmgren said Reiser is not a suspect in the investigation into the disappearance of his wife, Nina, a native of Russia who was last seen about 2 p.m. on Sept. 3 when she dropped off the couple’s children at Hans Reiser’s home in the 6900 block of Exeter Drive in Oakland.

There’s no evidence a crime has been committed in Nina Reiser’s disappearance, Holmgren said. (CBS5)

VIDEO – See Hans Reiser run. Police collect DNA.

Missing woman’s husband detained for DNA sample

According to reports, Hans Reiser has been less than helpful and cooperative with the investigation into his missing estranged wife, Nina Reiser. Police were forced to obtain warrants to get the information they needed. Hans Reiser has stated in the past that he does not trust the police; however, what does he have to hide? Why is he not cooperating?

The estranged husband of a woman who has been missing for nearly four weeks was detained Thursday night for a DNA sample, Oakland police said today.

Deputy Chief Howard Jordan said Hans Reiser, 42, has declined to cooperate with the investigation so officers were forced to obtain a search warrant in order to collect a DNA sample.

“He has not cooperated, he has not answered questions,” Jordan said. “He was released after we received a biological sample.” (San Francisco Chronicle)


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  1. If you’ve ever been clubbed down by a cop for walking down the street, you wouldn’t trust cops either.

    If you’ve ever been handcuffed and beaten to a bloody pulp for nothing more than the fact that the cops were bored, you wouldn’t trust cops either.

    If you have ever experienced any kind of official oppression under the color of authority, you wouldn’t trust cops either.

    If you’ve ever had your best friend, a 98 pound 16 year old kid, handcuffed, beaten, had their neck stood on and had two rounds pumped into the back of their chest, while the cops lied about how a 98 pound weakling was a threat to a 250 pound jack-booted thug-pig, you wouldn’t trust cops either.

    In short, Hans Reiser is correct. You can’t trust cops.

    They’ll kill you for a quarter, just because they are bored.


    John Q. Public

    Comment by John Q. Public | October 11, 2006

  2. You’re right! What I can’t figure out is this:

    If Hans is guilty, why did he keep a bloody sleeping bag in his home for so long?

    He didn’t trust the police, and I can certainly understand that. We must always exercise our constitutional rights because that’s what makes our system work. Especially if we are innocent.

    But, if I were guilty and in fear of the police, I wouldn’t hold on to evidence that could convict me.

    This one is troubling to me… I think he very well may be innocent.

    I think that it was the sado-massochist (?) with the scary basement that did it. Actually, two murders, this Russian lady and the Poland lady that were both abducted after (1) going to the grocery store and (2) leaving her employment at the grocery store.

    Both had their vehicles found unoccupied (with groceries still inside) within a quarter mile from their stores.

    I also think that the blood found in the scary basement was made up mostly of the two other victims as Earl Stephanson cleaned up the crime scene after killing Leslie Lamb (the woman that Mr. Stephanson had been secretly seeing without the knowlege of her mom and son). Remember, he had driven her to the hospital after nearly breaking every bone in her body with a board?

    They’re calling her his girlfriend (oh yea right, three months into the relation, he FINALLY takes her to his basement and let’s her know what he’s really like and now they are going to stick her with him for the rest of her death…. that’s cruel). The only reason he got caught was because after he had given her enough to kill the average person, she begged him to take her to the hospital so she could see her son again. And that’s the thanks that she gets from the press. Personally, I think she’s a hero.

    Anyway, I think that he did, in fact, clean the crime scene and laid low for a couple weeks hoping that they wouldn’t come looking for him and when the police didn’t show for a couple weeks, Earl continued on his killing spree with the two other women.

    The police specifically said that, too. They said that he had really cleaned the crime scene after killing Ms. Lamb. But they found the blood of two other victims.

    The fact that they found BLOOD from two other victims (after his efforts to really clean the place) makes me think that they were from murders after that of Ms. Lamb.

    They didn’t say that they found a mixture of DNA which would have resulted if Ms. Lambs blood was washed with the blood of the two other victims…. get it?

    John Q, what do you think? Listen to the report on video, okay, please?

    Maybe the police have the husband in protective custody??? If this man from Russia is afraid of the police in the U.S………. just think what he must think of our Hell’s Angels (joke)

    Comment by Patti | October 15, 2006

  3. Do we have any other information on this guy? When I looked at the scary basement case, I was sure that this girl was killed by Earl Stefenson and I still believe that she was.

    If her husband is tied into the murder of this woman, he is also involved in the business that Mr. Stefenson has been a part of operating for years. They’re both scary to me and I just can’t get over the foreign connection. I still feel that Nina died in the basement, but I guess we’ll see once the DNA comes back.

    I feel like I cheated because I went and read some material about the Lamb case on the internet. But I’m glad I did as
    I have come to realize the truth. It is all so clear now.
    Why didn’t any of you folks in SF let me know?

    Now that I know the truth about Stefenson, it’s not hard to understand the possibility that both Hans and Earl were involved in the business. Hans on the computer end and Earl, well, let’s just say that he liked to play.

    I’m curious about whether the three (!) victims, that we know about, ever met each other. It sorta seems odd that they would all die within a few weeks.

    As I am aware that we were never to find the victims, much less ask for a logical explanation, there is someone out there that knows and if I were them, I would talk.

    Something is drastically wrong in San Francisco, and, believe me, it’s ugly. I just wonder if the little faggot that keeps popping onto our computer screens every night has anything to do with this. The reading I got on him is that he’s a rat; short for a two-faced whore. (I still can’t believe I said that)!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I wonder if there’s any way that we could get any pictures of the ex-husband and/or the boyfriend of the third victim and let us take a look at him?

    If you’ve noticed, I’m getting tired and scared. These things that Stefenson is involved in is worrisome. I can hardly sleep at night and I certainly don’t need any Hell’s
    Angels knocking at my door. I am soon going to fade into the near distance and dissappear. I do believe that would be the safe thing to do. And what happened here, is just between us., okay?

    I especially am weary of speaking about these things in the presence of the children… such as those in Vermont. I was
    hoping that the information that I gave to you would vanish
    from the site after it was shared with the police and the family. I get nothing from the red car that they keep asking about…

    I do feel sure about the younger boy, even now. I could tell you all day about the large woman that frequents their house because she came in loud and clear. She’s miserable. She often goes out the back door to sit, and I think she smokes. I can’t tell you how confined I felt. There were other things that I saw, like bedding on the sofas and stuff like that I left out; but I think you get the drift.

    Doesn’t Nina have friends??? Perhaps they should SPEAK OUT and let someone know what they think happened to their friend?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I, especially would like to know more about her.

    I don’t feel the outcry with this woman like I did with Ms. Leslie. Perhaps she was given a drug to quiet her down? Ms. Leslie was so innocent.

    Please see if we can get the info on the other victim.



    Comment by Patti | October 17, 2006

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