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Anonymous letter claims missing 4-year-old Madeleine McCann’s is buried in Portugal

Let’s hope that this lead is a hoax. Police have received a letter stating where missing Madeleine McCann is buried. It claimed that she was buried under rocks in a remote area. Could this be the lead that finds the missing 4 year old or just a cruel hoax?

MADRID, Spain (CNN) — Portuguese police are investigating an area nine miles from where a young British girl was abducted after a tip-off to a newspaper in the Netherlands.

An anonymous letter claiming 4-year-old Madeleine McCann’s body is buried under rocks in deserted scrubland was sent to newspaper De Telegraaf and passed on to the Portuguese Policia Judiciaria.

A Dutch police spokesman said: “On Monday De Telegraaf received a letter from an anonymous sender which contained information about where Madeleine McCann may be.

“The letter included a map of the area where the sender claims she is. The newspaper handed the letter over to the police on Tuesday and immediate forensic tests were carried out.

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  1. Let’s analyze the facts of this case: A couple of young parents which leave 3 small children unattended in a hotel room in a foreign country and then go off to have bottles and bottles of wine. Does not sound too responsible. Then we hear they medicated their children regularly. Is this the way British parents care for their children and then lament?

    Comment by AXJ | September 22, 2007

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