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Private Detective for Missing Madeleine McCann’s Parents Says “100% Certain Madeleine is Alive”

Madeleine McCann has been missing since May 2007 when she disappeared while on vacation with her parents in Portugal. Now some interesting news is being reported by the PI hired by the family of Maddy. 

Francisco Marco, the private investigator for the family of missing Madeleine McCann has stated that he is 100% certain that Madeleine is alive and they are close to finding her. It is believed that the abduction of Madeleine McCann was a carefully planned and organized plot to get Maddy out of the country.

Portuguese investigators are “100 percent sure” missing toddler Madeleine McCann is alive, Britain’s Sunday Mirror reports.

Francisco Marco, a private eye hired by the McCann family to track the missing girl – who would be 4 years old if she’s still alive – told The Mirror he is “sure she was abducted.”

“We are very, very close to finding the kidnapper,” he said.

Madeleine was ‘targeted’ by abductor Gerry McCann says

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Madeleine investigation ‘to finish at Christmas’

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  1. [...] The private detective for the parents of missing Madeleine McCann has stated some news that has brought interest to the case of the missing 3 year old. Francisco Marco, the private investigator for the family of missing Madeleine McCann has stated that he is 100% certain that Madeleine is alive and they are close to finding her. [...]

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    Required: Calcium Hypochlorite 100g (bleaching powder), acetone 44ml

    Sodium hypochlorite solution is sold as liquid pool chlorine.

    Chloroform, if stored for more than a few months, decomposes to Phosgene, which was a WW1 era chemical weapon.

    Acetone is readily available as nail varnish remover.


    Ms Tanner said she saw a man carrying a girl and believes this man was the abductor of Madeleine McCann. Nobody holds a child like that for any length of time. The normal stance would be to keep the child’s body upright with the head resting upon the adult’s shoulder, which would be more comfortable for both.

    If this man is the abductor, the only way to remove the child from her bed without waking the twins, would be to use chloroform laden handkerchief in order to keep her asleep. The man that Tanner spotted could be holding the handkerchief against the child’s face, along with a pink blanket or her own pyjama top to keep it in place.

    Chloroform decomposes to Phosgene, which is toxic, and would be lethal to a young child.


    A Lurking Stranger

    “I saw stranger lurking near Madeleine flat” – An unnamed nanny tells police she saw a man “lurking” close to the McCanns’ holiday flat. Her initials are MH. In the summer of 2006, she was babysitting a six-year-old boy in the same apartment used by the McCanns in 2007. She “discovered the suspicious man lurking in bushes”. It was a Thursday. Madeleine disappeared on a Thursday. The Daily Express says there are “marked similarities to the Madeleine case”


    Robert Murat is a suspect in the Madeleine McCann case. His girlfriend is divorcee Michaela Walczuch. Murat was dating Walczuch while she was still living in her marital home with Portuguese husband Luis Antonio.

    All these people have direct links to the Ocean Club territory. Luis Antonio was the pool cleaner and had access to pool cleaning chemicals. According to Portuguese Police, all their alibis have been checked. Miss Walczuch told police she was at a Jehovah’s Witness meeting in nearby Lagos on 3rd May. But Tiofilo Castelo, a member of the Algarve Regional Association of the Jehovah’s Witnesses said she had been “thrown out” of the church over 12 months ago.


    Comment by Kirsty | December 2, 2007

  3. hopefuly u find her she was my best friend and i miss her dearly

    Comment by summer miller | February 10, 2008

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