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8 People Reported Missing from the I-35W Minnesota Bridge Collapse

As investigators are still looking for answers as to the cause of the catastrophic I-35W bridge collapse, searchers continue look for the missing. Due to the severity and massive catastrophic condition of the bridge collapse, many may be trapped beneath the tons of concrete. Divers spent a third day looking for the missing to no avail. Today, the police made public a list of the eight people who continue to be missing following the bridge collapse. However, police stated that there may be others who have not yet been reported as missing.

Investigators have names that haven’t been connected to the bridge, and divers and recovery workers have found license plate numbers that don’t belong to an identified missing person or survivor, authorities said.

The Associated Press earlier identified five of the missing, who all appeared on the police list: Christine Sacorafas, 45, a recent transplant to Minnesota who was on her way to teach a Greek folk dancing class; Greg Jolstad, 45, a construction worker who was operating a skid loader on the bridge; Peter Hausmann, 47, a former missionary heading to pick up a friend; and Somali immigrant Sadiya Sahal, 23, a pregnant nursing student traveling with her 2-year-old daughter, Hanah.

The police list also included Richard Chit, Vera Peck and Scott Sathers. No information was included about them. (ABC News)

It is obviously a terribly trying time for family and friends of victims wait for the searches to bring their loved ones home.

A look at some of the people missing in Wednesday’s bridge collapse in Minneapolis
Police ID 8 still missing after Minnesota bridge collapse

As investigators probed what caused an interstate bridge packed with rush-hour traffic to collapse into the Mississippi River this week, Minneapolis police Saturday night issued a statement naming the eight people — including a 2-year-old girl — still missing in the murky waters.

UPDATE I: 9th body found at Minnesota bridge site

MINNEAPOLIS – Divers found another body in the Mississippi River on Sunday, 11 days after a highway bridge collapsed into the fast-flowing water, raising the official death toll to nine.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the body as 20-year-old Richard Chit of St. Anthony. His mother, 50-year-old Vera Peck of Bloomington, is still missing.

The other three people known to be missing are Christine Sacorafas, 45, of White Bear Lake; Greg Jolstad, 45, of Mora; and Scott Sathers, 29, of Maple Grove.

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Possible Sighting of Missing British Girl Madeleine McCann

Authorities are investigating a possible sighting of a girl resembling four-year-old missing Madeleine McCann. The sighting of Madeleine McCann took place in a restaurant in the Dutch-speaking town of Tongeren, near the Dutch border east of Brussels. She was reportedly with a man and a woman who were acting suspiciously. Authorities will be doing DNA testing on a bottle taken from the restaurant.

DNA test results are expected next week on a bottle taken from a restaurant where a girl resembling four-year-old Madeleine was seen drinking, local prosecutor Katja Van Doren said.

A child psychologist reported seeing the girl with a man and woman in the restaurant in the Dutch-speaking town of Tongeren, near the Dutch border east of Brussels.

The three people drove away in a black Volvo with Belgian plates, local police said, stressing that the number plate could be false.

The couple were said to have been acting in a suspicious manner.

Belgian police have issued an identikit picture of the man involved, said to be in his 40s with black hair and stubble on his prominent chin.

He was said to speak with a Dutch accent, while the woman, who also had dark hair, spoke to him in English.

Madeleine McCann sighting treated seriously

  • Police release computer image of suspect
  • Couple fled cafe before challenged
  • Girl turned around at “Madeleine” call

An artist’s impression, released by Belgian police Aug. 3, 2007, shows a man who had been seen with a small girl sitting at the terrace of the roadside cafe “De Pauze” in the eastern town of Tongeren near the Dutch border.

Madeleine sighting puts Belgium on alert

Officers have taken a fruit milkshake bottle the child had been seen drinking from away for analysis but there are as yet no results, a police spokeswoman said yesterday.

Jolien Houbrech: Served suspects

Jolien Houbrechts, a waitress in “De Pauze” bar, described how she was approached by the witness on Saturday afternoon.

“The woman said to me that the couple looked strange and the girl looked like Maddie. I told her to call the police,” she said.

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