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Jennifer Broyles, 38, has been Missing since Friday Night

38-year old Jennifer Broyles has been missing since Friday night. Jennifer Broyles’ last known stop Friday night was Exit 197, a popular local bar, where she was lastBroyles seen by her friends.

It’s been five days since family and friends have seen a mother of three from Pontiac.

Police are searching for Jennifer Broyles, while those who love her shudder to think what might have happened. “We just want our sister back, “said Jennifer’s sister Jessie Slade.

The 38-year old has been missing since Friday night.

Her last known stop Friday night was Exit 197, a popular local bar, where she was last seen by her friends.

“It’s really dark on the dance floor, I guess, and by the exit door so nobody’s seen her go out, “said Slade.

(HOI 19)

Description of Jennifer Broyles:

  • Date of Birth 05-24-1967
  • Height: 5 foot 2
  • Weight: 105 pounds
  • Hair: long black hair.
  • Eyes: Brown
  • She was last seen wearing an off-white coat, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes.

If you have any information, call Pontiac police at (815) 844-0911 or go to the city’s website at


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Rita Cosby with Capt. Bill Wright, “We did not collect the evidence from the cabin”

Rita Cosby, Live & Direct, January 6, 2006

We are now joined by Captain Bill Wright of Royal Caribbean cruises. He is the Royal Caribbean senior vice president of operations. Captain, I thank you for being with us. This new development that her attorney—this is Jennifer Hagel’s attorney—saying she may have been drugged…


COSBY: Is there any evidence that there was drugs on the ship, legal or illegal?

WRIGHT: Absolutely none. From our perspective, we have heard nothing that indicates there was any drug usage by the Smiths or there were any drugs on board the vessel.

COSBY: No evidence at this point at all?

WRIGHT: Nothing we’re aware of.

COSBY: Would you know if there was something in there, even if it’s, say, in the bathroom, in the room, in the cabin?

WRIGHT: We did not collect the evidence from the cabin. So whatever was in there that the police have collected, that’s with the police. But there was nothing that we indicate that we have had any forms of drugs on the ship and being used.

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Dellena Jones, 71, is Missing and has Alzheimer’s

Dellena Jones, 71, wandered from her home Monday between 1 am and 3am. Jones lives near 158th Street South and Pacific Highway and is reported to haveDellena Jones Alzheimer’s.

Dellena Jones, 71, was wearing a blue long-sleeved sweatshirt when she wandered from her home Monday between 1 a.m. and 3a.m.

Jones lives near 158th Street South and Pacific Highway.

Tukwila police and relatives have searched the neighborhood and found no trace of her.

Police asked anyone who has seen her to call Tukwila police at (206) 433-1808


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14 Year Old Justin Dale Carter Missing Presumed to be with former teacher, Angela Comer

Tompkinsville, KY police are looking for 14-year-old Justin Dale Carter and his former teacher, Angela Comer. Justin Dale Carter was last seen on Friday night at 10:30pm by his grandmother.

York says: “We went to bed around 10:30 Friday night. And I let him sleep in on Saturdays. And I couldn’t find my purse when I got up, so I went to ask him if he had seen it and that’s when I discovered he had stuffed the bed with pillows.”

Police say Carter and Comer took around seven hundred dollars and credit cards from York’s purse, and they say he was not forced to go with her.

Chief Ford says: “He went willingly. We have seized the computer there was some chat. There was evidence there was a relationship between the two of them.”

Kentucky State Police say Carter’s willingness to go with Comer one reason an Amber Alert was not filed. Tompkinsville Police say Comer purchased a gun in December and York thinks her grandson may have been taken against his will.

It amazes me as to the rules and regulations and comments that come from police when dealing with these types of cases. Amber Alerts not issued because the 14 year old was not taken against his will. Yet he is a minor. How would this be treated if we were dealing with a 14 year old girl? Then the police make the following comment and the subsequent response by Justin’s grandmother.

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Sixteen-year-old Justin Baker in Alabama

Sixteen-year-old Justin Baker has been missing since Sunday afternoon. Police are concern that something may have happened to Justin.

“Justin was at his one of his relatives’ home in Red Level when he told them he was going home before his 10 p.m. curfew,” said Lt. Jerry Parker of the Andalusia Police Department.


  • height: 5 feet and 6 inches
  • weight: 140 pounds
  • He has brown hair and hazel eyes
  • Baker was last seen in Red Level Saturday night around 9:30 pm and said he was headed home.
  • He was driving a black 4-door Mitsubishi Gallant with Alabama license plate number 23C843G.

If anyone has any information about the disappearance of Justin Baker please contact the Andalusia Police Department at 334-222-1155.

(Andalusia Star)

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