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Missing Alzheimer’s patient, Mary Cole, Dies shortly after being Found

Mary Cole, a 66 year old Alzheimer’s patient who disappeared for four days was found in a storage room of the nursing home where she lived . Unfortunately Mary Cole later died at a hospital most likely from dehydration.

Mary Cole, 66, had disappeared Monday from Liberty Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, authorities said. She was found Friday under a table in a storage room at the center, said her daughter, Tammy Terry.

At that point, she was dehydrated but had a heart beat and pulse, Terry said. But she died soon after she arrived at Presbyterian Hospital. An autopsy will be performed.

There seems to be some issue as to why the storage room that Mary Cole was ultimately found in was not searched during the six searches that took place.

A police investigation will focus on why the storage room wasn’t locked and why Cole wasn’t found after six searches, said Charlotte-Mecklenburg police spokesman Keith Bridges.

Terry was perplexed as well.

“The people in that nursing home were wonderful to us. They sat up all night with us. They searched from 7 a.m. to nightfall with us. They cried with us,” Terry said. “But I don’t understand why she wasn’t found.

“They told us they’d searched every nook and cranny of that place.”
(Charlotte Observer)

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