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Family Of Missing Jennifer Kesse Offers $15,000 Reward

Jennifer Kesse was last heard from Monday night. Police, detectives and familyJennifer Kesse members have been searching for the missing Jennifer Keese.

Detectives spent Friday back at her condo complex, while her family members hit the streets trying to get her name and picture to people throughout Central Florida. Detectives were at the condo early Friday, trying to talk to people who may have seen Jennifer on Tuesday morning before she would normally leave for work.

Jennifer’s family increased the reward to $15,000, while also making a passionate plea for her safe return.

Joyce and Drew Kesse made yet another impassioned plea Friday to try and locate their missing daughter. The Kesses are clinging to hope that their daughter, described by friends as “street smart,” is still alive.

January 28th, 2006 at 01:59am Posted by | Missing, Missing Adult, Reward | 18 comments

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  1. [...] Family Of Missing Jennifer Kesse Offers $15,000 Reward Jennifer Kesse was last heard from Monday night. Police, detectives and family members have been searching for the missing Jennifer Keese. (More of the story) [...]

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  2. Between murders molestations rapes and roberies, maybe it’s time for schools to give mandatory classes in anger management and respecting the rights of oneself and others. By the time one get’s to prision it’s too late. Our society teaches self centerdness and that everything can be replaced or disposed of. All to many men no longer respect woman/boundaries and too many woman no longer respect themselves. With people struggling to keep a roof over their heads, buying all the latest gadgets, usually two incomes are required and parents are too busy working to participate in their childrens lives. Ego’s are inflamed and we are obsessed with how we look and what we own. Maybe it’s time we learn to accept who we are despite the hollywood images we are inundated with. We are an antidepressant society because our ideals are all screwed up.

    Comment by inmyopinion | January 28, 2006

  3. My prayers to Jennifer Kesse and her family that she be found alive and well.

    Comment by inmyopinion | January 28, 2006

  4. Jennifer Kesse is not the only recent missing person under strange circumstances.

    Maura Murray, Tara Grinstead, and others are still missing.

    They may be Dissociative Fugue victims. It is too early in the investigation to tell that.

    Did she have a computer in unprotected workspace? Did she have and use a laptop in the condo?

    Comment by L K Tucker | January 30, 2006

  5. To Drew and Joyce and all of Jennifer’s family.
    I have a daughter that went to high school and college with Jennifer. I remember her from high school, beautiful and quite bubbly, always a smile. She and her friend Joy visited our home when all of them where in high school together. I just want her parents to know that there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think of her and keep her in our prayers.

    Comment by CS Beasley | February 4, 2006

  6. I would have never known about Jennifer Keese if it were not for my Friend Jill. I cannot imagine what everyone must be going through and i don’t know how it feels to have someone missing that is close to me.

    I hope they find Jennifer soon. Reading these posts it’s clear that she is dearly loved and missed.

    Hoping jennifer comes home safe.

    Comment by Shannon | February 8, 2006

  7. To the Keese Family,
    I have been following your heartbreaking story. Just saw your interview with Greta Van Susteran at your daughters apartment complex. I believe, the predator is right there at that apartment complex where your daughter lives. I suggest you hire a Private Investigator to check out that apartment complex thoroughly. The predator must have been watching her, Knew her exact schedule. It may be one of the maintenance/contractors or very possibly one of the residents of the apartments! It just seems so obvious after watching your interview. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you! We are praying for Jennifer’s safe return!

    Comment by Patricia Byers | February 9, 2006


    Comment by SAM | February 13, 2006

  9. I will pray for you Jennifer and hope you will be with your family and loved ones very soon.
    I am going to send this to various people around the country to see if they can help.

    Comment by Arlene | February 15, 2006

  10. It is hard to believe that someone could dissappeared just like that, without a trace..
    Even though i never met jennifer i work in the same building. She seem very nice. I pray to God for her safety as well as the discovery of the person who did this. Who ever did this knows what he was doing and is problably not the first time he does it. May Jesus peace empowers your household and love ones during this critical times.

    Comment by Eliezer | February 15, 2006

  11. Jennifer will be home soon,I’m praying for her…Que Dios la bendiga!

    Comment by mayra | February 16, 2006

  12. Please contact CAROL PATE in Little Rock , Arkansas Lic. Tag ESP-ONE , Arkansas State.
    Psychic Detective. She was able to find an elder woman who wandered off from her nursing home, and was missing for over three days. CAROL PATE, visited the nursing home, went inside the missing womans room, sat on her bed, and held her hair brush tightly, and could see where this missing person was lying clinging to life near a stream of water. Police and investigator could not believe what was occurring right before their eyes. The elderly woman was found alive. Please send for this woman, CAROL PATE. GOD BLESS THE KEESE FAMILY.

    Comment by Officer D.C. | February 16, 2006

  13. I send my prays to the Family. Did you check her phone records for any weird phone numbers or unusaual times a number called. Maybe she was going to meet someone or someone set her up to leave and then attacked her. Did you check records of residents that live in the apartment complex where her car was found? I’m sure that if the person lives there that they would have some kind of record. May God be with you

    Comment by Danielle | February 23, 2006

  14. I cannot stop thinking of this girl and her family but from what I have heard, and only my opinion I believe Jennifer is not in the Orlando area. Where did she and her boyfriend go on this trip and who knows if she had really come back with him or not. I may have missed something but even when they found the car. I told my family I knew She was not in that car and someone else drove it and left it there and went back to her house to throw the police off and the dogs. Like I said I never met her or her family but just listening to all that has been said could the police be looking at the wrong things. I pray Jennifer is alive and well and being held against her will but if she is as strong and smart as everyone is stating God forgive me she is with God now. Who saw her since she got back from that trip? What have I missed in thinking this. a concerned citizen. My prayers are with the Keese’s.

    Comment by maryann | February 24, 2006

  15. First of all my prayers go out to Jennifer and her Family and pray that she is found alive and well, and that she is being kept against her will, But this case does not make any sense, I have been reading updates and also posted her on my 360 page with a direct link to Americas Most Wanted Page with Jennifer on it! But I think the Aptartment hold the key to her disappearence, You only think she was their Monday night because her work clothes from Monday were there and the shower was wet! Anybody can turn the shower on ,,,,, and why would the car be a mile away! I agree with Maryann the car was a distraction,, Also Jennifers Mom mentioned that Jennifer and Rob spoke every night and every mornig ON THE WAY TO WORK, but on Tuesday it was stated that Rob tried to call her AT work, NOT on the WAY! What about her cell phone? Why did he not call her on the way to work? Something does not sit right wth ROB? and The friends that she was with Monday night? What about the neighbors? Thats what is weird, I believe that she might have known this person,,,, I have a Masters In Science, and a person does not fall off the face of this earth! Somebody knows something, and I wish it was me to bring your baby home safely…
    God be with you!
    Alex Houston

    Comment by Alex Houston | February 24, 2006

  16. Many young childeren and older people are missing and will never be found. With all of the rapers, molesters, and pedators in the world today by this time poor Jennifer might be found but probably not alive I am so sorry to the Keese family and give you my condolenses. This is all from a informed 11 yr old girl who has done her share of research to show people KIDS DO CARE AND SO DO MANY OTHERS.

    Comment by Lauren Boulanger | March 1, 2006


    Comment by JASMINE GILES | March 9, 2006

  18. I dont understand any of this at all. The search is unbelievable, her face is posted at every corner. Where the heck are the police during all this. Why cant anyone find her. This is too disturbing that her parents have done every thing, I mean every thing, including standing at busy intersections, holding up her photo, and there are no new clues, no leads to follow, no nothing??? If this is the case, then I think someone like her boyfriend, or her brother’s friends need to be re-interviewed and questioned, because the abductor could be hiding in plain sight. It is just too ODD that noone in the community has seen her and no one knows anything. Heck, if she is still out there, she surely would have seen her own posters by now and heard of herself being missing. No one disappears it just doesnt happen. My question is, what kind of parents let a young girl live alone in a place that is under construction and near the worst neighborhood in the city of Orlando. How stupid can they be? And then they wonder why something happened? There are freaks and losers who walk this earth – they congregate in low life places, like the neighborhood less than two miles from the place they call “Mosiac” — it should be called “Maniac”. Glamourizing places like this to live to unsuspecting people to make big bucks, these holes in the wall are not fit for beasts to live in. She may as well have rented a room in the loser part of town and saved herself the money. Now she is gone, and all of a sudden people take note of the low life neighborhood nearby — where there has been the highest incidence of 911 calls in the entire city of Orlando. And WHY — WHY hasnt anyone at this MOSIAC place or this HUNTINGTON loser place been asked if they know the person of interest? He probably lives in one of those places? The police need to hire a HISPANIC UNDERCOVER COP to get into the “HOOD” and ask questions, finding out WHERE THIS GIRL IS. The people in the “HOOD” dont want to talk or give information to the police, but they are not the smartest people on the planet. Surely someone could trick them into spilling the beans if it is done right. DUH!!!!!!

    Comment by Mary | April 30, 2006

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