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Tim Miller & Texas EquuSearch Attend the 21st Annual meeting of Parents of Murdered Children (Family of Kenny Ebarb)

Kenny Ebarb has been missing since July 17, 2005 in the vicinity of the 21000 block of Countryside Rd. near FM 1960 East. The next day, July 16, 2005, Ebarb’s truck was found, abandoned and burned, about 23 miles away, in Huffman, TX. For two years, Ebarb’s family has dealt with Kenny’s disappearance with a range of emotions from hope to despair, frustration to anger, grief to loneliness not knowing what happened or having recovered his body. The case was deemed a homicide without a body.

More than 400 people including the Ebarb family and Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch attended The 21st annual meeting of Parents of Murdered Children. So many times we forget about the pain and anguish that family members go through after their loved one’s body is found. It can be even worse psychologically for those left behind when a body is never found. They are just left to wonder and anguish over what happened. Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch said during the conference:

The couple were joined in the hotel lobby by Tim Miller, founder of Texas Equusearch. Miller said cases of missing young men are “often overlooked or ignored” by the media, which “tends to focus on cases of missing women, or children.”

Miller was the luncheon speaker at the convention. Still, he took time to sit with the Ebarbs, gently advising them to attend one of the many workshops held for parents, relatives and siblings of murder victims.

“Everybody in this room thinks they’ve gone through the worst possible thing – losing a child,” Miller said. “I can tell them they have not. The worst possible thing is what you two are going through – not knowing. Not having that closure that allows you to fully grieve.” (Houston Chronicle)

The families of murdered and missing loved ones are a breed apart and have special issues and problems that none of us could even begin to relate to. Please remember that even after their family members are found. That although their missing loved one has been returned home, their grieving process goes on for years.

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  2. I am the mother of a missing daughter…and nothing could be as cruel…as to not know where she is again this morning as I begin my day. My precious firstborn, Heather Danyelle, has been gone since August 26, 1995. I have no proof that Heather isn’t alive. The rumors of how Heather died have put many horrible pictures in my heart. I have searched in places a mother should not have to search for her child. Heather was lying in the sun on Newburgh Beach in Spottsville, KY., when a man watching thru a telescope says he saw Heather being dragged into the woods by a man with dark,bushy hair and a beard. A vehicle was filmed not far from Heather’s, and another witness saw Heather hours later, still on the beach, still being held by her hair. There was a KSP on the beach in Heather’s sight, pulling a truck from the mud. Not until day 4, and after the film of the vehicle was turned into KSP, did the composite sketch get done. The sketch is identical to the only suspect down to an underbite and a shadow on the side of his face. This man, allegedly committed suicide while his uncle sat with him and KSP surrounded his residence for over 10 hours. Not one word was said about Heather. His property was not searched. The pond, the well and the cistern has still not been searched for Heather. The widow pled the fifth, and I was charged with harassment for writing to the widow begging her to tell me why she would invoke her fifth amendmant right..The dead man was clean shaven in July 95. The witness claimed he cut his hair off with scissors and that he went to the morgue to identify this man seeing brain matter. There was no exit wound. This witness is a wealthy businessman with businesses in South America. He has changed his story thru the years. Why? Where does this leave my daughter? Why, if KSP thought this man took Heather, did they not drag that pond, search in the well and the cistern on the property. It’s as if Heather doesn’t matter to any of them. I am still asking the time that the witness first called for help. Pray for us. Matthew 10:26 says that there will be nothing hidden that won’t be revealed. I pray this for every missing person today. Tim, you are right…there isn’t anything worse than not knowing where your child is. Maybe today, my Heather will be found. I believe in miracles! I know Heather IS coming home someday!

    Comment by Sarah Teague | August 11, 2007

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