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The Boulder, CO County Sheriff’s Gets Arrest Warrant for (MISSING-Hoax) Lance Hering

The one time missing persons case and full scale search for Marine LanceLance Hering 2 Hering has now turned into an arrest warrant. The story of missing Lance Hering which is now known to be a hoax, fake and diversion to create the impression that Hering disappearance. Lance Hering is due back at Camp Pendleton on Monday. The disappearance of Lance Hering is about to turn into an AWOL. Let alone Hering has violated the terms of a previous deferred sentence.

(CBS4) BOULDER, Colo. The Boulder County Sheriff’s office has obtained an arrest warrant for Lance Hering who’s accused of staging his disappearance.

Hering is due back at Camp Pendleton in California on Monday.

Now, he’s wanted for violating the terms of a deferred sentence he got after a burglary conviction in 2004.

Police aim to arrest Marine: Warrant is from probation violation

Boulder authorities issued an arrest warrant Friday for a missing Marine who they believe, with the help of a friend, staged his disappearance to avoid returning to duty and possibly another tour in Iraq.

In addition, the Boulder County district attorney’s office authorized a nationwide extradition order, should Lance Cpl. Lance Hering be found outside of Colorado.

You talk about making one of the stupidest mistakes of one’s life. What were these two people thinking. Hering will have a sentence violation and soon to be desertion. Even more amazing Hering was only 3 weeks away from being cleared of his prior violation.

The warrant stemmed from Hering’s violation of the two years’ probation he and his friend, Steve Powers, received in 2004 after pleading guilty to felony burglary.

Greg Brown, chief probation officer for Boulder County, said that both men were three weeks away from being clear of their probationary status. Had they made it, the felony convictions would have been wiped from their records.

Instead, Brown said that if they are caught they could face a maximum of three years in prison after a probation hearing.

“If only they had waited,” Brown said.

(Rocky Mountain News)

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Police believe Body of Doris Phillips, Aunt of NBC’s Stone Phillips, has been Found

Police believe they have located the body of Doris Phillips who has been Doris Phillipsmissing since July 2006 when she was last seen on the 25th.

Officials said, Doris Phillips, 81, was last seen Monday morning along U.S. Route 287 near Old Church Road between Waxahachie and Ennis and was last heard from on Tuesday.

Doris Phillips is the aunt of NBC Dateline anchor Stone Phillips. The woman’s body is being transported to the State Medical Examiners office in Dallas, TX for positive identification. Doris Phillips was found in an abandoned farm house as they were led to the location by the man in custody.

Late Friday night, officials report they believe they found the body of a woman who has been missing since July.

The remains were found on FM 984, 1/2 mile north of Bardwell, police said.

Although they have not charged anyone with the crime, a man who was arrested earlier in the day led police to the body.

The 49-year-old man in custody on several robberies charges.

(CBS 11)


Arrest made in the connection with the disappearance of Doris Phillips

A 49-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the disappearance and death of Doris Phillips, the elderly aunt of Dateline NBC anchor Stone Phillips.

Ellis County sheriff’s officials would not identify the man, who was charged with the burglary of Mrs. Phillip’s home, but described him as a longtime friend of the victim.

The lieutenant would not say how she was slain, but said that the suspect has not confessed to the killing. The arrest brought some relief to Mrs. Phillips’ family Saturday.

(Dallas News)

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Waterford, NY first Town in New York State to implement “A Child is Missing” program

Waterford, NY has become the first town in the State of New York to implement the child notification recovery program, A Child is Missing.”

WATERFORD, N.Y. Waterford is the first town in New York state to implement new technology that issues broad alerts on missing persons.

The program — called A Child is Missing — is capable of issuing up to a thousand telephone calls per minute.

The calls notify people of people who has gone missing and raise public awareness.


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