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BIZARRE: Pentagon Gunman John Patrick Bedell Had Been Reported Missing January 4, 2010

John Patrick Bedell, the crazed gunman who was shot and killed while attempting to fire upon officers the other day at the Pentagon in Washington, DC had previously been declared missing on January 4, 2010.

John Patrick Bedell had been reported missing by his parents who were concerned of their son’s mental state.Knowing what we know now, I guess the parents were correct in having concern over the mental sanity of their son.

The parents of John Patrick Bedell, who pulled a gun on the guards, reported him missing Jan. 4 in Hollister, Calif., the Los Angeles times reported.

They filed the report after receiving a call from a Texas state trooper who had stopped Bedell for speeding west of Amarillo.

The trooper apparently tried to determine if there was sufficient cause for a mental-health hold on him, the Times said.

“There’s an inference in [the report] that he was concerned about his mental health,” San Benito County Sheriff Curtis Hill said.

Family Filed a Missing Person Report for Pentagon Shooter

According to the report, Oscar Bedell had not seen his son since December 30th after John Patrick Bedel got in a fight with his brother. Oscar Bedell said that he was concerned for his son’s safety.

In the report is states that the last contact they had with Bedell when he went missing was on January 3rd. John’s mother, Karen Bedell received a phone call from a Texas Highway Patrol Officer saying that he had pulled her son over for speeding. The officer said that Bedell’s vehicle was in a state of disarray. According to the report the officer asked Bedell’s mother if she believed that Bedell was a danger to himself or others. The reports says that Karen Bedell said that her son was okay.

The report states that Bedel had a medical Marijuana card and had been detained for a mental evaluation.

John Patrick Bedell returned home the week of January 18th. According to his father upon returning home, Bedell told them not to ask any questions about where he was or what he was doing. In retrospect I guess it is too bad the parents did not ask Bedell what he was up to and what he was thinking.

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