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31 Year Old Italian Chef Angelo Faliva Missing Aboard “Coral Princess” Sailing from Aruba to Colombia between Nov. 24 & 25

31 year old Italian Chef Angelo Faliva is missing aboard the Princess Cruises “Coral Princess” sailing from Aruba to Cartagena, Colombia. Faliva was last seen on a deck of the Coral Princess at about 8:30 AM Thursday. The FBI is investigating the disappearance. Angelo Faliva is believed to have gone overbaord.

Colombian maritime authorities searched Sunday for an Italian chef believed to have gone overboard from a U.S. cruise ship off Colombia’s Caribbean coast, officials and the man’s family said.

There were different accounts about when and where Angelo Faliva, 31, was last seen as the Princess Cruises “Coral Princess” sailed from Aruba to Cartagena, Colombia, between Nov. 24 and 25.

Princess Cruises spokeswoman Julie Benson said Faliva was last seen on a deck at about 8:30 a.m. Thursday, when he spoke with another crew member as the ship neared Cartagena.

His family, however, said they had been told that he had unexpectedly walked out of the ship’s galley at about 8:15 p.m. the night before, while he was working the dinner shift, and never returned and hadn’t been seen since.

The family suspects that there was an accident or homicide. Princess Cruises spokeswoman Julie Benson said that Faliva’s cabin had been sealed, the ship has been searched and its CCTV footage reviewed. However, no cameras captured video of a crew member going overboard.

The Faliva family said it was alerted Thursday that he had been reported missing and that a life preserver was also missing, with its nighttime illumination flares torn off and left aboard the ship.

“He surely didn’t jump off. It wasn’t suicide,” his sister Chiara Faliva told The Associated Press from the family’s home in Cremona. “We think there was an accident or a homicide.”

Italian chef missing at sea on Caribbean cruise

The commander of the Colombian Coast Guard station in Cartagena, Lt. Javier Sanchez, said officials there received a report from the “Coral Princess” at 10 a.m. Thursday that one of the cooks had last been seen the night of Nov. 25 between 7-8 p.m. when the ship was navigating Colombian waters near La Guajira.

But like the Princess spokeswoman, he too said the Coast Guard received word from the ship later Thursday that a person had seen the chef at about 6 a.m. Thursday morning.

The ship docked in Cartagena at 10 a.m. Thursday. By 3 p.m., the Coast Guard began searching for the chef, using a helicopter and two boats.

The search continues, using boats. “The case is not closed,” Sanchez said.

An Italian Foreign Ministry official, speaking on customary condition of anonymity, said Italian embassy officials in Bogota were working with Colombian maritime authorities conducting the search and that the FBI was expected to investigate as well since the ship is part of the U.S.-based Carnival Corp. cruise empire.

The family is hoping Venezuelan maritime authorities also will take part in the search since the ship passed through Venezuelan waters during the time Faliva is believed to have gone overboard.

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22 Year Old Devon Hollahan, Missing Since Attending Concert in Frankfurt, Germany on Nov. 21, 2009 (UPDATE: Found Deceased)

22 year old Devon Hollahan has been missing since he attended a concert on November 21, 2009 in Frankfurt, Germany. Hollahan was last seen at approximately 3:00 am when he and a friend were traveling back to a hostel following the concert. According to the friend, he was traveling back to a hostel with a friend, who stopped to ask for directions. When the friend turned back around, Hollahan was gone.

Hollahan’s father, Jeff Hollahan, told NBC’s “Today” show on Friday that hearing his son had vanished is “every parent’s worst nightmare.” Jeff Hollahan plans to travel Sunday from his home in Scottsdale, Ariz., to Germany to help search for his son. Devon Hollahan had been teaching English in Prague since July.

Devon Hollahan and his friend Josh Friedman had traveled to Frankfurt, Germany from Prague to attend a concert by the band Portugal The Man on November 20. Hollahan works as an English teacher in Prague. According to accounts, Hollahan and Friedman had been drinking beer following the concert.

Hollahan and Friedman had been drinking beer and were “tipsy” after attending an after party with the band, his father said. They then took a taxi to central Frankfurt to find their hostel around 3 am, getting out at the Hotel Luxor before heading to the Taunusalange metro station – on the edge of the city’s red light district. Friedman turned away from Hollahan to ask someone for directions, but when he finished, his friend was gone. “It was in a matter of just one-and-a-half to two minutes,” Hollahan’s father Jeff told The Local from a television news studio in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he was preparing to make an appeal for help in the search for his son.

“The plan has been to generate some media attention so we can get more eyes and ears on the street that are familiar with his description in case someone sees him or remembers something from early Saturday morning,” he said.

Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts was asked to contact the following people:

  • Jeff Hollahan 602-571-4547 or
  • Franz Seitz at the US Consulate, Frankfurt: 011-49-69-7535-2516 or 011-49-175-726-8343
  • Christian Shults, ARSO, U.S. State Department: 011-49-170 634 3343
  • Josh Freidman, Prague: 011-420-773-695-268

UPDATE I: Still No Clues into Scottsdale Banker’s Son Missing in Germany … Kidmapping Suggested as Motive

Some in the German media have suggested that this might be a kidnapping because the father of the missing man is a VP with a local branch of Morgan Stanley. However, if that were the case there would be some contact and a ransom offer. Is it more possible that the usual responsible individual became irresponsible and got involved with some unknown people who might have  taken advantage of him? Or did the drinking and tipsy behavior turn into an accident that could have cost him his life?

The story that is being told by the friend does not seem to be the full one, IMHO.

UPDATE II: US father in Germany to search for missing son

UPDATE III:  Body of an American student who disappeared in November has been recovered from Frankfurt’s Main River

The body of missing Devon Hollahan has been positively identified through DNA.  The police state that Hollahan drown and was most likely intoxicated at the time. The investigators do not suspect his death could have been caused by another person.

DNA tests have proved that the man found dead in a river near Boppard, Germany, was the missing 22-year-old U.S citizen who was living in Prague, the German police confirmed yesterday, AP news agency has reported.

The analysis has also proved that the young man, who disappeared without a trace in Frankfurt am Main a month ago, got drowned.

Police: Body found in river missing American man

German police said Tuesday that the body of a man pulled from the Rhine River last week has been identified as missing 22-year-old American Devon Hollahan.

Frankfurt police said that Hollahan, of Arizona, who was reported missing Nov. 21, was positively identified through DNA testing. His body was pulled from the Rhine Dec. 15 near the town of Boppard, which is about 60 miles (100 kilometers) northwest of Frankfurt.

Police said that Hollahan died from drowning and that foul play is not suspected, adding that he likely fell into the River Main in Frankfurt under the influence of alcohol and drifted into the Rhine. The two rivers intersect near Mainz, about 22 miles (36 kilometers) southwest of Frankfurt


To discuss the case more, get updates and provide your thoughts and opinions, go to Scared Missing Persons: Devon Hollahan.

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Mexican Reporter on Organized Crime Maria Esther Aguilar Goes Missing on November 11, 2009

Maria Esther Aguilar, a Mexican reporter on organized crime has gone missing. Maria Esther María Esther Aguilar CansimbeAguilar disappeared on November 11, 2009 after Aguilar recently broken a series of stories on local corruption and organized crime for the paper. María Esther Aguilar Cansimbe was last seen on November 11 near her home in Zamora.

Authorities in the western Mexican state of Michoacan are investigating the disappearance of a journalist who wrote about organized crime.

Michoacan state’s attorney general says police are looking for people who had contact with Mexican reporter Maria Esther Aguilar before she disappeared on Nov. 11.

The weekly newspaper El Cambio de Michoacan says Aguilar recently broken a series of stories on local corruption and organized crime for the paper.

Journalist Reported Missing in Southwestern Mexico

“Thursday marked nine days since journalist Maria Esther Aguilar Cansimbe disappeared from her home at a residential complex on the north side of the city, without her family thus far knowing anything about her whereabouts,” the daily said in its online edition.

It added that the only information known thus far is that on Nov. 11 “the journalist, who specialized in crime reporting, received a telephone call on her mobile; she left her home and nothing has been known of her since.”

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20 Year Old Presbyterian College Student Heather Brooke Isbell Missing Since November 9, 2009 in Clinton, South Carolina

20 year old Presbyterian College student Heather Brooke Isbell has been missing since November 9, 2009. Heather Brooke Isbell was last seen around 5 PM on the Presbyterian College campus in Clinton, SC. According to police reports, Isbell failed to show for a tennis team picture. She could also nor be reached by cell phone.

Police say at this time that they do not expect foul play; however, are concerned about her safety.

 Missing: Heather Brooke Isbell

Clinton Public Safety Director Stacy Drakeford said that a missing person report was filed for 20-year-old Heather Brooke Isbell on Tuesday. They said that Isbell was last seen at about 5 p.m. on Monday.


  • 20 year old white female
  • height: 5 feet 7 inches
  • weight: 130 pounds
  • brown hair and brown eyes.

Heather Brooke Isbell was last seen driving a silver Toyota Tacome with license tag EYM260 by a fellow student. At this point police do not suspect foul play; however, according to sources it is considered out of character for Heather to just not show for a scheduled event and just disappear.

Family and Friends Praying For Return Of Missing College Student (VIDEO)

Prayers are pouring in for the safe return of a missing Presbyterian College student.  20 year old Heather Isbell, a sophomore on the school’s tennis team, disappeared on November 9th.  “She is the young lady everyone wants to be around,“ says family pastor Kenny Moore.  He says the Isbell is full of faith, giving her time on yearly mission trips.  It’s unlike Heather to “just disappear”, he says.  “The family is precious,“ he says through tears.  “When there’s someone out there you love, what do you do?  Your hands are tied.“

Police have seized her computer and are searching it for web sites she may have visited prior to her disappearance.

If any one has any information regarding there whereabouts of Heather Brooke Isbell, please call Clinton Public Safety at (864) 833-7512. If you can help investigators find her, you are asked to call CrimeStoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC or text a tip to “CRIMES” beginning with the term “TIPSC.”

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43 Year Old Nancy Cobbs Missing Since April 24, 2009 in Cleveland, OH

43 year old Nancy Cobbs has been missing since April 24, 2009 when she left her home in Cleveland, OH to go to a neighborhood store. She was never seen or heard from again. Cobbs is a mother of three children and a grandmother.

Nancy Cobbs

Nancy Cobbs Description:

  • 5 feet 3 inches
  • 125 pound
  • last seen wearing blue jean capris, a white blouse and black leather jacket.
  • Cobbs was healthy and had no medical issues.

If you have any information on her disappearance, contact the Cleveland Police Department at 216-623-1234, or the Fourth District Police Station at 216-623-5400.

UPDATE I: Could missing Nancy Cobbs have been a victim of convicted sex offender and suspected murderer Anthony Sowell?

Six bodies were discovered at the home of convicted sex offender Anthony E. Sowell when police came to his Cleveland residence to arrest him on a rape charge. The question by many family and frinds of missing 43 year old Nancy Cobbs is whether she was one of Sowell’s victims.

People in the neighborhood wondered about the identity of the bodies in Sowell’s house. Family and friends of Nancy Cobbs feared one of them might be Cobbs, who has been missing since April.  

“I just need to know if it’s her,” sobbed Kyana Hunt, Cobbs’ daughter, who held up a flyer which has been circulating in the neighborhood, seeking information about the missing woman who was last seen walking to a store on April 23.  

Denise Patton, a relative of Cobbs said, “When we heard about something like this so close to him, we kind of figure that’s it. That’s my worst fear.”  

“She (Cobbs) only lived one street away and no one has heard from her, and that’s not like her.”  

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Coast Guard Recovers Body of One Missing Navy Pilot, Second Pilot Still Missing (Lt. John Joseph & Lt. Bret Travis Miller)

The Navy reports the T-34 Trainer, a single-engine prop plane, is missing and showed no problems before disappearing from radar on Wednesday afternoon, October 28, 2009.

The Coast Guard has announced that they have recovered one of the bodies of the two pilots that went missing on Wednesday when their plane went missing from the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, TX  near San Jose Island.

They did not release the name of the pilots recovered; however, the Navy had previously released the names and said that 29 year old Lt. John Joseph Houston and 30 year old Lt. Bret Travis Miller were on board the Navy T-34C Turbomentor training plane.

Navy Identifies 2 Missing Pilots

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15 Year Old Charged with First Degree Murder in the Death of 9 Year Old Elizabeth Olten

A 15 year old juvenile has been charged with first degree murder in the death of 9 year old Elizabeth_Olten2Elizabeth Olten.  Elizabeth Olten went missing on October 21, 2009 and was found 2 days later in a wooded area by investigators.

Sheriff’s deputies, firefighters and volunteers began searching for the girl quickly, and continued that search Thursday and Friday, until Elizabeth’s body was found about 2:40 p.m. Friday.

“It was in the woods, several hundred yards away from the houses,” White said. “We had been (searching) through that area more than once.

“The body was very well concealed.”

He would not be more specific about how the body was hidden, or whether the place where it was found also was the crime scene.

The name and gender of the juvenile charged has not been released. However, the unnamed teenage suspect is not related to Elizabeth but was acquainted with her and is from the same area just west of Jefferson City.

Authorities said Saturday that a 15-year-old has been charged with first-degree murder for the death of a 9-year-old central Missouri girl found in the woods two days after she went missing.

Police did not release the teen’s gender or name and provided few other details about the person suspected of killing Elizabeth Olten. Cole County Sheriff Greg White has said the teenage suspect is not related to Elizabeth but was acquainted with her and is from the same area just west of Jefferson City.

According to Missouri state law, children as young as 12 can be charged as adults with first-degree murder.

With Olten’s body, came the formal charge from Juvenile Court Administrator Michael Couty.

“Alleging a 15-year-old committed an offensive murder in the first degree,” Couty concluded.

Stringent Missouri juvenile laws protect most information in the case.

565.020. — First degree murder, penalty–person under sixteen years of age not to receive death penalty

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Missing Family: Bobby Jamison, Sherrilynn Jamison and 6 Year Old Madyson Jamison Missing Since 10/7/09 in Latimer County, OK

The family of Bobby Jamison, Sherrilynn Jamison and their 6 year old child Madyson Jamison have been missing since October 7, 2009, although they were not officially reported missing until October 17. Their white pick truck was found on October 17 on Panola Mountain about 30 miles from the family’s Eufaula home with a little dog inside. The family was no where to be found.

Inside the Latimer County sheriff’s department found money, coats, cell phones and the family’s dog.

During a search on Friday, investigators found a pocket knife. Sheriff Israel Beauchamp said pictures of the knife would be shown to the Jamison’s family members to determine if it was a knife the couple owned.


Missing family: Bobby, Sherrilynn and Madyson Jamison (Fox 23)

“It was reported to us on Saturday, Oct. 17,” Wells said. “Some people called and said a vehicle had been sitting by the side of the road for some time with an animal in it.

“Their white pickup was found on Panola Mountain, near Red Oak,” said Latimer County Sheriff’s Sgt. Chuck Wells. Law enforcement officers found the pick-up Saturday parked on a dirt road in an isolated area near a well-site where a natural gas drilling rig had once been, according to Wells.

“When their pick-up truck was found, there was a little dog inside that was still alive,” Wells said. Law enforcement officers also found a sizable amount of cash in the pick-up, he said.

The family was reported to be looking to buy land in the area. However, Sheriff Israel Beauchamp said they are not ruling out foul play.

The search for the missing Jamison family scaled back.

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49 Year Old U.S. Diplomat James Hogan Missing in Curacao Since September 24, 2009 (UPDATE: DNA Match to Bloody Clothes)

49 year old US diplomat James Hogan ha been missing on the Caribbean Island of Curacao since Thursday, September 24, 2009; however, was officially reported a day later.

Rescuers searching for a U.S. diplomat led sniffer dogs over beaches Wednesday as technicians prepared to comb the sea floor with a robotic device for traces of a vice consul who vanished on this Dutch Caribbean island last week.

Curacao prosecutors said James Hogan, 49, was reported missing Friday morning by his wife. He apparently left his home to go for a walk the night before.

On Wednesday, searchers scoured coastal areas for Hogan after passers-by found blood-spattered clothes on Baya Beach. A spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office, Ludmila Vicento, told Radio Netherlands Worldwide that the clothes match descriptions given by his wife.

No trace of missing US consul James Hogan

“Mr Hogan’s wife reported her husband missing on Friday morning. We’re not excluding any scenarios. The clothes found match the description given by Mrs Hogan. The area where Mr Hogan used to take walks has been combed, as well as the area where the traces were found. We are being helped by the US Navy, which happened to have a ship with a helicopter in the vicinity of Curaçao. No FBI agents are involved in the investigation at this point, but US agencies may become active here if we invite them. The Netherlands has sent a couple of specialist detectives with search dogs.”

Earlier disappearances are still fresh in the memory of the Netherlands Antillean people. Dutch trainee nurse Marlies van der Kouwe was killed on Bonaire, while on Aruba US teenager Natalee Holloway disappeared without trace.

UPDATE I: Witnesses saw missing US diplomat before he disappeared.

Tips considered credible began trickling in after police on the Dutch Caribbean island posted fliers with numbers that people could call anonymously, according to police spokesman Reggie Huggins.

“We have talked to quite a lot of people that one way or another have helped,” he said, declining to release further details.

UPDATE II: The Bloody Clothes Found on Beach in Curacao Belong to Missing James Hogan

There is a DNA match to the bloody clothes found on the beach in Curacao and that of missing US vice consul James Hogan. The Netherlands forensic institute has confirmed that there is a DNA match.

Curacao – The DNA research by the Netherlands forensic institute confirmed that blood traces found on clothing and beach of Curacao belong to missing US vice consul James Hogan.

The United States said Thursday it has been searching for the US vice consul in the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao since his wife reported him missing last Friday.

The local authorities announced that a mobile telephone had been found in the sea.

Curacao confirms blood traces from James Hogan

The latest statement issued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the Dutch Antilles confirmed that blood traces found on clothing and on the ground nearby are a match for Mr Hogan, who went missing eight days ago. The local authorities announced that a mobile telephone had been found in the sea and was being investigated further.
An intensive search has been underway for Mr Hogan since his wife reported him missing last Friday. The local police are getting support from both The Netherlands and US agencies, and the American and Dutch navies are also involved.

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Melisa Brady Sloan Missing since May 1, 1994 in Orlando, FL

23 year old Melisa Brady Sloan has been missing since May 1, 1994 from Orlando, FL. She was last seen at her apartment on South Kirkman Road in Orlando, Florida. Since her disappearance there have been no clues or signs of the missing nurse, Melisa Brady Sloan.

Melisa Maureen (Brady) Sloan

Melisa Brady Sloan

According to Melisa’s husband, John Sloan, she packed up her belongings and left. Her family reported her missing after not hearing from her. She has not been seen or heard from since. At the time of her disappearance, Melisa was working as a nurse in Orlando, Florida.


Melisa Brady Sloan disappeared just 10 days before she was supposed to go to court to testify against her husband in a domestic violence case.

Melisa Brady Sloan’s sister Melanie Brady Drury stated that the relationship between between Melissa and John Sloan was a whirl wind romance. She also stated that John was very controlling of her sister.

They dated only a few months before marrying quickly. Within weeks of the wedding, they moved to Orlando. Her family was concerned about the move because they barely knew this new man in Melisa’s life.

“He was very controlling of her, and that’s when the physical violence between them began,” Drury said.

As per CNN, this was the final time that Melisa Brady Sloan was last seen by anyone other than her husband.

According to police, Melisa Sloan was with a good friend when she was last seen by anyone other than her husband. She and the friend, a paramedic who worked at the hospital, left work together to go to a street fair, and Sloan did not return home until 2:30 a.m., police said.

The next afternoon, she was captured on a video surveillance camera withdrawing $20 from an ATM.

At the Sloans’ apartment, police found none of Melisa’s personal items, clothes or shoes. The apartment looked as if she had never lived there. All that was left was an old bathrobe, hung on the back of the bathroom door, and her beloved cat, police said.

“She would never leave that cat behind, that cat was like her baby,” said her sister, Drury. As police searched the home, they found that one of the bedrooms was unfurnished, with only a rifle and knife propped against a wall, said Detective Andre Boren of the Orlando Police.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Melisa Brady Sloan is asked to call the Orlando Police Department at 321-235-5300.

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