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International Cruise Victims (ICV), Calls for greater accountability by cruise lines

The International Cruise Victims (ICV), a group of concearned relatives wants greater accountability for cruise lines. Due to the rash of disappearances of which the cruise industry claims is a relatively small number, “ICV says the industry is neglecting its duty to protect passengers from crime and to assist those who are victims of crime.”

Brett Rivkind, a lawyer representing alleged murder victim George Smith’s family, agrees. “When you serve passengers alcohol and encourage them to party, you’ve got a duty to protect those passengers,” he said.
(London Times)

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Search continues for Cruise Ship Passenger Lincey O’Brien

The search continues for the Dublin teenager Lincey O’Brien who is said to have fell off of a cruise ship near Isla Mujeres, a Caribbean island near Cancun.

The Costa Magica cruise ship was 26 miles away from the island in the pre-dawn hours Thursday when the teen fell into the Caribbean, according to the ship’s captain, Guisseppo Russo.

Russo identified the victim as Lincey O’Brien and did not divulge her hometown. Newspapers in the missing teen’s native Ireland spelled her first name Lynsey, however, and reported she was from Dublin.

Rough sea conditions had slowed the search, said Genaro Medina, a federal official at the office of the port captain on Isla Mujeres. While air rescue efforts continued via Mexican coast guard helicopters, officials were no longer optimistic about finding the victim alive.

“It’s really difficult (to believe) the young woman is alive,” Medina said. “The impact could have caused an instantaneous death since the distance between the railing from where she fell and the water is 30 to 40 meters.”

A spokesman for Carnival confirmed that a passenger had gone overboard, but referred calls for further comment to Costa Cruises in Hollywood, Florida, where no one could immediately be reached for comment.


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Lynsey O’Brien Missing from Cruise Ship

Lynsey O’Brien, from South Dublin is missing from a cruise ship during her family’s vacation in the Caribbean.

It is feared Lynsey O’Brien, from South Dublin, has drowned after she disappeared while on a family holiday in the Caribbean.

A family member raised the alarm on Thursday morning after the 15-year-old was discovered missing from her cabin.

Update: Irish teen vanishes from cruise ship on trip from Port Everglades to Mexico

The passenger, who was traveling with her family, was aboard the cruise ship Costa Magica, which left Fort Lauderdale on New Year’s Day for a weeklong Western Caribbean itinerary. It is due back on Jan. 8.

At about 2 a.m. EST Thursday, as the ship was making its way toward Cozumel, Mexico, the teenager was reported to have disappeared. “We have a full investigation going on,” said Lynn Torrent, president of Costa Cruise Lines.

At least in this case the cruise ship did the right thing and circled the area until further help was provided.

The cruise ship then circled the area until Mexican Navy vessels arrived to aid in the search. The cruise line said the ship’s staff is trying to console the parents. “They’re devastated,” Torrent said.

The search continues for Lynsey O’Brien who reportedly fell overboard.

A search operation is continuing off Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula for an Irish teenager who fell overboard from a cruise ship in the early hours of yesterday morning.

It is understood Ms O’Brien was on the top deck of the ship with her 11-year-old sister, Imelda, when she fell overboard. Her sister then alerted her parents and a search was initiated.

Schoolmates distraught as cruise girl disappears

Distraught classmates of an Irish teenager missing from a cruise ship in the Caribbean were gathering at her school today to comfort each other.

Lynsey O’Brien, from south Dublin, is feared drowned after she disappeared early yesterday while on a family holiday.

Students were coming in to the school this morning to offer comfort to Lynsey’s classmates, Ms Cogan said.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Foreign Affairs said Irish Embassy staff in Mexico were offering consular assistance to the family of a girl who had disappeared from the boat.

Update (1/7/06): Mexican navy combs Caribbean for missing Irish girl

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexican navy rescuers combed waters off the country’s Yucatan peninsula in boats and helicopters on Saturday for an Irish girl thought to have fallen off a cruise ship, authorities said.

The cruise ship, operated by Carnival Corp., was off Mexico’s Islas Mujeres islands when the teenager fell overboard in the early hours of Thursday, said Mexican navy officer Genaro Escalante.

He said bad weather had hampered the search.

“They haven’t found anything yet but the search continues,” he said. “The wind has been very strong.”

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