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International Cruise Victims (ICV), Calls for greater accountability by cruise lines

The International Cruise Victims (ICV), a group of concearned relatives wants greater accountability for cruise lines. Due to the rash of disappearances of which the cruise industry claims is a relatively small number, “ICV says the industry is neglecting its duty to protect passengers from crime and to assist those who are victims of crime.”

Brett Rivkind, a lawyer representing alleged murder victim George Smith’s family, agrees. “When you serve passengers alcohol and encourage them to party, you’ve got a duty to protect those passengers,” he said.
(London Times)

February 18th, 2006 at 07:04pm Posted by | Crime/Murder, Cruise ship, George Allen Smith IV, Lynsey O'Brien, Missing | 8 comments

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  1. Cruise lines also don’t report on the sex assaults and thefts. And more info is coming out about the number of those that happen onboard. And they cover it all up under the guise of “it would hurt the industry”. It isn’t just one cruise line, it is many of them.
    I always thought I would like to take a cruise. Until I started reading about missing persons and heard about the other crimes. Now you wouldn’t get me on a ship.

    Comment by Home Sweet Home | February 19, 2006

  2. I am glad that what goes on shipboard is coming out. Many of us who have cruised have been accosted by crew and officers- they tell you straight away there can be nothing done to them.
    I have even heard “jokes” that if you want to get rid of someone- take a cruise.
    Officers and crew cover up- thay are foreign born and have no US allegiance. I have know women who have “dated” some of these cruise ship men and they tell about the assaults and that they are reported but nothing gets done.
    To serve a 15 year old alcohol violates their own policies- but I tell you look at the fact that the man seving had an agenda.
    Please encourage Carnival Corp and RCCI to come clean and stop violance.

    Comment by Ship Board trouble | March 7, 2006

  3. Isn’t the issue here one of personal responsibility? She drank the alcpholc. Where were the parents? Are they saying they didn’t know she drank alcohol in Ireland? What a bunch of narcissists. The only people at fault here are the O’Briens.

    Comment by Danish Pastry | March 19, 2006

  4. GO AWAY! it doesnt matter anymore that she drank nd all so stop giving out shes gone now nd shes not coming back! so let her just rest in peace nd ever1 jus stop giving out!!! ahhhh luv u lynz x x xrip

    Comment by LYNSEYS FRIEND | March 29, 2006

  5. omg wud u shut up “danish pastry”!the O’Briens have done nutn wrong,all that happened to them was they lost a wonderful daughter and we all lost a brilliant friend!!!!!let her memory be kept in the way she was,a wonderful amazing person!!we don’t want to hear ur opinions on it,we have enough to deal with! rip lynz babes il miss you forever!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Comment by Lynz' friend | May 26, 2006

  6. danish pastry, u’ve got some nerve! Lynsey was taken from the O’Briens! unfairly! how dare you blame them! you didn’t know lynsey, so you’ve no right to pass judgements! i’m sure if this had effected you in any way you’d feel diferently! what does it matter if she drank or not! her death could of been prevented and it wasnt! You an absoulutle jerk! burn in hell

    Comment by lynsey friend | June 7, 2006

  7. how dare u ‘danish pastry ‘!!! do u have a heart if u dont have anything nice 2 say dont say it !!! let lynz rest in peace and the o briens loved there daughter so much and it is no ones falt but the bartenders !! love you 4 ever rip xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Comment by old friend of lynz !! | September 10, 2006

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