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Search for 53-year-old Beatrice Walker Called Off

Beatrice Walker, a 53 year old Pittsburgh woman, has been missing since December 29 when her vehicle was found abandon on the railroad tracks in Brownsville. After several searches for Beatrice Walker the land search was called off.

The land search for Beatrice Walker, the missing 53-year-old Pittsburgh woman, was called off after several search and rescue teams spent all day Saturday futilely searching for any piece of evidence that would warrant a prolonged search.

Walker, whose abandoned vehicle was found near the railroad tracks that run parallel to Albany Road in Brownsville the morning of Dec. 29, has been missing for more than a week. Emergency personnel have been searching for her off and on ever since but have yet to find any physical evidence that would warrant more in-depth searches.

Search and Rescue Team have spent six days searching the wooded area surrounding the riverbank of the Monongahela River, but have found nothing.

“We haven’t found clothing, footprints, anything,” said Steve Burkholder, vice president of the tactical search and rescue team. “We really don’t know. We have no clues.”

Burkholder said search and rescue teams have scoured the area surrounding Albany Road and, without any concrete evidence, are running out of places to search.

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(The Herald Standard)

UPDATE: Divers search Mon for missing woman

Divers searched the Monongahela River near Brownsville Sunday, but failed to find the body of 53-year-old Beatrice Walker, causing the lead investigator of the case to call off the search for the body of the Pittsburgh woman with local ties.

Lead investigator in the case, Brownsville Police Officer Josh Mrosko, said the search Sunday did not turn up the woman’s body or any other evidence connected to her disappearance.

Among the items in the car was a suicide note penned by Walker, Mrosko said. He said the woman’s family, including her brother and sister who live in Brownsville, are concerned with their relative’s disappearance.

After a daylong land search proved fruitless on Saturday, Mrosko called divers in to search the area where the car was discovered around noon on Saturday. On Sunday, the divers searched from morning until 4 p.m. without finding Walker’s body or clues as to her disappearance.

The unsuccessful searches seem perplexing since search and rescue dogs have picked up the woman’s scent over the course of the 11-day search.

Mrosko said a dog picked up Walker’s scent along the tracks by the river the day her vehicle was found and followed the scent northbound to a railroad trestle.

On Dec. 30, the following Friday, a cadaver dog picked up the scent on the water in the same area. Divers searched the area without results, Mrosko said.

(The Herald Standard)

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Missing 48-year-old Emily Griffith Anderson Found Deceased

Emily Griffith Anderson has been missing since December 29. She was found Saturday and her death is being treated as a homicide.

The body of a Sawmills woman missing since Dec. 29 was found Saturday by officers with the Duncan, S.C., Police Department.

Police are treating the death of 48-year-old Emily Griffith Anderson as a homicide.

Anderson was last seen around 10 a.m. in Lenoir. She was driving a white 2000 Chevrolet Silverado, the same vehicle her body was found in.

Police discovered her vehicle just off Interstate 85 near Spartanburg, SC. It was not until the vehicle was brought back to Caldwell County for processing that they discovered Emily Griffith Anderson’s body.

Caldwell County detectives were dispatched to South Carolina to gather evidence and conduct interviews.

Anderson’s body was located in a locked tool box in the bed of the truck after the truck was transported back to Caldwell County for processing.

The detectives and special agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation are continuing the investigation.

(Hickory Daily Record)

UPDATE: Missing Woman Found Dead; Investigators Focus On Suspect(s)

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Royal Caribbean CEO Richard Fain Defends his Cruise Lines Actions

First it was George Smith’s family discussing their belief that George Smith was murdered aboard a Royal Caribbean ship and accusing the Royal Caribbean cruise line of trying to cover-up the crime to protect its image. Now comes the rebuttal from Royal Caribbean Chairman and CEO Richard Fain.

“Never told us about the blood in the cabin. Never told us about the blood on the overhang,” Bree Smith told The Early Show’s Hannah Storm. They told us “our brother was missing. We don’t have any further information.”

The captain of the ship has said that George and Jennifer drank heavily that night, something George’s family acknowledges.

In a report filed by the ship’s captain, he wrote: “probably lost his balance and fell overboard. Probably under the influence of alcohol.”

The Smiths hired attorney Brett Rivkind to sue Royal Caribbean.

Richard Fein responds to the families allegations.

But there was blood in the cabin?

“There was nothing that a normal observer could see when they came in,” Fain said.

“There was quite a bit of blood on the overhang. You yourself said it was a security problem. People were leaning over to try to take pictures,” said Storm.

“There was blood on the canopy and that blood appeared to have come, at least to a lay person — we’re not the investigators,” Fain said. “We turned this over to the FBI. We turned this over to the authorities. We gave them all that information. The blood on the canopy was consistent either with foul play or with a perfectly innocent accident. And he — and I am sorry that he speculated, but it didn’t affect the investigation in any way.”

(Read the full CBS The Early Show interview)

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Search continues for Cruise Ship Passenger Lincey O’Brien

The search continues for the Dublin teenager Lincey O’Brien who is said to have fell off of a cruise ship near Isla Mujeres, a Caribbean island near Cancun.

The Costa Magica cruise ship was 26 miles away from the island in the pre-dawn hours Thursday when the teen fell into the Caribbean, according to the ship’s captain, Guisseppo Russo.

Russo identified the victim as Lincey O’Brien and did not divulge her hometown. Newspapers in the missing teen’s native Ireland spelled her first name Lynsey, however, and reported she was from Dublin.

Rough sea conditions had slowed the search, said Genaro Medina, a federal official at the office of the port captain on Isla Mujeres. While air rescue efforts continued via Mexican coast guard helicopters, officials were no longer optimistic about finding the victim alive.

“It’s really difficult (to believe) the young woman is alive,” Medina said. “The impact could have caused an instantaneous death since the distance between the railing from where she fell and the water is 30 to 40 meters.”

A spokesman for Carnival confirmed that a passenger had gone overboard, but referred calls for further comment to Costa Cruises in Hollywood, Florida, where no one could immediately be reached for comment.


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Albert Zverev, 30, Reported Missing in the Mount Hood National Forest

Albert Zverev, 30, was reported missing by his brother. He was last seen near the fast-moving Clackamas River in the Mount Hood National Forest. Search teams have failed to locate the missing Albert Zverev.

Search and rescue crews were to resume looking Monday for an Oregon City man who was last seen near the fast-moving Clackamas River in the Mount Hood National Forest.

Albert Zverev, 30, was reported missing by his brother early Sunday, and Clackamas County search and rescue teams, aided by an Oregon Air National Guard helicopter crew, spent much of the day checking a 3-to-5 mile stretch of the river, said Detective Jim Strovink, a county sheriff’s spokesman.


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Sarah Roane Missing, Possible Runaway

14-year-old Sarah Roane has been missing since Wednesday and is being considered a possible run away. Sarah is an eighth-grader at Castle Rock Middle School, but never showed up for after-school detention on Wednesday.

A 14-year-old Billings girl has been missing since Wednesday, most likely having run away, and her family is looking for assistance as they continue their search for her.

Sarah Roane, an eighth-grader at Castle Rock Middle School, attended school, Wednesday but didn’t show up for after-school detention Douglas Roane, Sarah’s father, said Saturday. Indications were that she had been planning to run away, Roane said.

“There was no sudden precipitating event,” he said. “She had a backpack packed with her clothes, her savings account book and her address book.”

Reports claim that there may be an on-line chat link to this disappearance.

A rumor that she was planning to go to her cousin’s house in Helena hasn’t panned out, Roane said. But he is worried she might have met someone on the Internet and run away with that person.

Before she ran away, Sarah had gone into online chat rooms on computers away from home and posed as a 19-year-old, Roane said. He has no proof that she has hooked up with someone, but suspects it could be a possibility

Sarah is 5 feet, 3 inches tall with long, straight light-brown hair and blue eyes.
Last seen, she was wearing a silver-and-pink coat and had a pink backpack.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Billings Police Department or Roane at 259-5311.

(Billings Gazette)

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