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Destiny Norton, 5 year old Angel Laid it Rest … God Bless You

On Saturday the parents of 5 year old Destiny Norton did what all parents dread and fear the most; burying their child. It is a parents worst nightmare. However, yesterday in Utah the funeral for Destiny Norton took place. Far too soon than it ever should have.

Destiny Norton RIP

“It doesn’t matter, rich, poor, black white, everybody has come together.”

“Destiny is alive in all of our hearts and she will always be a hero.”

Public grief from friends, family, even strangers for Destiny Norton.

“Our tears have flowed freely until there seems to be no more.”

Such acts by those who would perpetrate such an act upon a defenseless 5 year old tug at our minds and out heart strings. It makes many question, why?

The emotions run deep in such a terrible situation. Many took the time to remember Destiny Norton as the angel she was.

Vicki Scott, Family Friend: “She was a vibrant little child, always smiling, happy to be around.”

Duncan Chadwick, Uncle: “She was just happy;she was an angel.”

Nearby, a maple tree was planted in her memory. One shovel at a time, the planting was completed. Salt Lake City’s mayor and police chief, Elizabeth Smart and her father pay their respects.


Funeral Held for Destiny Norton

God Bless you Destiny Norton …

Family spokesman, Jeannie Hill added, “Today was a day to celebrate because Destiny is a hero and she’s an angel. She’s in Heavenly Father’s arms right now.”

Hundreds of mourners came together to pay their last respects to Destiny Norton. The five-year-old girl’s memorial service was held on Saturday morning at a chapel just across the street from her Salt Lake home.

Destiny’s mother, Rachael Norton, made a brief, tearful remark at the service. She said, “Destiny was a brilliant little girl who had high dreams. She enjoyed learning new things and she wanted to become a veterinarian.”

(ABC 4)

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