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Photographer Ben Fawley A Suspect Again in Taylor Behl case

I do not think many people gave it much credence when police and authorities originally claimed that Ben Fawley was not a “person of interest” in the Taylor Marie Behl disappearance. Police state that clues that lead to the discovery of Taylor Behl’s body came from pictures that were on Ben Fawley’s web site.

Police found the body of Virginia Commonwealth University freshman Taylor Marie Behl, 17, after examining photographs on the Web site of an amateur photographer who was one of the last people to see Behl alive.

“I don’t think that I would be too far off base to say that he is a suspect in this case,” Richmond police chief Rodney Monroe said Friday on CBS News’ The Early Show

However, Ben Fawley has still not been charged in the Behl case but is being held on other non-related charges.

Photo led police to student’s body

Police found the critical photo that led them to Behl’s remains on one of Fawley’s Web sites, where he had posted a gallery of his digital snapshots.

Internet Central In Behl Case

The Early Show correspondent Tracy Smith reports that the two met through Web sites where people post photos and messages. Taylor shared intimate details of her life on these sites, Smith reports.

“There seems to be a lot of information on here that someone who didn’t know her would have a pretty good idea who she is and what she’s all about,” one computer expert told Smith.

While the Internet can put young people like Behl at risk, Smith reports, experts also say it can provide clues when they go missing.

“It really can offer nearly a complete profile of the individual,” one expert told Smith. “Who they spoke to, when and where they expect to go, where they’ve been in their past.”

On Taylor’s Web site, there are numerous messages from Fawley, who took and posted pictures of Taylor on the Internet.

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  1. This makes Ben Fawley a suspect big time! Fawley probably thought being a remote area no one would find the body, if indeed he is the killer. But that is how things are done done in our country, glad it’s not Aruba.

    Comment by oneyka | October 7, 2005

  2. Great Detective Work! The Detectives get kudos!!!

    Comment by willowhorse | October 7, 2005

  3. It’s a very sad ending for the Biel family, but at least they can have closure. Not knowing must be the worst thing to have to live with day in and day out. Too bad the Holloways and Twittys didn’t have the same type of expertise and professionalism provided to them in the search for their daughter.

    Comment by monkey wench | October 8, 2005

  4. First off, before anyone judges Ben, they need to stop and think about him and his life. I know about his life because I am his cousin. Ben has not lead a very easy life. Let’s see…

    1.He was adopted out
    2. When he finally did meet his biological mother, she treated him like garbage while she treated her other kid like gold.
    3. His Biological mother’s husband treated him like crap too.
    4. He has mental problems and those problems have been passed onto me. So before ANYONE can judge him, they need to take a walk in his shoes. I know what it is like to have this problem within your own mind. Confusion, anger, guilt, happiness, anguish, fear… all emotions that we all feel everyday but not to us. People like us dont take those emotions normally as other. Our bodies feed on those emotions and they build up in our minds. They make us do things we would never do normally. He himself may not truly know if he did it. When you rae like us, you can black out and not remember a thing. It has happened to me several times. And in those times i almost killed people without knowing it because the rage inside me got out and controlled my body. He may be confused and scared and only tell the cops what they want to hear to avoid his mond from losing control again.

    As far as the Child Porn goes, several years ago, when Ben was visiting his Biological mother, her husband had child porn on his computer. Ben seen it and he beat the living crap out of him. It took several people to pull him off and the other guy had to have medical attention. So WHY would a guy who would rip someone apart for something turn around and do that same exact thing.

    I have much more i would like to say but i am pressed for time but think about this for a minute. Has ANYONE stopped and thought about what might be going on in Ben’s head. How messed up he is mentally right now. The fears flooding his mind.

    You can beleive me or not, i really dont care but i know the truth and now you do too. So do what you will with it and remember to stop and think before acting upon your original feelings and search deeper to find the truht.

    As far as them

    Comment by anynomous | October 21, 2005

  5. I like your website. Good to see someone posting the information that you do. You obviously care very much.

    I run the Kidsearch Network at and my blog is at

    Be glad to link trade with you here.

    Comment by Chris McElroy | October 27, 2005

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