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19 Year Old Brandon Swanson Missing Since May 14, 2008 in southwestern Minnesota

19 year old Brandon Swanson has been missing since May 14, 2008. Brandon Swanson has not been heard from since he was talking with his father Brian Swanson of Marshall early in the morning on May 14, when he abruptly lost cell phone contact. Brandon had called to say his car was in a ditch. His car went into the ditch along the Lincoln and Lyon County line near Taunton.

Brandon Swanson

Brandon Swanson

Still no sign of missing Marshall man

Another weekend search has ended with no sign of a missing 19-year-old Marshall man.

About 100 searchers gathered in Taunton over the weekend to look for Brandon Swanson. Authorities say he was last heard from in a cell phone call to his parents on May 14. His car was found in a ditch near Taunton.

Fathers, David Francis and Brian Swanson Share a Heartache Searching for Missing Sons … Jon Francis and Brandon Swanson Missing

Foundation to help in Swanson search

The search continues for missing Brandon Swanson with no results. However, the family of Brandon Swanson could not be more thankful for all of the help that they have received from volunteers.

On Saturday, volunteer crews will continue to look for the missing teen. They plan to expand their search and concentrate on the Yellow Medicine River. Brandon’s dad Brian says that every weekend dozens of people volunteered their time and he couldn’t be more thankful.

“In our society, you know, just sometimes it seems everybody is out for number one, but this has proven to me that people care about others and they’ll do anything for you,” said Brian. The Swansons welcome volunteers to join their search this weekend.

The Search for Brandon Swanson

UPDATE I: Missing Marshall man probably drowned, sheriff says

The Lincoln County sheriff says a missing Marshall man probably died accidentally in the Yellow Medicine River.

After weeks of searching, Sheriff Jack Vizecky says he’s convinced 19-year-old Brandon Swanson’s body is in the river. There was no evidence of foul play.

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  1. Hello! My name is Molly Hennen. Daughter of Steve and Melissa Hennen. I really feel bad about Brandon! Hope you find him!
    love always- Molly~

    Comment by Molly Hennen | July 9, 2008

  2. I sincerely feel bad for the family and friends, so I hope this doesn’t come off wrong. I honestly don’t understand the details of this story. I keep hearing about this story on the news, on Nancy Grace, etc, but the FACTS of the story are ommited, and the right questions are not being asked.

    First, why was this kid having trouble explaining to his parents where he was? This happened in Marshall, MN, and he was from the area. There’s not much out there. It’s a straight shot from Canby to Marshall. How the hell did he get lost? He should know the roads like the back of his hand.

    Second, why the HELL did he leave his car after he ditched it? More importantly, WHAT WERE THE PARENTS THINKING by suggesting anything other then STAYING BY YOUR CAR? Wouldn’t your best chance of getting help be by the ROAD? I would think so. I kept hearing about this kid walking through fields, woods, climbing fences, and hearing WATER. DUH!!!! Why did you leave your damn car?

    Conclusion, he ran away. There’s no other explanation. Either that, or the kid hit his head in the accident, and got a concusion. Either way, the story seems fishy.

    Comment by Skeptical Person | March 8, 2011

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