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Unknown Child found in Bremen, GA

The following is the information for this unknown child who was found on Holly Unknown ChildSprings Drive in Bremen, Georgia on September 11, 2005. His identity and the whereabouts of his caretakers are unknown. He is believed to be approximately 2-3 years old and was wearing blue overalls, a blue striped shirt and black sandals when he was found. His weight is approximately 25-30 pounds.


National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST)


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Improved Amber Alert system announced

There can never be enough improvements made to the Amber Alert System to utilize as many resources and get as many eyes looking for missing children as fact as possible. The following from the AP is hopefully just one in many States that will follow the lead in disseminating Amber Alerts via email.

Kansas Amber Alert notifications now can be made to e-mail addresses, giving law enforcement officials another way to alert the public when a child is abducted.

“It is my hope that this new option for Amber Alert distribution will allow us to get more eyes looking for an abducted child so that the child can be returned to its family safely and swiftly,” Attorney General Phill Kline said Thursday.

The notification, sent to the computer or other device capable of receiving e-mail messages, will provide detailed information about the abduction and will direct recipients to the Amber Web site for additional information and updates.

Kline said not only will the new system reach people without access to radio or television during the day, but businesses and the media immediately will have all available information in writing to pass on to their employees and customers.

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UPDATE: WIBE News 13 (Topeka, KS)

The Attorney General’s office hopes the enhancements will help even more people find out about an issued alert.

“Statistical evidence and our experience demonstrates the first 48 to 72 hours once a child goes missing is the most critical time for use to act,” said Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline.

Authorities say a quick response by law enforcement, media and the public led to Stormy’s safe return the very day she went missing.

One year after the amber alert proved life saving, the Attorney General announced his plans to help everyone get keyed into the alerts just by signing up for them online.

“Kansans who might not be listening to radio or television but are at their office working, e-mail alert pop up on their computer screen will be able to be aware of what is going on to assist the cause,” Kline said.

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Search For Nita Mayo Reveals No Answers

According to the Union Democrat, the five week old search for missing Nevada woman Nita Mayo is showing signs of winding down.

Her four children — out of financial necessity — have left Tuolumne County and returned to their homes and jobs after almost five weeks of relentless but fruitless searching.

Tuolumne County investigators say they have not given up, but have made no announcements in weeks concerning the investigation and refuse to talk about the case.

However, in Mayo’s hometown of Hawthorne, on the other side of the Sierra Nevada, hope is still alive.

Full text of story

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Taylor Behl Missing; Referenced on CNN’s Nancy Grace and Fox’s On The Record

From the September 15, 2005 Nancy Grace Transcript, Taylor Behl is referenced in the “Trial Tracking.” It may not be long before missing teen, Taylor Behl becomes the next widely reported case in the MSM. Taylor has been missing since September 5, 2005.

GRACE: Very quickly, to “Trial Tracking.” Authorities now calling the search for Taylor Behl, 17-year-old Virginia Commonwealth University student, a criminal investigation. Last seen 10 days ago leaving her dorm room to give her roommate a chance to have a date with her boyfriend. There`s been no activity on her bank account or cell. Taylor`s white Ford Escort is also missing.

JANET PELASARA, MOTHER OF MISSING GIRL: She left her room, her dorm room at 10:00 o`clock-ish and told her roommate she`d be back in a couple hours and took her car keys and her student ID, and that`s it. That`s where the story`s ended.

GRACE: If you have any information on this girl, Taylor Behl, please contact the Richmond police, 804-514-8477.

UPDATE: September 16, 2005 – “On the Record” weeknights at 10 p.m. ET with Greta Van Susteren:

Do police have new evidence in their search for missing Virginia college student, Taylor Behl? We’ll ask Cynthia Price with the Richmond Police Department, and Taylor’s mother, Janet Pelasara.

Missing Taylor Behl seems to have moved to the level of national news prominence. One can only hope that the exposure can help find Taylor Behl.

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Amber Alert issued for Taylor Behl; shifted from a missing-persons case to a criminal investigation

Tonight police activated the Amber Alert system in the search for missing Virginia Commonwealth University freshman Taylor Marie Behl.

Police activated the Amber Alert system tonight in the search for missing Virginia Commonwealth University freshman Taylor Marie Behl.

The alert came hours after police said the search for the 17-year-old freshman has shifted from a missing-persons case to a criminal investigation.

A task force led by the Richmond police is investigating Behl’s disappearance.

The girl was last seen leaving her dormitory the night of September fifth.

Amber Alerts broadcast information about child disappearances through the media and on highway signs in the area where children have disappeared.

The Washington Post is reporting that the search for Taylor Behl has been upgraded to a criminal investigation.

Although there is still no evidence that she has been harmed, the search for a missing Virginia Commonwealth University freshman, Taylor Marie Behl, was upgraded yesterday to a criminal investigation by Richmond police, who have also taken the lead in the case from campus police.

Police said the decision to open a criminal investigation was a result of three factors: The search involves a juvenile; more than a week has passed without a solid lead in the 17-year-old’s disappearance; and an increasing number of tips are coming in because of the national media coverage the case has received.

What a difference there seems to be when a missing persons case is properly coordinated from the initial stages to be able to adapt to any scenario.

A task force was also formed yesterday to pull together local, state and federal partners including VCU police, Virginia State Police, the FBI and the Virginia attorney general’s office in the search for the Madison High School graduate.

“Whether Ms. Behl is still in Richmond, in state or out of state, we have the resources needed to locate her and bring her back to safety,” said Richmond police spokeswoman Cynthia Price.

Police ask anyone with information about Behl or her car to contact the Richmond police tip line at 804-514-8477 or VCU police at 804-828-1196.

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