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Melisa Brady Sloan Missing since May 1, 1994 in Orlando, FL

23 year old Melisa Brady Sloan has been missing since May 1, 1994 from Orlando, FL. She was last seen at her apartment on South Kirkman Road in Orlando, Florida. Since her disappearance there have been no clues or signs of the missing nurse, Melisa Brady Sloan.

Melisa Maureen (Brady) Sloan

Melisa Brady Sloan

According to Melisa’s husband, John Sloan, she packed up her belongings and left. Her family reported her missing after not hearing from her. She has not been seen or heard from since. At the time of her disappearance, Melisa was working as a nurse in Orlando, Florida.


Melisa Brady Sloan disappeared just 10 days before she was supposed to go to court to testify against her husband in a domestic violence case.

Melisa Brady Sloan’s sister Melanie Brady Drury stated that the relationship between between Melissa and John Sloan was a whirl wind romance. She also stated that John was very controlling of her sister.

They dated only a few months before marrying quickly. Within weeks of the wedding, they moved to Orlando. Her family was concerned about the move because they barely knew this new man in Melisa’s life.

“He was very controlling of her, and that’s when the physical violence between them began,” Drury said.

As per CNN, this was the final time that Melisa Brady Sloan was last seen by anyone other than her husband.

According to police, Melisa Sloan was with a good friend when she was last seen by anyone other than her husband. She and the friend, a paramedic who worked at the hospital, left work together to go to a street fair, and Sloan did not return home until 2:30 a.m., police said.

The next afternoon, she was captured on a video surveillance camera withdrawing $20 from an ATM.

At the Sloans’ apartment, police found none of Melisa’s personal items, clothes or shoes. The apartment looked as if she had never lived there. All that was left was an old bathrobe, hung on the back of the bathroom door, and her beloved cat, police said.

“She would never leave that cat behind, that cat was like her baby,” said her sister, Drury. As police searched the home, they found that one of the bedrooms was unfurnished, with only a rifle and knife propped against a wall, said Detective Andre Boren of the Orlando Police.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Melisa Brady Sloan is asked to call the Orlando Police Department at 321-235-5300.

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