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2 Year Old Caylee Anthony Missing Since June 9, 2008 in Orlando, FL

Where is Caylee Anthony? The two year old little girl has been missing since June 9, 2008 and no one has any answers. Caylee’s mother, Casey Marie Anthony, 22, told detectives she dropped Caylee off at a baby sitter’s house June 9 but that the child was not there when she went to pick her up.

What on earth is going on in the case of 2 year old missing Caylee Marie Anthony? Caylee Marie went missing on June 9, 2008; however was not reported missing until July 16, 2008.

Caylee Anthony

Description: Caylee Anthony

  • Missing Date: Jun 9, 2008
  • DOB: Aug 9, 2005
  • Sex: Female
  • Race: White
  • Age: 2 Height:  3’1″ (94 cm)
  • Weight:  50 lbs (23 kg)
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Missing City: ORLANDO
  • Missing State :  FL 

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children: Caylee Marie Anthony

Detectives map strategy to find 2-year-old Caylee Anthony

Update I: Investigation Continues as Neighbors Say Mother Borrowed Shovel Last Month

Update II: Grandma Defends Daughter, Asks Public for Help Finding Missing Toddler

Why are the grandparents running cover for their daughter and not more concerned about the disappearance of their gran daughter, Caylee Marie?

“Casey has been trying to tell the police in her own way what she can tell them and the only unfortunate thing is, you know, they want a clear picture,” Caylee’s grandmother, Cindy Anthony, told FOX News. “There’s no clear picture. Casey has her reasons why she just can’t blurt out the whole story, so she’s been honest with them for what she can be honest with.”

Earlier, Cindy Anthony had told NBC’s “Today” Show Monday that Casey Anthony knows who has the toddler and should be released from jail so she can assist with the search. Meanwhile, volunteers in the Orlando, Fla., are planned to canvas neighborhoods, distributing 50,000 fliers, reports.

Update III: Police Say Mother Lied to Investigators About Job and Babysitter

The lawyer for 22-year-old Florida mother Casey Anthony, whose daughter Caylee went missing last month, said at a press conference today that the 2-year-old girl may have been seen three to five days after June 9, the day her mother claims she went missing.

Jose Baez, Anthony’s lawyer, also confirmed rumors that Anthony has claimed she received a phone call from her daughter last week. Baez offered no specific details on either claim, citing attorney-client privilege.

Anthony was arrested for child neglect and lying to police after she reported Caylee missing last Wednesday. Anthony told police she dropped the toddler off with a babysitter on June 9, but investigators have been unable to verify that claim.

Update IV: Where is Caylee Marie Anthony … Mother Casey Marie Anthony Arrested and a Named Person of Interest (Homicide?)

UPDATE V: Cindy Anthony, Grandmother Makes Ridiculous Dispute of Decomposition Scent from Mothers Truck was Pizza

UPDATE VI: Cindy Anthony Says … “I believe we’re going to find Caylee” Anthony

UPDATE VII: State Charges Filed Against Casey Anthony for filing a false report and one felony charge of child neglect

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  1. In one report it was stated that Casey and Caylee lived with the grandparents up until Caylee disappeared-why did she move out and was she acting strangely or hanging out with anyone suspicious, or was she doing drugs and gave Caylee away. If she did and God forbid hurt this precious child she had to have snapped aor had a mental breakdown. That is the only way I see a mother harming such a beatiful little girl like Caylee. My heart is breaking and praying for a good outcome that Caylee will be found unharmed. Something must be done to force this mother to tell the truth.

    Comment by Tonya | July 22, 2008

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  5. i think that Casey is a victim of incest and her father is also Caylee’s father. and this is why there is no record of a father and this is why casey is a compulsive liar and shows little emotion- that’s what can happen to incest victims. i think Caylee became in danger of being an incest victim and either she was rapad and murdered by the grandfather or casey killed her in a type of defense. either way i think all three (grandmother, grandfather and Casey) worked together to get rid of the body. and Cindy is speaking in very specific terms when she says “there could be one or two reasons why Casey is not telling the truth and that somebody could be holding something over her head and threatening her in some way.” i think Casey has been living in an extreme state of conflict, being both a victim and a dependent mother and maybe she snapped- or maybe that grandfather did it. But either way- i think there is a deep back story here that actually makes everything make a certain sense and this is why the women in this family lie all the time and the grandfather is relatively silent.

    Comment by nika | July 24, 2008

  6. As a skip tracer (people locator) my questions for the police/investigators:

    1. Review Casey’s phone records. BEFORE AND AFTER CALLS.
    2. TEST the soil on that shovel, an expert can pinpoint the region of which a particular soil is located. CHECK SOIL ON HER SHOES, IN THE CLOSET.
    3. POLYGRAPH CASEY…. we all know she is a liar, but certain questions can help investigators and profilers.
    4. FLIGHT RECORDS? TIME, VIDEO FROM GARAGE IF SHE PARKED, they can see her tag; who was with her? Is some of Calee’s clothes missing?
    5. FATHERS NAME, DEAD? right…. WHERE’S THE PROOF? (lie)
    6. BABY SITTER NEVER EXISTED…especially with that name.
    Who else knows about this babysitter?
    7. Is the grandmother involved? Her interview, her statements show her to be QUITE CALM AND COLLECTIVE. We have not seen her shed a tear???? Why… shock, disbelief?

    My Conclusions: Mother Casey is feeling GUILTY. She is reacting by what is going on; realizing her daughter is missing. She is playing a “helping role” to throw a smoke screen making the authorities think she is not a suspect.
    With depression and her inability to keep jobs and lying, this girl Casey is “prime suspect”. A sane mother that SNAPS is capable of anything. I HOPE THIS CHILD IS SAFE SOMEWHERE. I HOPE THIS MOTHER WAS SANE ENOUGH NOT TO HARM HER DAUGHTER AT THIS TIME OF THIS DISAPPEARANCE.


    God Bless you Caylee

    Comment by Michelle Gomez | July 24, 2008

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  8. Nika – I had the same thoughts.. not so sure anymore but it crossed my mind.

    Comment by CW | July 25, 2008

  9. I watched this with disbelief from our hotel in Costa Rica. Watch the expressions, and read between the lines. Casey well knows the whereabouts of her daughter, or sadly more likely her daugher’s remains, so do her parents. This is a sick case from the start. Incredible that no fathers name idenitifed on Caylee’s birth certificate ! The gradparents should probably be indicted for obstruction of justice here, and Casey’s bail should be changed to holding her without bail to prevent her from running should she ever get out. Very likely the threesome are holding on to the idea that if there is no body there was no crime. There once was a prominent attorney from Wilmington Delaware that learned the hard way that a body is not always necessary to prove a crime. He’s still in the slammer.

    Comment by OT | July 25, 2008

  10. i think another possibility is that the mother didnt report the missing child because she wanted to give sombody time to get her out of the country! i hope i am wrong and that the child is safe!

    Comment by james frazier | July 26, 2008

  11. I am sorry Caylee is missing and I pray the mother didn’t do it. I pray Caylee is found in the name of Jesus and is hole and nothing is wrong with her. I pray for the mother to be comforted through this all. In Jesus name Amen. Sheryl

    Comment by Sheryl Rayburn | July 26, 2008

  12. This whole thing stinks! Just look closely at Casey she was ans still is over indulgenced by her parents. They are still making excuses for her just as they have all her life. What they have created is a self adsorbed mess just like a lot of kids now days and I speak form experience I too have made these parent’s same mistake with one of my own and he is a drug addicted lying sponge who except no responsibility for his actions and he hooked up with another parasite just the same and produced two kids but they are unable to parent and unwilling to forgo their wants (drugs and its party lifestyle) to provide for them and their needs. In most cakes they use these children to gain leverage over their own parents and are nothing more than a source of income. We as grandparents were forced to forgo our own future to provide a safe home for our grandchildren. What I can tell you is that Casey is also a drug user and she most likely used Caylee as the means to get drugs and after she came down and found her missing the only thing she was concerned about was her next high? We need to be more proactive in protecting the current and next generation form their selfish drug addicted parents. Make it easier for grandparents to step in and protect these small victims! I hope Caylee is safe but I have my doubts that she is and my heart goes out to the grandparents for their lost but they should have seen it coming and been more proactive where Caylee was concerned, I believe they are covering up more than they are telling.

    Comment by Debbie Capko | July 27, 2008

  13. i was stunned to see the resemblelense between the grandfather and little caylee. since the grandmother has been so dismissive about the father of this little girl and when asked,said he is dead, but does not remember his last name makes me very concerned. there is alot more going on with this family then we know. has anyone else taken notice of this all this? please comment. joy

    Comment by joy marks | July 27, 2008

  14. i am glad that i am not alone in thinking the grandfather is caylee’s father. i was stunned to see the resemblelense between little caylee and her grandfather. the real father is supposedly dead and with no name on the birth certificate brings up alot of questions. i think this is a family with may secrets. joy

    Comment by joy marks | July 27, 2008

  15. This question is for Cindy Anthony:
    If you feel law enforcement is not handling this case the way that you believe they should, have you contacted Texas EquuSearch, The Polly Klaas Foundation, and/or The Jessica Lundsford Foundation?
    It is apparent that Casey knows exactly where Caylee is and she doesn’t want anyone else to know because her crime will seal her fate!!!!
    Rest in Peace little Angel

    Comment by Donna | July 27, 2008

  16. This question is for Cindy Anthony:
    If you feel law enforcement is not handling this case the way that you believe they should, have you contacted Texas EquuSearch, The Polly Klaas Foundation, and/or The Jessica Lundsford Foundation?
    It is apparent that Casey knows precisely where Caylee is and her fate will be sealed when that location is found!!!! I for one, can’t wait until the truth finally prevails.

    Comment by Donna | July 27, 2008

  17. casey i hope u are sittn in ya cell right now thinkin about ya daughter and i hope that little innocent girl never leaves it.i just hope u did the right thing and ya daughter is in a better place. i also hope u come to ya senses and be honest and tell where she is; shes a precious little innocent girl who doesnt deserve thiss and to the grand parentswhat do u really know im sure u can tell more then u have told and to caylee peace be with u

    Comment by robert ny | July 28, 2008

  18. I think that Casey was probably involved in drugs and may have run up a huge tab to her drug dealer…perhaps she left the little girl with the drug dealer and went home to try to sponge more money off the grandma. However the grandma had become worried in the meantime and had reported the little girl missing. Casey is afraid to come clean and tell what really happened because she doesn’t want to get busted for drugs and/or piss off her drug dealer. She has probably told the grandma what is really going on which is why the lady is now trying to backtrack regarding her initial story to the police. Clearly the grandma is torn up about this…Casey acts like her sh#t don’t stink!! I think at one point I even heard Casey tell the grandma whatever happens is all her (the grandmother’s) fault during the taped jail house calls.
    Forget the silly obstruction of justice charges..the cops need to charge Casey with felony stealing of $4,000. (the grandmother’s credit card) and let the credit card company get involved. They will prosecute to the highest extent to the law. They need to drug test Casey, figure out where she has been for the past month. Find out if anyone other than Casey had ever met the babysitter.
    All this psychobabble about Casey really cracks me up…everyone has problems…mental and emotional. She is a selfish, self centered little b#tch…who doesn’t give a damn about anyone but herself. She seems to have used that little girl for emotional blackmail to get her own way!!
    She is caught up in it now and still thinks she can pout and lie her way out of trouble.
    Also, if this guy she was so concerned about getting in touch with during those taped jail house phone calls really is her boyfriend…why doesn’t she already have his phone number?

    Does Casey remind anyone else of Melinda Duckett?

    Comment by tickles | July 28, 2008

  19. Maybe mom left the child in the car while shopping and she perished from heat exposure and mom is trying to cover up her error, maybe grandma is covering up for her daughter too!the mother has no emotion at all about where her baby is,, its too strange, I would be freaking out and crying and asking questions about the search results everytime I talked to my family on the phone,, u dont hear that. Her mom and her obviously did NOT have a close relationship!

    Comment by chach | July 28, 2008

  20. If it is true that Casey was doing her own investigation for 30 days looking for her daughter Caylee, how is it possible that there are now photos of her partying at a club during this time.
    This girl belongs in the nuthouse. I can’t take it anymore. Someone find out those toxicology reports and maybe then the Grandparents will step into reality here.

    So sad.

    Comment by Dani | July 30, 2008

  21. Why are they allowin this mother to manipulate the system?
    Its been a lie from the start. Its obvious she manipulates her family, they are changing the story along with her.
    If the truth be known, the child is dead. I imagine when the boyfriend called, meet me at the beach, she left the child in the hot car and met him. When she returned it was too late. “dogs dont lie”. She is spinning this trying to find a story that law enforcement will accept. Face it, young lady, you messed up, again. Also, have they even checked on the young man at the beach??????

    Comment by vivian | July 30, 2008

  22. I find it strange that when Jesse Grund (some say that he’s even an ex-fiance) retired from the police force, he called Casey on the SAME DAY. Why did he resign? If you resigned, why is it so important that you had to tell Casey about it on the same day. Wouldn’t you want some time to reflect on your decision? On his Facebook, he tells his friends that he’s moving to Georgia in August. Why? I also read that at one time, Cindy thought that Jesse might have been the father of Caylee.

    Comment by spylogic3 | July 30, 2008

  23. what kind of mother doesnt report her little girl missing as soon as she realizes shes gone?! what was the thinking the nights she went to sleep knowing her baby wasnt in her bed? thats her little girl! if shes telling the truth about everything…which isnt likkely… then she’d be trying to help out alot more. The grandma’s storie(s) are bogus and if she loved that little girl as much as she claims then she’d show a bit more emotion. I think they are all involved and i just wish for caylee’s sake they crack and give up where she is. i hope to god that baby is still alive she’s so young… you cant take a life before its even begun… Youre in our prayers Caylee may you be found safe and unharmed.

    Comment by Carly | July 30, 2008

  24. I am very concerned for that beatiful little girl and can only pray they find her now as for making any judgements or tragic predictions thats not for me to do. I am commenting only to ask for everyones prayers for caylee that she is alive and found soon keep your eyes open look at evey child you come in contact with maybe just maybe if we all watch for caylee the lord will lead someone to her hopefully not badly hurt maybe we can be paet of a mircle lets try to help in some way instead of adding more pain and suffering even if all we can do is pray for caqylee lets just do that my prayers go out to those who love miss and need caylee I am hoping this ends with tat little girl being found and brought back to peple who love and care about her

    Comment by joann | July 30, 2008

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  26. Sadly, it doesn’t look good that Caylee is still alive. What I can’t understand, as a mother myself, is how her mother and grandmother are defending their actions. Clearly, they know what happened to Caylee and need to come clean so this baby can at least be put to rest properly. Casey Anthony is beyond crazy – she will need years and years of professional help – her family needs to convince her to tell the truth and get the help she needs.

    Comment by Grace | August 1, 2008

  27. here’s what i think happened, casey was messing around with a guy who may or may not have something to do with drugs. she may have decided that she didn’t want to be with him any more and he took calee out of revenge. now casey dosn’t know how to get her daughter back and is afraid that this guy will hurt her if she tells anybody. (she tried looking on her own for a month)
    i hope i am right when i say i think casey anthony is guilty of “stupidity” and very “bad judgment” and now she dosn’t know how to get out of the mess.
    in any event i truely hope that little calee is out there and unharmed and will soon be back with her family.

    Comment by carol | August 1, 2008

  28. i keep hearing Mom, from jail, saying caylee is ok, close to home.That could mean lots of things BUT saying that,IF she is close to home and IS ok, why cant she say WHERE,let dad,her atty, the pros, her mom, her brother,or tony, p/u the child,then release Casey from jail.If she can say that much, Why would she WANT to sit in jail.THis is worse than her family wants to admit, you dont just sit in jail because you dont want someone else to pick up the child. She has done something bad, witnessed something bad and is buying time,(on good advice, I suggest), until the time limit is up and they pray she wont be charged. and Does the “letter” detail what really happened and they want to “cop” a plea? to save Mom?????????????????????????

    Comment by david | August 3, 2008

  29. why did she not call the police with in the 48 hours after her girl was missing

    Comment by millisa addicott | August 4, 2008

  30. why was an amber alert never issued? the entire story smells.

    Comment by abby yeast | August 5, 2008

  31. [...] year old Caylee Anthony has been missing since June 9, 2008. However, peculiar enough she was not reported missing until July 16, 2008. Caylee’s mother, [...]

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  32. Little Caylee Anthony I believe is dead. I feel her mother, Casey Anthony, killed her and has hidden the body. Her mother is void of feelings and shows no emotion. This is what most people call “void of conscience”.

    If they find positive proof that Caylee was killed by her mother, Casey, and she is found guilty, I feel as though Casey needs to be killed by lethal injection. The reasoning behind this is, she is an animal, and will kill again. If anyone helped her, they need to be charged with murder also.

    I feel as though the FBI will find what they need to convict Casey. They are the experts, and I feel as though they will swiftly bring this investigation to completion.

    I pray and hope I am wrong, but my gut feelings are listed above.

    Comment by Shelia Clark | August 6, 2008

  33. Isn’t it strange no clothes or toys of child with mom? This woman has no right to be called mom and neither does this so called grandmother Put her in a hole until she talks. They all seem very strange cause my daughter would of never taken my grands from the home and me not know where they are for a month. What grandpa doesn’t have any comments?

    Comment by Sandra Locklear | August 6, 2008

  34. personally i think the whole family is nuts . let the mother sit in jail until she talks . i just pray that this little girl is in safe hands . once found i would never allow that mother to see her daughter again. how can you lose a child and wait 31 days to report it?

    Comment by ann | August 6, 2008

  35. Casey is a liar, and she needs to face the truth and let everyone know where Caylee is at. I pray for Caylee that she is safe and unharmed!! I believe that there is more to this! How could she do this to her little innocent baby and not report her daughter missing, why wait a month!! It’s disgusting! If her Casey’s parents & friends know where Caylee is at, they need to step up. This needs to stop!! May god bring Caylee back, she’s in our prayers!

    Comment by Anne | August 6, 2008

  36. I agree Casey killed Caylee but why?????????????? The dates posted are wrong. Caylee went missing on the morning of June 16th. Caylee visited her great grandfather for fathers day. The grandfather reported he last saw caylee on the morning of June 16th. And casey showed up at the sawgrass apts on june 17th posing as the babysitter looking to rent an apt. I pray for beautiful caylee that she is either at peace or in the hands of people who love her.

    Comment by tracy m | August 7, 2008

  37. I agree with Joy..I have also noticed that Caylee looks just like the grandfather. This may be the key to all of this.

    Comment by Ann | August 7, 2008

  38. I pray with all my heart that Caylee is alive and well and that no one has done anything to her that should never be done to a little girl. I am a mother and this rips my heart out knowing that a little girl is taken or possibly dead. If she has passed on than i hope it was quickly and she suffered no pain or trauma first. God takes care of his children. As for Casey i hope that you get what you have coming to you if you did anything to this precise innocent little girl. If Caylee is dead and you did it or had it done or helped I think you and whoever done it should be put in general population in prison!! You should meet the same death that Caylee did if you done it. If the grandparents are involved then they should hang. If the grandfathers involved then he should definetly pay and a cop going to prison isnt a good thing they dont come out alive. If rape or incest is involved he should be castrated slowly with a dull knife before he is tortured to death and that goes for anyone and everyone involved. CAYLEE IF YOUR NOT ON THIS EARTH ANYMORE THAN REST IN PEACE LITTLE ONE AND MAY GOD KEEP YOU UNDER HIS WING.IF SOMEONE HAS YOU THEN I PRAY THEY FIND ENOUGH COMPASSION TO DROP YOU OFF SOMEWHERE SAFE SO YOU CAN COME BACK HOME.

    Comment by Charlotte | August 8, 2008

  39. I have been reading the comments on this and the ones about her parentage stand out more than any.

    I am saying this from a mother’s point of view that has lost her own children.

    One..a child has every right to look like it’s grandparents. I know all my children (1 daughter and 2 sons) look just like their grandparents. They don’t look nothing like me at all. If I hadn’t birthed them, I wouldn’t have believed it.

    Two.. There are numerous children whose parents don’t put their father’s names on the birth certificates. (Myself and my daughter) I had my reasons for not including her fathers name on there, just as my own mother did on mine. Not having a name doesn’t automatically give people the right to suspect incest. I would never do that.

    Three.. Yes I am guessing the mother didn’t call for reasons her own. Just because someone borrows a shovel, does that automatically make them a killer? Maybe a pet or something died.

    Four.. Maybe the mother let the biological unlisted father take the child. I am still trying to figure out the baby sitters thing. Maybe the babysitter lied to the mother about her name, or maybe the biological father has the child. We don’t know because we aren’t there.

    Why not give the mother the benifit of the doubt. Maybe she thought the girl was safe and didn’t report it. Maybe with her emotional and mental situations, she didn’t want to report it. She has her reasons for not telling the whole story.

    And the hair issue.. Could it be that a strand of hair fell off the mothers clothing when she was getting something out of the car. Did that thought ever cross peoples minds?

    No most people immedately want to blame the mother and how it is her fault, that she killed the child and what not. We don’t know the whole story and therefore don’t have the right to slang talk the mother. Now if she is proven guilty, that would be understandable.

    And also.. The police do loose reports or don’t even write them up. Not often but they do happen. When people call who have called before, sometimes people at the department overlook what is being said. Could it be the mother called many times in the past and the cops thought the mother was lying the first time and didn’t report that she had called?

    And the pizza rotten in the car..did the cops find the pizza? Dogs have been known to make mistakes. I just wish to point something out..

    Florida has been extreemly hot this year. If the child was in the trunk as I am gathering was said, a child her size would have decomposed a whole lot quicker in this heat. The inside of a car gets to over 160 degrees down here in the summer. I am sure the smell would have been noticed by people before the dog found it.

    All I can say is, I hope that the child is safe. If the mother did it, then she did it. However I am giving them doubt until she is found guilty. And I am very disappointed in adults how they *assume* that just because there is a huge resembliance between the grandfather and the daughter that she is his. Act like adults and grow up.

    Comment by Panther | August 9, 2008

  40. Happy Birthday Caylee, The nation has you and your family in our prayers. I hope to hear that you made it home safe soon.

    Comment by K | August 9, 2008

  41. People,

    Please follow the story closely. I believe Casey killed her daughter and it may have been an accident!! I believed Casey loved her daughter but Caylee got in the way of her being able to come and go freely. Casey visibly look to be very distrespectful towards her parents and spoiled. Casey wanted to party, shop and probably did drugs. I don’t think she sold off her child because Caylee would have surfaced by now . I believe the grandmother knows more then what she is saying. I believe Casey killed Caylee between the 16th and 24th of June and kept her in the trunk until she got the opportunity to bury her. I also think the gas cans was taken to burn Caylee body to cover up the homicide. Remember she stole the gas cans around the 24th of June, Caylee probably was dead and about to be buried or buried. Those special trained dogs picked up iniatially on human decomposition inside that trunk. It was also hair and dirt found. Once they test the evidence they took from the grandmother house against the the DNA AND FORENSICS they got from the trunk and shovel, Casey will be charged. And they need to lock up her mother for not coming out with what she knows.

    Comment by Dana | August 11, 2008

  42. Caylee looks like the grandmother to me. Caylee looks nothing like Casey and Casey favors her father!! Casey probably don’t know who the father of her baby is. Because she never told the so called father who later died in a car crash. DNA was never taken so, we don’t know who the father is. It could be the grandfather or brother for all we know!! It is something real strange about that family but the brother is the only real down to earth person out of all of them!!

    Comment by Ms. D | August 11, 2008

  43. I think every friend that the mother has should be interview and offered a reward if they release valuable information because I agree that something this family is hiding about this child father and I think some of her friends has more information about the missing of this precious child. The mother has mental issues and the Grandparents doesnot want their daughter to be next one missing so they are keeping quiet about somethings that they have insight about what could of happen. She probably has gotten drugs on consignment and the dealer has her child or has kill her child.

    Comment by Mickey | August 11, 2008

  44. Sadly, I went to my crystals tonight, and they stated that Caylee is not with us anymore and that Casey had something to do with it. My crystals told me that Caylee is baried near a wooded area, near flowers, as the physics stated. My crystals went on to say that she is baried near a park, where there are houses, wooded area and flowers. They need to start looking in the areas where mom and Caylee frequented together, as, they had a connection there. Please search these types of places!

    Comment by Carla | August 11, 2008

  45. God Bless this BEAUTIFUL CHILD, how sad for all of them, this is such a sad mess. I think that the police should tell that selfish poor excuse of a mother that she will remain in jail for life until she comes clean and tells them about Caylee’s whereabouts. I am a grandmother and I check on the baby everytime they leave the house, I also have to travel with my job, and I call and call the house until I hear the baby in the background and I talk to her mother, the baby is almost 2 and they really don’t talk into the phone, although they will moke some sounds, what was wrong with this grandmother of Caylee’s??? I love my little grandaughter so much I have to hear her voice if I don’t see her, how could she let all of that time slip by and not talk to this baby??? Baby’s cry at that age when they miss somebody, why didn’t Casey take Caylee and let her hear her grangparents on the phone or take her home to see them? when I leave my little grandaughter will cry and act terrible until I return home. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS STORY??? and it is just that just a “story” or lie. Why doesn’t the police check the grounds of the apartment complex??? how about the gas can??? did the liar really run out of gas or just use it to get rid of the body??? did anyone ever talk to this disfunctional family’s relitives, I am sure the family will talk about how Casey got away with “murder” most of her life. Did Casey give this baby sleeping pills to get her to sleep and then go out and party???? why don’t they take those police dogs over to the dumpster at the apartment complex???? or on the grounds???? Liars will redirect you all over the place and keep you away from the real story. I pray daily for this little ANGEL to be found. God Bless little Caylee and everybody who is praying for her return and also for the people searching for her. Patty

    Comment by Patty | August 12, 2008

  46. God Bless this BEAUTIFUL CHILD, how sad for all of them, this is such a sad mess. I think that the police should tell that selfish poor excuse of a mother that she will remain in jail for life until she comes clean and tells them about Caylee’s whereabouts. I am a grandmother and I check on the baby everytime they leave the house, I also have to travel with my job, and I call and call the house until I hear the baby in the background and I talk to her mother, the baby is almost 2 and they really don’t talk into the phone, although they will make some sounds, what was wrong with this grandmother of Caylee’s??? I love my little grandaughter so much I have to hear her voice if I don’t see her, how could she let all of that time slip by and not talk to this baby??? Baby’s cry at that age when they miss somebody, why didn’t Casey take Caylee and let her hear her grangparents on the phone or take her home to see them? when I leave, my little grandaughter will cry and act terrible until I return home. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS STORY??? and it is just that, just a “story” or lie. Why doesn’t the police check the grounds of the apartment complex??? how about the gas can??? did the liar really run out of gas or just use it to get rid of the body??? did anyone ever talk to this disfunctional family’s relitives, I am sure the family will talk about how Casey got away with “murder” most of her life. Did Casey give this baby sleeping pills to get her to sleep and then go out and party???? why don’t they take those police dogs over to the dumpster at the apartment complex???? or on the grounds???? Liars will redirect you all over the place and keep you away from the real story. I pray daily for this little ANGEL to be found. God Bless little Caylee and everybody who is praying for her return and also for the people searching for her. Patty

    Comment by Patty | August 12, 2008

  47. okay seriously theres enough saddness in this search for Caylee, of course the baby looks like the grandfather her jeans run through the child, i mean seriously. I truley believe she went shopping or partying and left the child in the car and the poor baby died, she gives clues, i mean if you can get to her photo buckett oon the last page she has a pic of an angel over a gravestone and the words say it all. she refers to diffrent places several times like jay blanchard park and something about seminloe which is a rode near there home, she also has said the baby is close to home, i think shes trying to tell them where shes at, but buy enough time to where she cant be charged for her murder, but in the end it will come out, they have a well known psychic on the case noe and if you will type in : psychics to join search for caylee anthony” you can look in the pages and find there sight and though i dont believe in psychics, they do make ALOT of sense!!! GOD BLESS YOU CAYLEE YOU ARE SAFE IN GODS ARMS NOW SWEET BABY GIRL!!

    Comment by Nita | August 12, 2008

  48. I believe Nita that you meant to say genes and not jeans. How are you so positive that Caylee died from heat exposure in a hot car???? Anything is possible but why are you so set on this theory?? Now I heard that George Anthony is NOT the biological father of Casey. Is that correct or is he her natural father??? Anyone know?? If he isn’t her biological father, then that would be strange that Caylee looks like grandpa. A simple dna test could prove that though. I do believe you are right when she says that close to home probably means buried close by.

    Comment by pak31 | August 13, 2008

  49. I thought I read that George Anthony is NOT Casey’s biological dad. If that IS true then it’s creepy that Caylee looks like him.

    Comment by pak31 | August 13, 2008

  50. [...] missing, now 3 year old, Caylee Anthony  continues with no end in sight. Caylee Anthony has been missing since June 9, 2008. The family of Caylee … Casey (mom), Cindy & George (grandparents) have put forth so many [...]

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  51. Why don’t the police use the (Truth Serum in conjuction with Hypnosis),on Casey to find her little daughter?

    Comment by Laura Sloniker | August 15, 2008

  52. yes joy i also have noticed the resemblence of caylee and the grandfather. i dont know if the grandmother doesnt know the last name of the father or if shes lieing for casey.
    seems to me this whole family has been lieing right along with casey..her whole life… aparent wants to stand up for their child yes..but there comes a time when the truth has to be told. and the time for them.. the brother an grandparents..
    ive noticed the resemblence between caylee and caseys dad for some time now and didnt want to think of this sick statement is very true. also when casey says to her mother..”you dont know my involvement in this”??
    also when caseys mother made the statement..”"i dont want to loose another one” and the reporter asked what she meant by that ..and the mother or grandmother stated..she didnt want to loose a son due to the media following him..
    that didnt make sense.
    while its true they say the grandparents are helping as much as possible…i also feel they are covering for casey..
    casey is a spoiled rotten tart..who i feel has ran her parents since the day she was born. she does have an anger issue as far as im can be told an shown when shes cussing her mom on the phone.
    alsoi dont feel the black american…they showed on tv… is caylees dad..the one who was killed in auto accident. i think that was an out an out lie.
    i pray they find little caylee alive an well…but im afraid after all this time she may not be. im wondering as well if casey didnt send caylee on a plane .. i wonder if the airport has been checked for video of casey being in the airport. ive heard of pretty sick things an im wondering if caylees remains was sent to mewhere in th usa with a return address of someone not known.. for coverup. what else would a person be doing at an airport for a long period of time if their not leaving on a plane or waiting for someone???
    anyway.. this bounty hunter bailing casey out is just another example of allowing casey to rule the roost. she needs to be left in a cell as long as possible…

    Comment by sissy | August 16, 2008

  53. Casey’s brothers name is Lee.. is it possible that Caylee is a combination of the names? Could the brother be the father, not the grandfather? *ok, even for the south, that sounds f’d up… but just an observation…..*

    Comment by Nonya | August 16, 2008

  54. [...] Anthony has been missing since June 9, 2008; however, not reported missing until July 16, 2008. With all the recent media attention being on Casey Anthony being bailed out of jail by those [...]

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  55. Could she had traded the child for drugs? and they may be holding her until she comes up with the money.

    Comment by janita | August 19, 2008

  56. i am trying to keep up with “where’s caylee? it breaks my heart that so much time has passed and we still can’t say for sure where caylee is.

    personnally, i don’t think casey hurt caylee, i think she sold her and has to wait till its all clear to do her next thing. (have money put into private account, and to make sure the people who have caylee are far enough away so they can’t be found. maybe, i’m just wishing, but at least she may be with someone that really wants children.

    Comment by Theresa Alexander | August 21, 2008

  57. [...] Globe article or the National Enquirer article below, one want as well first question why it took over a month to report Calyee Anthony missing. Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, is now out of jail and can speak freely as to what happened to [...]

    Pingback by Globe Caylee Anthony Article: Bombshell Article from Neighbor Reagrding Casey & Cindy Anthony Shouting Match | Scared Monkeys | August 23, 2008

  58. why would casey report her daughter missing
    way after she was missing.i would of called police
    the first day if i had a daughter missing.

    to me casey killed her,buried her in the house
    and then her parents found out and told her
    to leave the caylee’s body somewhere and that’s why it smelled like dead body and they found dirt
    in the car.

    why would she be partying when her daughter
    was missing and lieing to much.
    she getting caught up.

    she killed her but there is no proof
    but i know she did it you could tell.

    i just want them to find caylee it wasn’t
    her fault.

    Comment by emmely | August 26, 2008

  59. Sadly, I truely believe that Caylee’s soul is no longer on earth. That beautiful little girl was murdered, and Grandma knows it. From what I can sense, Casey was on drugs…probably another run-of-the-mill cokehead. That is why she stole, acted bi-polar, and was a liar. Common sense tells you that a person who spends alot of time in the bar, especially in Florida, is doing cocaine. Poor little Caylee was a mere inconveince to mama’s lifestyle and habits, and she had to be gone for Casey to carry on with her trashy life style. There really is no big story for this…Casey was a trashy party-go’er, Caylee was the main obstacle to her “night-life.” Period, that is it. Caylee is not around the family home, her sad little body is elsewhere. And further, if grandma loved and cared so much, why didn’t she question Casey after a few days? If my mother doesn’t hear from me and my little girl after a week, she calls or comes looking for me. Where did Cindy think her grand-baby was for all of those weeks? Especially when Casey was comming around and Caylee wasn’t. I know for sure if my kid was missing, I would freak-out and call everyone I knew, immediately. And I surely would not be hanging out at bars afterwards, it would take me a life-time to recover from that. The mere fact that she could go out to clubs after something like this happens makes her a huge peice of garbage, whether she is guilty or not…but she is guilty for everything that has happened. It is called KARMA Casey, and will come back to you. I am sure you will burn a thousand lifetimes for this, and god-willing you will along with granny for covering your lies and murderous ways. Rest in Peace little Caylee…Karma will bring you a better next-life, angel.

    Comment by Megan | August 26, 2008

  60. I think the reason caylee looks like her because they ARE related! lots of children can resemble other members of a family. What I do think though is that caseys family are terrified and dont want to out right beleive that their daughter would commit such a henious act on he own daughter. If casy had been using drugs (such as Crystal Meth) she may have been able to carry out such an act as murder or possibly sold her daughter. Maybe someone should realy check out that back yard…she could have buried a large amount of money…thats why she borrowed the shovel?

    Comment by Gracie | August 26, 2008

  61. I sat and read the entire 400 page report that was recently released on this case. I was sicken more than I already have been. I wondered why the bounty hunter that helped post her bail looked like his dog died on Nancy Grace’s show. He had just read the entire report too. After reading it, no one can believe that this child is alive and that this mother isn’t responsible. There are dozens of small details in that report that help put the puzzle together of just who Casey Anthony is. It is not a very pretty picture. There will be no problem making a circumstantial case for murder but on the other hand….there may be a case for a mental illness defense. Casey Anthony is one twisted and narcistic young woman. However, I don’t believe it rises to the level of an insanity defense. There was just no end to the amount of lies this gal has told and not just about her daughter. She has betrayed everyone from friends to family, in the past few years. For all the critism the police department has taken it appears from these reports that they have worked extremely hard on a case that is as difficult as they get.

    One thing that makes me a bit crazy is that there are hundreds of other people who are missing loved ones out there, that get very little attention. As fascinating as this story has become, I am saddened that other families can not recieve as much air time as this tragic one has. All missing persons are important.

    Comment by Robbin | August 27, 2008

  62. Today was a sad day as you all probably know by now the results that came back from the body farm in ..Tennessi? the have concluded that there was a decaying body in the truck of caseys car. I feel very sad for george and cindy Anthony, also casys brother and the women she spoke to from the jail that was trying to get casey to tell her something, anything so tyhey could the baby..she was begging her and casey was not fazed by the plea!She knew the whole time what had happened to her baby and did not budge! I wish I could help the Anthony family some way some how…because this will be a long nightmare for them. I will Pray for them.

    Comment by Gracie | August 27, 2008

  63. I almost literally cried last night! The people who investigated the trunk of casey anthonys car and found a spot of blood and few strands of hair plus some dirt! After they tested it, the results came back and they discovered that the blood and hair belong to caylee anthony! Yet, they still think shes alive!!!??? My god, people, wake up! The mom did it, duh!

    Comment by Ashley | August 29, 2008

  64. Now tonight Casey Anthony has been taken back to jail(August29)…however the charges that have been put on her this time are just for passing bad checks and forgery and only have a 3000 dollar bail which means she can get out for 10% of that which is 3oo.oo dollars, so therefore I espect she will be out by Saturday morning…This case has been so full of nonsense and loopholes and the Mother knows exactly what happened to that poor little baby and is still not saying a word, just hanging out at her mothers house and talking on the internet…how very sad is that…Her butt needs to be in jail, and after what she has done she should be at the very least telling someone where poor little Caylee is..By now we all know that this poor poor baby is no longer with us and I hope and pray that now they will at least find the body and maybe through forensic testing it will tell the story that the Mother is to self centered to tell.They should all be in Jail…God Bless you Litlle Caylee..May you rest in peace….

    Comment by Donna | August 30, 2008

  65. I believe this ‘whole’ family is lying and has many, many secrets that are involved in why Casey is the way she is and why Caylee is missing.

    I can’t believe Casey’s parents do not seem to know much about their own daughter? Her father, George, a retired police officer, and her Mother Cindy a nurse? Come on, where did they think she was spending her days, and not be aware of the fact she had no job? How could they never have met a woman who had “supposedly” been babysitting their granddaughter for two years? Where are their heads? Why isn’t there a paper trail of the $40,000, Casey spent with the mothers stolen credit card. It was $40,000, she charged, how can a person spend $40,000 in so little amount of time, and the police aren’t checking where the charges occurred and to whom (where is the paper trail of these charges)? Why didn’t the parents bail Casey out, They could have used their home as collateral? They must have known Casey had emotional problems a very long time ago…. and WHY didn’t they get her help? Maybe George, should take a DNA test to see if he was Caylee’s father? Maybe he was molesting Casey, and she worried he might do it to Caylee??? Too many secrets in this family. I know, if Casey were my daughter and she got bailed out and was sent home, i would be giving her the 3rd degree and ‘beatin’ (figuratively) her into confessing all the truth. Where is Lee, the brother, what does he do for a living, does he have any problems emotionally as well This whole family seems so ‘middle class’ on the outside, but what are their secrets, behind closed doors? Too much lack of emotion, between all members of this family, it seems George can get mad at the media, why doesn’t he show that anger towards his daughter and demand she “fess” up?
    Now, Caylee’s father? That is a real strange sort huge secret, kept by all the members of this family! Perhaps they should exhume his body and do a DNA on him to see if the really is the father. I’ll just bet he is not. Too many coverups, lies and secrets.

    Comment by justme | August 30, 2008

  66. I know that Calee id deseased. I feel within my being that she is is near water, in a shallow grave, close to where her Mother’s car was last parked, when running out of gas, not in that exact spot , but near this area. This area is covered with tress and you will find Flowers left by her Mother and or flowers that have just sprouted up near or on this gave site. You will be able to locate this area by the smell of sweet flowers and or scent.

    Comment by Laura VadBunker | September 10, 2008

  67. [...] Anthony went missing on June 9, 2008; however, was not reported missing until July 16, 2008 when Cindy Anthony called to report that her [...]

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    Comment by ericka | September 27, 2008

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    Comment by veronica Middletown | October 30, 2008

  72. I hope and pray that so so sweet. and very very pretty little girl is still on earth.and she come home soon. and if not I know she is a angel now and she is so happy and at peace it make me cry everytime I see her so pretty face. I WISH TO GOD. caylee will be found very to you caylee always.

    Comment by kathy labelle | October 30, 2008

    who?? created the account on Aug. 23, 2006
    here is myspace response to me when I asked them the question about changing a url on myspace. she wasn’t hiding the signup date on the blog page in September. But after she was released late Sept. the signup date was blocked by a new layout generator. If they default the page – look at the ACTUAL SIGNUP CREATED PAGE DATE!!!! SHOCKING
    We apologize however, a MySpace user’s URL/web address is permanent and cannot be changed or edited. In addition, MySpace web addresses are issued on a first come, first serve basis so if the one you wanted is taken, please feel free to choose a different URL that is not yet in use.
    If you are using the old MySpace ‘skin’, the option to create your MySpace URL will be below your profile picture. If you are using the new MySpace ‘skin’, the option to choose your URL will be above your profile picture. Once you create your profile URL you will be displayed a confirmation screen. By choosing the Yes option, you are acknowledging that your MySpace URL cannot be changed.
    If this does not address your issue completely, please press Reply and provide any additional information you feel is relevant. For the most up to date messages about MySpace, subscribe to the MySpace Help blog! You get updates almost every day! Click here to subscribe or go to:
    Thank you,
    Customer Support”

    Comment by Michelle Gomez | November 4, 2008

  74. [...] Texas Equusearch is back in Florida to search for missing Caylee Anthony. Caylee has been missing since June 9, 2008. [...]

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  75. i think that the mom of calee should have held charges against the baby sitter that “killed Calee” A.k.A. My opinion: casey anthony

    Comment by 9j9k | November 9, 2008

  76. i think these grandparents of missing caylee should be charged for concealing information about their grandaughter. not to mention they knew long before 30 days had passed that something was wrong, if they have info on caylee that should be passed to officials. I feel they also know where that childs body is and they do’nt want it found for fear it will help that spoiled casey. she needs mental help and all the mental problems oviously comes from that mental, lying grandmother. cindy is as bigger liar as her daughter.thats all i have to say.

    Comment by joann miller | November 13, 2008

  77. [...] Anthony has been missing since June 9, 2008 in Orlando, FL. However, as most every one knows now Caylee was not reported missing until July 16, [...]

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  78. Come on people. Has anyone heard of genetics. My grandfather and my father were identical mirror images of one another. I look just like my father and my son does too. There are strong family resemblences.

    I think she left the girl unattended and it was an accident. She does not want to get in trouble so she tried to hide it.

    Let’s all pray for the baby. She needs our prayers.

    Parents do strange things when thier kids are in trouble. Afterall we are a reflection on them. Do you think they want to admitt they raised a daughter who would behave like this. That’s my 2 cents.

    Comment by Gina | November 24, 2008

  79. [...] of missing 3 year old Caylee Anthony, Casey Anthony. 3 year old Caylee Anthony went missing on June 9, 2008 and all evidence from the case including human decomposition from the tot moms car points to [...]

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  80. [...] Coincidence? According to WFTV the remains of a young girl have been located in Orange County, FL. The location is less than a half a mile from the home of Cindy and George Anthony, the parents of indicted tot mom Casey Anthony. Could this discovery possible be linked to the case of missing Caylee Anthony? Caylee Anthony has been missing since June 9, 2008. [...]

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  81. [...] When the news broke that a child’s skeletal remains matching what would be consistent with a 3 year old and of similar size and characteristics of missing Caylee Anthony, Cindy and George Anthony were in California after having the night before made an appearance on CNN’s Larry King Live. The grandparents were notified by law enforcement of the finding of a child’s remains near their home and flew back to Orlando later that day. However, a peculiar thing occurred as the news broke that Caylee Anthony may have been finally found after being missing for 6 months. [...]

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  82. I truly beleive that Lee Anthony is Caylee Anthony’s birth Father.

    Comment by Anita Kramer | December 16, 2008

  83. [...] at the heart strings of Americans and those from other countries as well. The precious little girl who went missing on June 9; however, was not reported missing until July 16, 2008. The fact that her mother, Casey Anthony, [...]

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  84. Does anyone know what color Lee Anthony’s eyes are?
    I have learned that 2 blue-eyed parents cannot have a brown eyed child. His eyes look like they are dark brown (but it might just TV). The Anthony parents both have really blue eyes. If so, can Lee be a half-brother? Can he possibly be the bio-father of Caylee, since her eyes are brownish, which would only come from a brown-eyed father???? She is also named after both CAsey and Lee.

    It is just strange that noone has come out of the woodwork claiming to be the bio, and Lee will not give up DNA.
    The bio father and/or his family could probably have a
    wrongful death lawsuit.

    Does anyone know? Certainly old friends of hers would know
    who she was sleeping with when she turned up pregnant.

    Comment by Lola R | December 31, 2008

  85. To answer the question about the eye color. Where ever you received the information that two blue-eyed parents canno have a brown eyed child is incorrect. To inply the brother is the father of caylee based off that information is absolutely rediculous. She may be a liar however, to start questioned someones parents is none of our bussiness.

    Comment by rhonda blackman | January 7, 2009

  86. Im sorry but someone please tell me how Lee Anthony is Caylee’s father.I dont believe that what so ever.
    Dont you think he would come out and say im here father?

    Comment by kahli | January 14, 2009

  87. [...] would be funny if a two year old little girl, Caylee Anthony, was not deceased. For a month Caylee Anthony was missing and her mother never bothered to once notify authorities or her parents, Cindy and George Anthony, [...]

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    Comment by Cheremie Mims | February 12, 2009

  89. soo sorry that caylee died

    Comment by Rachael | February 17, 2009

  90. God be with u Caylee where every u may be! I’m sorry u had such a short life I hope u enjoyed it!

    Comment by Audrie | July 6, 2011

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