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Jennifer Kesse Bill Passed by Florida House … Awaits Governors Signature

Jennifer Kesse has been missing since January 24, 2006 in Orlando, FL. Jennifer_Kesse5Jennifer’s parents have been regular guests of Scared Monkeys and have been true inspirations to those who have lost loved ones. Drew and Joyce Kesse have worked with Florida House of Representatives to create a bill intended to help future missing adults.

The parents of Jennifer Kesse have truly been inspirational in their efforts to find their missing daughter.

 Joyce Kesse, Jennifer’s Mother:
“It’s hard, very hard, but we remain devoted and committed to finding Jennifer, and we will not stop. We’ll scream from the mountains to keep the awareness out there. We are blessed to have the family and friend support we have and the support of the community, which continues to astound us.”

Drew Kesse, Jennifer’s Father:
“They will continue on, they will never stop. They have promised us that.”

The Kesse’s have fought long and hard to find their missing daughter as well as trying to establish laws that will help families in the future of missing adults.

The house passed a bill on Friday requiring law enforcement to send out alerts within two hours for any missing person under the age of 25.

The cutoff use to be 18 and as a result, it did not apply when Kesse went missing.

The bill is named for Kesse and Tiffany Sessions, who vanished from the University of Florida 18 years ago.

The bill still requires the governor’s signature.

Bill Proposed By Kesse’s Parents Passes

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  1. [...] have fought long and hard to get a piece of Adult Missing Persons legislation passed in Florida. The bill is named for Jennifer Kesse and Tiffany Sessions. It now only needs the Governor of Florida’s signature to become [...]

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  2. Very well done Drew, I know it will not find Jen but it will help other parents in a situation like yours. God bless you for your fight and may God bring you Jennifer home soon. I think of her almost daily, like many out here , she has become like a daughter. I am still working on senarios of her abduction and Im sure you know its very frustrating. God bless you and your family. Stay strong.
    Nevada Dan

    Comment by Dan | May 10, 2008

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