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Jennifer Kesse Bill Passed by Florida House … Awaits Governors Signature

Jennifer Kesse has been missing since January 24, 2006 in Orlando, FL. Jennifer_Kesse5Jennifer’s parents have been regular guests of Scared Monkeys and have been true inspirations to those who have lost loved ones. Drew and Joyce Kesse have worked with Florida House of Representatives to create a bill intended to help future missing adults.

The parents of Jennifer Kesse have truly been inspirational in their efforts to find their missing daughter.

 Joyce Kesse, Jennifer’s Mother:
“It’s hard, very hard, but we remain devoted and committed to finding Jennifer, and we will not stop. We’ll scream from the mountains to keep the awareness out there. We are blessed to have the family and friend support we have and the support of the community, which continues to astound us.”

Drew Kesse, Jennifer’s Father:
“They will continue on, they will never stop. They have promised us that.”

The Kesse’s have fought long and hard to find their missing daughter as well as trying to establish laws that will help families in the future of missing adults.

The house passed a bill on Friday requiring law enforcement to send out alerts within two hours for any missing person under the age of 25.

The cutoff use to be 18 and as a result, it did not apply when Kesse went missing.

The bill is named for Kesse and Tiffany Sessions, who vanished from the University of Florida 18 years ago.

The bill still requires the governor’s signature.

Bill Proposed By Kesse’s Parents Passes

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Tionda Bradley & Diamond Bradley Missing Since July 6, 2001 at age 10 & 3 … Recent Internet Photo Said to be That of Missing Girl

Is it possible that the mystery picture that surfaced on the internet is that of missing Tionda Bradley? Lois Gibson, a forensic artist with the Houston Police Department, said the online photo is that of Tionda Bradley, who disappeared at age 10 on July 6, 2001


10 year old Tionda Bradley and 3 year old Diamond Bradley have been missing since July 6, 2001. They were left home by their mother when she went to work. When their mother returned home at noon she found a note written in Tionda’s handwriting stating that the girls were going to the store and going to play at a near by school.

Friday night, Tracey called authorities and reported Diamond and Tionda missing. During their investigation, cops say several neighborhood children came forward and told cops they saw the girls playing outside of their complex around noon on Friday. Police say no one has seen them since.

The search was on for the Bradley sisters. Police searched the areas surrounding the girl’s home and lake. Police even dug up the cellar of the abandoned New Hope church–but found nothing. Investigators searched steel mills, thick woods, and the murky bottoms of small lakes and big ponds.  (AMW)

 Family web site: Find Tionda and

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Other recent stories:

UPDATE I: Mystery Internet Girl Is Not Missing Bradley Girl

CHICAGO (CBS) ― The parents of a girl some thought was Tionda Bradley have come forward to say she is not.

An image of Bradley and a picture of a girl found on the Internet had a forensic artist thinking the mystery girl had to be Tionda, but an investigator now tells CBS 2 that her parents say she is not the missing girl.

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Warren County, MS International Paper Mill Explosion … 2 Dead and a Dozen Missing

Warren County coroner  has confirmed that two people have died, 20 injured and a dozen are missing after an explosion at the International Paper mill in Redwood, Mississippi.

REDWOOD, Miss. (AP) — A county sheriff says an explosion at a paper mill has killed two people and left nearly a dozen missing.

Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace confirmed the deaths Saturday at the International Paper mill in Redwood.

He told WJTV in Jackson that nearly a dozen people are missing and nearly 20 others are injured. The mill employs about 300 people in and around Warren County.

The county is west of Jackson.

UPDATE I: 1 killed in International Paper plant explosion

Reports are now saying that only 1 person was killed in the explosion at the International Paper mill and that all employees have been accounted for.

Authorities now say one person was killed in an explosion at the International Paper mill in Redwood, Mississippi.

The deputy coroner of Warren County says at least 16 people have been injured and are being treated. All employees have been accounted for after a boiler exploded this afternoon.

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