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Cyd Mizell, American Woman Missing and Kidnapped in Afghanistan

Cyd Mizell, a 49 year old American woman was kidnapped from a residential neighborhood as she was on her way to work in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Masked gunmen kidnapped a burqa-clad American aid worker and her driver. The abduction took place at 7:50 am local time in District 6 on the south side of the downtown.

Cyd Mizell, who worked in Kandahar for the Asian Rural Life Development Foundation, was snatched from a residential neighborhood as she was on her way to work. Jeff Palmer, the aid group’s international director, said the group had not been contacted by the kidnappers and that he did not know their identity or demands.

Asadullah Khalid, the provincial governor, blamed the kidnappings on the “enemy of Islam and the enemy of Afghanistan.” Khalid said the 49-year-old American was wearing a burqa when she was seized.

A Taliban spokesman said he had no immediate information that the Islamic militia was behind the kidnappings.

Kidnappings for ransom are an increasing problem in Afghanistan. Dozens of Afghans have been abducted in the last year, and heavy rumors persist nationwide of foreign governments paying large ransoms to win the freedom of their citizens.

In a likely plea to the woman’s captors, Khalid noted that Mizell respected Afghan traditions by wearing the burqa and speaking the local languages. She did not travel with armed guards, he said.

American Woman Kidnapped in Afghanistan

US woman kidnapped in Afghanistan

An American aid worker has been kidnapped with her driver while travelling to work in a volatile region in southern Afghanistan.

Unknown gunmen took the pair outside of the southern city of Kandahar, said provincial governor Asadullah Khalid.

He said the gunmen had not contacted the government or the aid agency Asian Rural Life Development Foundation, where she worked.

Mr Khalid added that police and intelligence officials were working to find the woman, who he said had lived in the country for years. (BBC)

UPDATE I:  Afghan Women Protest American Kidnapping

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AP) — About 500 Afghan women gathered in a rare mass protest Tuesday against the kidnapping of an American aid worker. The women, many wearing burqas, called on officials to find the captive American and urged the kidnappers to release her.

Officials said they still had not identified any suspects in the kidnapping of Cyd Mizell and her Afghan driver, Abdul Hadi. Gunmen abducted the two Saturday in a residential neighborhood of the southern city of Kandahar.

The demonstration by so many Afghan women in the conservative southern province of Kandahar was a rare display of women’s wishes. The 90-minute meeting was filled with prayers and speeches calling on government leaders to act.

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  1. Cyd has been a close family friend of mine for over thirteen years, and her generousity of spirit and her hope for better things for people who are not as blessed as we are here in America is overwhelming. If you knew Cyd Mizell, then your comment about selfless people being a wonder would never had been made. I have never to this day met another individual with such a giving heart and an honest concern for others as Cyd. She makes your life better just by knowing her, and anyone whose life has been touched by hers is always better because of it. One amazing thing about Cyd is that I bet right now she is most likely unconcerned for herself even as a prisoner…knowing her she is more concerned for the driver of her car and his family, and she is probably even wishing good things upon her kidnappers. That is the extraordinary type of individual she is. There are not enough Cyd Mizells in the world and it is my fervent prayer that she is unharmed and returned safely as soon as possible. She is such a blessing and a wonderful friend. We miss her and hope she is home again soon.

    Comment by Jen Wilson | January 28, 2008

  2. It is my daily prayer that Cyd Mizell will be freed by her captors and her driver will also be released unharmed. I do not know Cyd, never heard of her before this, however, I do have a sister who is doing the exact same type of work in Afghanistan for the past 3 years. What I don’t understand is why the American public has not been informed through our “media” that this has taken place. If I did not go daily to news from “Afghanistan” on Yahoo I would have never heard about this. Have not heard a peep from local news station, papers, etc. Why? People need to know that an American citizen has been abducted for trying to help the women of Afghanistan! PLEASE MEDIA GET ON THE BALL! Pressure from this side of the ocean could make all difference in this situation and people could be aware of it and know to PRAY for Cyd…My God delivers and He will deliver her.

    Comment by Carole Todd | February 1, 2008

  3. cyd went to my church before she left for afganistan and i also do not understand why this is not on the news you would think the media would be all over this apparently not…

    Comment by john s. | February 5, 2008

  4. I have lived in Pakistan and traveled in Afghanistan. A high school class mate and friend, who is now in northern Afghanistan doing much the same thing Cyd has been doing, was kidnapped in the Ghazni province in 1991 and released 6 months later, while working in Afghanistan, much like Cyd’s situation. I heard about her kidnapping in church two weeks ago, and immediately thought of my friend. He too is, as is evident by his continued work in Afghanistan, a most caring and God fearing person, who is reaching out to those in great need. I have been in touch with him and his wife. Know that there is a very concerned segment of the world that knows what is going on and who are praying fervently for Cyd’s release.

    As I am sure Cyd is doing, my friend prayed for his captors, and even became his captor’s childrens tutor during his captivity, speaking only well of those who held him. From the outpouring of support for Cyd, it is evident there is a majority of the Afghan people who condemn the kidnapping, and are, through their efforts such as the women’s protest, bringing pressure to bear on those who hold Cyd.

    I too feel the press has done far to little. Cyd is in God’s hands, and our prayers are with her.

    Comment by Robert Lotze | February 5, 2008

  5. I was a friend of Cyd’s while she attended college for a short time in Abilene, TX. I heard about her kidnapping from a brief World News item in my local paper, then brief comments in passing on CNN for a day or two afterwards. Since then…NOTHING. I too am terribly frustrated with the media and fail to understand why there has been NOTHING reported on this. Now I hear, only from the website of the organization Cyd worked for, that the worst is expected. STILL NOTHING IN THE MAINSTREAM NEWS MEDIA!! Why?!! We’ve heard all about Prince Harry in Afghanistan, and now he’s pulled out, back home and safe. HOW DO WE GET THE MEDIA TO CARE ABOUT AN AMERICAN WOMAN WHO IS TRULY REMARKABLE AND NOW POSSIBLY GONE? I am so grateful to see the comments by others who feel the same.

    Comment by Karen Taylor | February 29, 2008

  6. While I have not seen Cyd in about 5 years, she is a close and trusted friend — a former “bud” since she never liked to use the word date. Many people have described her as gentle and quiet. I think we should also add bold and hilarious to that as well. When she had a conviction, she would not be persuaded otherwise…and when she laughed, the whole world could hear it. Why would she be kidnapped and murdered? What would frighten someone so much that they would do anything to silence her? In my opinion it was one thing — her purity. That scared them, especially as she had influence on women, children and students. Her purity attracted women and men alike to the Gospel. Evidently some one tried to silence the power of purity. But they never will and her legacy will live on. Pray with me that her words and her smile will haunt those who took her life.

    Comment by G. L. Brown | March 1, 2008

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