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Help Family Search For Nita Mayo, Missing Since August 8, 2005

Wednesday, August 8, 2007 represents the two years since Nita Mayo went missing. Tracy Mayo asked us if we could not post the following. Please help the family search for Nita Mayo …

A major search is being organized for missing Hawthorne, Nevada woman, Nita Mayo on Saturday and Sunday, August 18th and 19th. Volunteers are needed to help with this search and recovery effort.

The family of Nita Mayo is urgently asking for help from SAR dog teams that have been trained & certified, especially in Forensic Search, and are available the weekend of August 18th & 19th, 2007.

Nita Mayo has been missing since August 8, 2005 when she had breakfast with a friend before leaving Hawthorne, NV for a day trip over the Sonora Pass. She has not been seen since. NitaMayo

We feel it is absolutely imperative to get as many people as possible participating in this search. If you are available on either Saturday or Sunday, please join us in helping this family in their continued search for their Mother….your support is greatly appreciated. The search area is ~1 hour east of Sonora, CA on Hwy 108.

If you are able to help (or for more information) please contact Mike or Bridget Melson at 925.600.8084 x5 or or Tracy Mayo 701-730-4949

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  1. [...] major search is being organized for missing Hawthorne, Nevada woman, Nita Mayo on Saturday and Sunday, August 18th and 19th. Volunteers are needed to help with this search and recovery [...]

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  2. I have this family in our prayers…

    Comment by mrs. red | August 8, 2007

  3. I’m no where near Nevada, but my prayers are with Nita’s family and the volunteers who are helping them.

    Comment by LilPuma | August 8, 2007

  4. Nita and her loved ones are in my prayers and positive thoughts.
    Below are some things I gathered from the articles here at SM on Nita and some info on the area her car was found.
    hugs and kisses to Nita nad her loved ones.

    Info on Nita Mayo
    Nita Mayo has been missing since August 8, 2005 when she had breakfast with a friend before leaving Hawthorne, NV for a day trip over the Sonora Pass. She has not been seen since.
    Son works to keep Mayo in spotlight
    Published: September 23, 2005
    Nita Mayo’s car was later found in the parking lot at the Donnell Vista overlook but the Hawthorne, Nev. woman hasn’t been seen since.
    Mayo’s car was discovered with her purse, cell-phone and keys inside around Donnell Vista on Highway 108 shortly after she disappeared.
    “The note just said she was on the part of Sonora Pass that Steve (her boss) had told her about,” Pete Mayo said. “She was looking out over a meadow and listening to the sounds of the mountains.”
    A glimmer of a lead came last Sunday, when a San Jose man at the Donnell Vista overlook spotted something yellow floating in Donnell Reservoir, 1,000 feet below. When Nita Mayo disappeared, investigators believe, she was wearing a yellow shirt. Upon seeing the yellow object, Joe Fedor called the Sheriff’s Department to urge someone to fly over the lake to see what it was. But unpredictable wind conditions above the lake prevented that.
    Two sheriff’s investigators went to the vista overlook Monday, but they saw nothing, said Lunney.

    Info on area where car found
    Donnell Vista Vandalized
    Sonora, CA (March 3, 2006) …The Forest Service today announced that the safety railing at Donnell Vista overlook, a popular scenic rest stop and picnic area, was stolen over the winter months. Located approximately 13 miles northeast of Pinecrest along Highway 108, Donnell Vista is a very popular destination for scenic viewing, interpretive programs, school trips, weddings and photography. The vista overlooks the spectacular Middle Fork Stanislaus River Canyon, Donnell Reservoir, and the Dardanelles.
    Forest officials discovered in early January that the overlook viewing platform was missing its circular aluminum alloy railing. According to Julie Martin, Summit Ranger District Public Service Program Leader, “All that remained filled a small baggie.” To provide for public safety, the area will be gated and temporarily closed until necessary repairs can be made. The vista point is currently blanketed by snow, about eight miles beyond the Highway 108 snow-closure gate, and not currently accessible to motorists.
    “It is hard to understand why someone would remove a safety railing from an overlook” stated Summit District Ranger Karen Caldwell. “We are optimistic that we can replace the railing this coming summer. We will reopen the site to the public as soon as we can assure public safety needs are met.”
    Anyone with information regarding this theft-vandalism of public property is asked to please contact Stanislaus NF Law Enforcement Patrol Captain Jay Power at (209) 532-3671, ext. 314
    – DIRECTIONS TO DONNELLS VISTA: From Sonora, drive east on Highway 108 for 31 miles (just past the Dodge Ridge turnoff) to the town of Strawberry. Continue on Highway 108 for 16 miles to the Donnells Vista parking area on the left. Turn left, park and walk five minutes to Donnells Vista.

    Business near to Donnell
    Donnell Vista about 6 miles from Pigeon Flat Campground
    Mi Wuk Village Inn
    Pigeon Flat Campground 24 miles east of Pinecrest on Highway 108.
    Donnell Vista (0.25 mile) A mile paved trail with signs along the way, leads to an overlook with sweeping views of the Middle Fork Stanislaus River Canyon, and Donnell Reservoir. On Highway 108 about 18 miles east of Pinecrest.

    Donnell Vista about 6 miles from Pigeon Flat Campground
    Mi Wuk Village Inn; Busy working to help make dreams come true: Family Vacation Scholarship Program
    Here are some of our favorite “get away” places just minutes up Highway 108. The photos are in order of traveling “up the hill.”
    40 min.
    Without a doubt, this is one of the most spectacular vista points on Sonora Pass, with the exception of the entire pass itself! It’s just a little unassuming sign marked “Donnell’s Vista Point Pull into the parking lot and be sure to take the path that leads to the right. At first you’ll think it isn’t much…until you keep walking. Be sure to walk all the way to the end and the lookout point. Then look down 1,100 feet into the Stanislaus River and across the huge ravine to the magnificent Dardanelle’s, an ancient lava flow still remaining on the top of the Sierras after millions of years. Truly worth the trip!

    good map

    Comment by NM | August 9, 2007

  5. I have tried to provide info that will help–no one has contacted me. I even contacted the sheriff’s Dept. in tuol. county–I have not heard a word back from anyone.
    I really believe that this woman is still alive–that she was kidnapped to prevent her from speaking about something she witnessed. I think i know why no one has contacted her family about seeing her–her description has changed. her hair color is white now–and a different pair of glasses. her weight possibly is much lighter now and no one was told to look for a woman with an English accent. a woman with amnesia–who knows nothing more then her name is “Juanita”–please start thinking on a different TRACK–that she is alive–not dead at the base of a canyon. if you change direction in where you are looking–i think you will have a better chance in finding her.
    sincerely, Karen Maciejewski (Rev. Karina)

    Comment by Karen Maciejewski | May 13, 2008

  6. I would like to donate to Equusearch, in response to Leonard Padilla’s request last night on Nancy Grace.
    Please tell me how to do same.

    God Bless you and your family Mr. Miller.

    Fran Nobles


    Here is the link to the TES page for donations:

    Comment by Fran Nobles | October 21, 2008

  7. I’m just curious if the FBI has looked into foul play regarding a man named mark philiber? I knew Nita Mayo through my doctor at the time, a very nice woman. I have my own suspicions. After Nita became missing, mark left his job of many years at the hwad. He became very interested in my grandma after this, always at her home or wanting to take her places including a non-official church. I went to church with my grandma and became very suspicious of mark, his body language was that of someone (I’m will not post this part). Then finally my grandma decided to move to texas with her daughter until she got her own place. What a coincidence shortly after that mark moved to texas to continue to befriend my grandmother, whom made it clear she was not interested in being with another man, my grandfather (passed away in 1999)is the only man she wanted. Sadly my grandmother moved again and passed away in 2010 of natural causes. My grandmother was also short and somewhat simular to nita. All this may be nothing, but a direction. My prayers are with the family and for some reason I can’t seem to get nita out of my mind, ironically we share the same birthday of february 9th. I hope this gives some extra ideas of what may have happened to nita, I don’t believe she is in sonora pass area. God Bless the family.

    Comment by Christina Garcia | October 28, 2011

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