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Barry Whitton Arrested in the disappearance of Kim Whitton and her daughter, Haleigh Culwell

Kim Whitton and her 11 year old daughter, Haleigh Culwell, have been sinning since June 21, 2007. However, they were not reported missing until June 28, 2007. They were not reported missing by Kim’s husband, Barry Whitton, but rather by one of her co-workers. Today, Barry Whitton was arrested on a separate matter weapons possession charge. So once again a “suspect” who the police refuse to call a suspect is a

Barry Whitton seems to have been arrested on the separate, unrelated charge so to get the real story out of his as to what happened to Kim Whitton and Haleigh Culwell.

Barry Whitton, 38, was charged with a weapons possession count that FBI spokesman Charles Regan of Birmingham is unrelated to the disappearance of his wife and stepdaughter. He previously had been convicted of receiving stolen property in 1988 and 1991, U.S. attorney’s office spokeswoman Jill Ellis said. (FOX)

So not only does Barry Whitton has a murdered previous wife who’s case was never solved or prosecuted, but he fails to ever report his present wife or step daughter missing. Do we really need to look any further?

(Kim Whitton)

Barry Whitton seems to have a history of wives going missing. Barry Whitton’s first wife was a victim of an unsolved homicide. His first wife was eventually found murdered and buried. Whitton told investigators she had left him. I think we are starting to sense a pattern. Making matters even worse, the father of missing Kim Whitton was unaware of Barry Whitton’s past. Whitton had actually lied to his father in law as to how his previous wife died. Its pretty damming when one cannot tell the truth how one’s previous wife died, if they have nothing to hide.

(Haleigh Culwell)

Whitton’s father, Jerry Compton, said Friday that her husband, Barry Whitton, “seems like a pretty nice fellow.” He said he was surprised to learn about the circumstances of the death of Michelle Whitton, Barry Whitton’s previous wife.

“He told me his first wife died from an overdose,” Compton said. “But I found out last night that she was murdered.”

Several weeks after her unexplained disappearance, Michelle Whitton’s body was found partially buried in 1997 on a hillside in the Powell community about 15 miles from their Dutton home. No one was arrested in her death. Authorities said her death was a homicide but never disclosed how she died. (Huntsville Times)

Sand Mountain Search for Missing Woman

Whitton arrested

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Body of 12 year old Zina Linnik Found Deceased (Update: Terapon Adhahn Will be Charged with Murder)

There is sad news to report in the case of missing 12 year old Zina Linnik. Police are stating that they have found the body of the missing 12 year old.

Tacoma Police announced they found the body of 12-year-old Zina Linnik in Pierce County. The information came from a sex offender arrested earlier this week.

When it was previously discovered that a sex offender from Thailand had been taken in to custody as a person of interest, the missing persons case of Zina Linnik became rather grim. When the search warrant turned up a girl’s underwear at his home, things did not look good for missing Zina Linnik. One hates to speculate; however, we were dealing with a convicted sex offender. Why wouldn’t anyone think he was the suspect?

A search warrant reports investigators on Monday found a girl’s undergarments at his home, where he lives alone. He responded to that news by saying he was remodeling the home for his sister.

The sad the reality is that once again a convicted sex offender was allowed to walk among the most innocent of us and allowed to repeat his offenses against unsuspecting 12 year old girls. It wasn’t enough that this sex offender pleaded guilty in the past to incest after being charged with rape. Nope, he was allowed to escalate his crimes to murder and the other awful things we will learn in the future of the heinous acts committed against this beautiful and innocent 12 year old. Zina Linnik, God Bless and rest in peace.

UPDATE I: Police ‘Expect’ Convicted Sex Offender Will Be Charged in Murder of Washington Girl

Police said Friday that they “expect” a 42-year-old convicted sex offender from Thailand will be charged in the murder of 12-year-old Zina Linnik, who police believe was kidnapped July 4 while watching a fireworks display.

Terapon Adhahn, who was convicted of incest in 1990, provided information that led to the discovery of the girl’s body while being held for questioning, Tacoma Police Chief Don Ramsdell said. Adhahn, who lists a Parkland, Wash., address, was being held by federal immigration officials on a charge unrelated to Linnik’s apparent abduction. (FOX)

Some are raising the issue that Zina Linnk’s death is a result of our porous open borders and the consequences of not deporting criminals. As Michelle Malkin states, the death of 12 year old Zina Linnik is the “Bloody consequences of open borders”. However, we will go one step further and state that this is not just a product of the failure of open borders and the unwillingness to deport criminals. This is a result of America’s unwillingness to protect children. Sex registration lists are not updated. Law enforcement has no mechanism to track these predators. The end result is we suddenly find these sex predators after they have assaulted or murdered a child.

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