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Body of 12 year old Zina Linnik Found Deceased (Update: Terapon Adhahn Will be Charged with Murder)

There is sad news to report in the case of missing 12 year old Zina Linnik. Police are stating that they have found the body of the missing 12 year old.

Tacoma Police announced they found the body of 12-year-old Zina Linnik in Pierce County. The information came from a sex offender arrested earlier this week.

When it was previously discovered that a sex offender from Thailand had been taken in to custody as a person of interest, the missing persons case of Zina Linnik became rather grim. When the search warrant turned up a girl’s underwear at his home, things did not look good for missing Zina Linnik. One hates to speculate; however, we were dealing with a convicted sex offender. Why wouldn’t anyone think he was the suspect?

A search warrant reports investigators on Monday found a girl’s undergarments at his home, where he lives alone. He responded to that news by saying he was remodeling the home for his sister.

The sad the reality is that once again a convicted sex offender was allowed to walk among the most innocent of us and allowed to repeat his offenses against unsuspecting 12 year old girls. It wasn’t enough that this sex offender pleaded guilty in the past to incest after being charged with rape. Nope, he was allowed to escalate his crimes to murder and the other awful things we will learn in the future of the heinous acts committed against this beautiful and innocent 12 year old. Zina Linnik, God Bless and rest in peace.

UPDATE I: Police ‘Expect’ Convicted Sex Offender Will Be Charged in Murder of Washington Girl

Police said Friday that they “expect” a 42-year-old convicted sex offender from Thailand will be charged in the murder of 12-year-old Zina Linnik, who police believe was kidnapped July 4 while watching a fireworks display.

Terapon Adhahn, who was convicted of incest in 1990, provided information that led to the discovery of the girl’s body while being held for questioning, Tacoma Police Chief Don Ramsdell said. Adhahn, who lists a Parkland, Wash., address, was being held by federal immigration officials on a charge unrelated to Linnik’s apparent abduction. (FOX)

Some are raising the issue that Zina Linnk’s death is a result of our porous open borders and the consequences of not deporting criminals. As Michelle Malkin states, the death of 12 year old Zina Linnik is the “Bloody consequences of open borders”. However, we will go one step further and state that this is not just a product of the failure of open borders and the unwillingness to deport criminals. This is a result of America’s unwillingness to protect children. Sex registration lists are not updated. Law enforcement has no mechanism to track these predators. The end result is we suddenly find these sex predators after they have assaulted or murdered a child.

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  1. [...] is terribly sad news to report out of Washington State. The body of Zina Linnick has been found by police. What a surprise, the information that lead to the discovery came from the sex offender that was [...]

    Pingback by Scared Monkeys | July 13, 2007

  2. God help Linnik family, we all pray for you, we so sorry about your lose…and that we could not prevent what had happened to Zina. God Bless you, and help you to forgive…

    Comment by Roman | July 13, 2007

  3. Our prayers are with the Linnik family, may God give them strenghth to get past this. I have a child and cannot imagine how the parents must feel. I am deeply saddened that Zina was not found alive.

    Comment by Luda | July 13, 2007

  4. There looking now to see if there is any connection with this guy and the Andrea Jackson case in 2005

    Comment by Sue | July 13, 2007

  5. My heart, and prays go to the Linnik Family and Friends, I am so sad to hear about your loss, I couldnt imagine the pain that you are feeling, I hope that in time you are able to find some form of closure with your heart ache and loss, just know that the Lord has her in Heaven, she is in a wonderful place.. And to the Zina’s, Father, Please dont spend the rest of life reliving that moment and blame yourself, you are human, you are good man, I really couldnt put myself in your shoes, but may the Lord be with you, strength for your lives, happiness for your heart, and an end to your pain. We in Oregon are Praying and our Thoughts are truly with your family and friends. When we all heard I was in public at a store and everyone just stopped, there were tears, and instant prays just started people that didnt know eachother joined together in the store and started praying. So I hope knowing that all though the outcome wasnt all we prayed for, I hope our prays and strength and touch your lives and hearts.
    From one Parent to another,
    Love with Prays, and Thoughts with you,
    Vanessa my daughter
    Hunter my son

    Comment by Holly B | July 13, 2007

  6. This could have been prevented….this piece of sub-human cells, was not even supposed to be here. After his crime almost two decades ago he was supposed to be deported. He should not have been here….he should not have been in the alley on the 4 of July when Zina was innocently enjoying fireworks. How many other children has he massacred in the last 17 years? How many other children have had to suffer the heinous torture and death that befell Zina,….How many other parents have been sentenced to a life of grief because of this evil animal…..and because someone didn’t do their job 17 years ago. Who was responsible for enforcing his deportation? Do they know who they are? Do they realize the magnitude of their cavalier attitude toward a pedifile? When will those in charge realize pedifiles should and must be treated like any other rapists and murderers??

    Comment by Lorraine | July 13, 2007

  7. My prayers are with the Linnik’s. This is a horrific act that I am so sorry that Zina and her family had to suffer through. We live in a wonderful country but must work harder at protecting our children. This is not right for our children to be constantly afraid. I have two daughters (one is Zina’s age) and a son and fear whenever they go out or I’m not around them.

    Comment by Lisa M. | July 13, 2007

  8. This is a preventable, horrible tragedy. And it sounds like we are going to hear even more details ahead.

    Do you remember Heaven LaShea Ross of Northport AL? There are several girls who were snatched and murdered around a certain date each year or every other year. Zina’s pics resembles ones I have seen of Heaven Ross. I believe Heaven was snatched mid August.

    Anyway, if it is him, then he will go away for a long time. At this time , Alabama still has the death penalty.

    Let’s be glad this creep is off the streets. And focus on protecting our children.

    Comment by Jennifer Kidd | July 13, 2007

  9. According to Tacoma Police Public Information Officer Mark Fulghum no other human remains were discovered in the area where Zina Linnik’s body was found at the Silver Lake recreational road cutoff. This a rural area located at 403rd and Mountain Highway, west of Eatonville. Fulghum said the girl’s body was found near Silver Lake, not far from Mountain Highway East, an area that is west of Eatonville in East Pierce County.

    Comment by Sue | July 14, 2007

  10. [...] were lead to Zina Linnk’s body near Silver Lake, west of Eatonville in eastern Pierce County, by 42-year-old Terapon Dang Adhahn. Terapon Adhahn is a convicted sex offender who has been in custody on an unrelated immigration [...]

    Pingback by Scared Monkeys | July 14, 2007

  11. ICE has failed US yet again. Big surprise. It’s good to see the Tacoma residents pushing for a new round of sex offender legislation.
    I can’t imagine the terror that child felt at the hands of this piece of sewage. I’ll bet they’ve isolated him away from general population, whereas for example, with Compean and Ramos they had no problem throwing them right in…

    Comment by Joseph | July 17, 2007

  12. This just in from King 5 News.

    Terapon Adhahm the suspect in the Zina Linnik murder and person of interest in Adre’anna Jackson’s death, has been booked on multiple counts in two unrelated cases of child rape, including more than 50 counts of child rape.

    Comment by Sue | July 18, 2007

  13. I am so very sorry about your daughter. With the one year mark coming around shortly; I just wanted to let you know that people have not forgot about you or quit praying for you all. I pray that you do not blame yourself for any of this. Monsters appear in the middle of the day just as easy as any other time. We are neighbors and I also have a child close to Zina’s age ~ I cannot imagine anything close to what you all have been through. May God be with you now and always. Zina will always be an Angel.

    Comment by Mary | June 5, 2008

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