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Tim Miller & Texas EquuSearch Helping Search for Stepha Henry in Florida

Just in to Missing & Exploited, Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearch is in Florida helping in the search for missing 22 year old Stepha Henry. Stepha Henry is a graduate of criminal justice who has been missing since May 29, 2007 in Fort Lauderdale, FL when she attended a club. Stepha Henry checked her voice mail at 4:13 am but was never seen or heard from again.

According to Tim Miller, founder of Texas Equusearch, they are going to use several resources to aid in Stepha’s search. They will be using side scanner sonar and search the many water areas in the vicinity where she went missing.

Tim Miller also stated that they are trying to locate the vehicle that Stepha Henry was given a ride in to the club. Tim agrees with the police that the car could hold keys to the mystery of missing Stepha Henry.

Where is that Acura Integra? The man who drove it that night says he borrowed it from a friend of a friend. Police think if they can find the car, maybe they’ll get some answers. Is it abandoned somewhere? Or innocently being driven by its owner? Any answer would help. (AMW)

Tim Miller stated that the family of Stepha Miller asked us if we could not help bring their daughter home. Tim stated, “that law enforcement has been extremely cooperative in mapping a plan of action to search for Stepha”. We just want to bring Stepha home to her family, said Tim Miller”.

UPDATE I: Search for Missing Stepha Henry continues with aide of TES

The Henrys have also hired a high-profile search and rescue team, Texas EquuSearch, to help find Stepha. The nonprofit organization conducts searches by foot, water (diving and boats), air (using helicopters and planes), and dog teams (air scent and corpse.)

{{{SM Editors note: The Broward Times in this article stated that the family hired Texas Equusearch. That is not correct. The editors at this news paper need a understand that non-profits are not hired. The family asked for TES’s help, they did not hire them. We will make this correction of the misspoken word, if The Broward Times does not.}}}

EquuSearch director Tim Miller said the group was involved in the recovery of pregnant murder victim Jessie Davis’ body in Ohio. The company also helped in the search for murder victim Kelsey Smith, and for Natalee Holloway, a partying teen who is still listed as missing in Aruba.

“The Henrys contacted us in Texas and we wanted to get involved with the search,” he said. “We’ve brought sonar equipment to search underwater.” (Broward Times)

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  1. Stepha Henry’s mother lives in fear
    July 4, 2007
    Where is Stepha Henry?

    She is the beautiful 22-year-old college student who came to South Florida for Memorial Day weekend and vanished after being last seen at a Sunrise nightclub.

    Her mother, Sylvia Henry, is trapped in an unimaginable chrysalis of hope and fear. Tucked away in a tidy North Miami Beach condo belonging to her sister, Sylvia Henry has resolved not to return to her Brooklyn home until her daughter is found.

    “It’s my daughter,” she says, “I need to know what has happened to my daughter.”

    It is the middle of the afternoon. Sun streams into the unlit room. Idyllic, it all appears, until you note the grief tattooed on the mother’s edges – in her eyes and her body language, in what she says and does not say. “The pain and agony every day. Waking up and not seeing my daughter …” she says before drifting into silence.

    I want to reach out and say something – do something. I’ve been inundated with the horrific story of Jessie Davis, the Ohio single mother who went missing only to be found murdered.

    I ask Mrs. Henry if she’d seen the coverage. Quietly, she responds, “Yes.”

    Did disparity in media attention for her daughter’s disappearance and other missing girls concern her?

    “Yes, I was … am concerned. I’m calling the media. They call me. But when they call, they ask if there’s anything new. They will only do something if there is something new,” she says.

    Her silent pauses make me cringe. To her this isn’t a puzzling mystery, a novelty, a story – it’s the life of her little girl. Stepha was a member of step-dancing groups in high school. Stepha was a criminal justice graduate who is supposed to be preparing for her LSAT.

    Sylvia Henry rattles off a list of words to describe her daughter:

    Spunky, friendly, diverse, responsible and intelligent.

    Another word to describe Stepha Henry is missing.

    Where is Stepha Henry?

    She is not on the cover of People magazine, like the beautiful little British girl who went missing while on vacation with her parents. And she is not leading the 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock … news cycles on cable. She is not among the top items on local news.

    Natalee Holloway. Jessie Davis. Laci Peterson. Elizabeth Smart. JonBenet Ramsey. Unless you’ve been under a rock or in near complete media isolation for the past several years, you know the names. Women, girls, children whose disappearances, abductions, murders or reappearances made national news.

    How about some more names:

    Kireasha Pam Linkhorne. Marci Crane. Shirley Geanes.

    These are women, mothers, daughters who went missing around the same time. Black women whose disappearances did not become household chatter. Women named in an ’06 Essence magazine article on the topic of the glaring difference the national and local media makes between the disappearance of black and white women.

    “The evidence suggests that there is a clear disparity in the media coverage of black and white women,” says Georgia Goslee, a Maryland-based attorney representing the Henry family.

    Sylvia Henry is making in-roads. Stepha’s photo and information appears on Web sites for Nancy Grace and America’s Most Wanted. Stepha’s story is due to air at 8 tonight on CNN’s Nancy Grace.

    Miami-Dade police Cmdr. Linda O’Brien says she is passionate about finding Stepha Henry. “We feel foul play is involved. It’s not like she decided without telling anybody to go to some other city and visit friends,” she says.

    The police continue to search for a four-door, dark-colored Acura Integra. “We keep talking to people, looking for information.”

    As a mother, Stepha Henry’s absence makes me sick. As a black mother, the media’s lackadaisical approach infuriates me. As a human being, I join Sylvia Henry, Georgia Goslee and Cmdr. O’Brien in asking the only question that matters:

    Where is Stepha Henry?

    Sherri Winston can be reached at or 954-356-4476.

    Comment by Sleuth | July 7, 2007

  2. [...] Tim Miller stated that the family of Stepha Miller asked us if we could not help bring their daughter home. Tim stated, “that law enforcement has been extremely cooperative in mapping a plan of action to search for Stepha”. We just want to bring Stepha home to her family, said Tim Miller”. Get more details here. [...]

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  3. people may be more out to help find your daughter. if you acted as a true adult.and stop trying to make it a black and white thing.the women you named came from familys of money. so do you think it might be a case of money or no money? i pray your daughter is found safe.and return home soon.

    Comment by camille | July 23, 2007

  4. My hearts and prayers go out to their families. I think about her a lot and her family.I hope that she is still alive. Words can’t really express what I’m feeling for the family.

    Comment by Jasmin Moore | December 5, 2007

  5. I met stepha a little over come november it will be four years at her sister wedding in Trinidad her native home. To me she seem to be a pleaseant young woman nothing out of the ordinary in behaviour. My heart goes out to the family especially the parents and siblings. I have been following this story since it happen over a year ago. I am hoping to god that this family get some closeure soon. I am also asking the police to charge that man because he knows something and he is not tell.

    Comment by Smally (Trinidad) | August 21, 2008

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