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4 Year Old Cesar Aguilar-Cano Missing Since June 29, 2007 in Kentucky (Update: Body Found – Deceased)

4 year old Cesar Aguliar-Cano has been missing since Friday, June 29, 2007 when he was last seen in front of the apartment complex at 3155 Oakdale Ave. near Churchill Downs where he lives. More than 200 officers, firefighters and neighbors to part in the search for Cesar Aguilar-Cano on Saturday. Those helping in the search posted signs in both English and Spanish asking for help in locate the missing 4 year old.,2933,287650,00.html


  • Cesar is 3 feet tall

  • weighs 40 pounds

  • He was wearing a yellow tank top and gray shorts at the time of his disappearance.

Local community activist Christopher 2X, who has been assisting Aguilar-Cano’s devastated family, told the Kentucky Courier-Journal he was contacted by a psychic who specializes in missing children. The psychic, Cheryl Glassner, said she would offer her services. (FOX News)

Search for missing boy gets national attention

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is stepping in to help. They do not intend to take over the case, they would just like to be of assistance in any way that they can to bring the four-year-old back home to his family. (WHAS 11)

Police Review Stores’ Tapes In Search For Missing 4-year-Old Boy

Police were reviewing the surveillance tapes to see if any caught an image of Cesar Aguilar-Cano, who was last seen on Friday afternoon in front of the apartment complex his family lives in near Churchill Downs, said Lt. Phil Russell of the Louisville police department. (WKYT)

UPDATE I: Police tight lipped on body of youngster found today

Louisville Metro Police are not saying whether the body found this morning by sanitation workers in a garbage truck is that of 4-year old Cesar Ivan Aguilar-Cano.

Cano has been missing for several days, but family members they are are “hopeful” their son will be found alive.

Police have set up a command post near the site where the body was found and members of the media are massing in reaction to the reported finding.

Shortly before 7:30 today, two Solid Waste Management employees found the body in their truck partially covered with trash. Please were not sure at the time where the body had been picked up but part of their investigation includes retracing the truck’s route. (WKYT)

UPDATE II: Body of Missing Kentucky Boy, Cesar Aguilar-Cano Found in Garbage Truck

A body found in a garbage truck over the weekend was that of a missing 4-year-old boy, a coroner said Monday.

Cesar “Ivan” Aguilar-Cano was the victim of a homicide, Jefferson County Coroner Ron Holmes said. (FOX NEWS)

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  1. i pray he did not suffer. but kind of mother would let her 4 year old son wonder alone in that part of town or alone anywere. she is quilty of abuse. his blood is on her hands. i have taken care of children for 29 years and never did i leave one of them alone out side in a fenced yard!!!they were in my sight at all times. and she goes and takes a shower and leaves him alone out side. you should arrest her for child abuse. her tears are fake look closer in their past. i would not let my dog wonder alone out side alone because i know what would happen he would either get killed or someone would take him. and that nut lets her little boy out alone. she killed her son.

    Comment by kathy trulock | July 10, 2007

  2. god where to begin i dont really blame the mother considering where they are from but as a mother of five i would never let may child out of my sight i have agonized over this and cryed til i cant cry anymore ive had to take nerve pills this tragedy affects all of us and this little baby will always be in my heart even though i never knew him i see his beatiful little face i want justtice for ivan this person who done this deserves the exact same death he gave this baby and i pray for an eye for an eye your supposed to forgive people who wrong you but theres no forgivness here and my heart is with the family and the only one at blame here is his murderer god bless you little ivan i did not know you but i love you and we all will remember this i will carry this with me for the rest of my life this has hit me really hard as if he was my own baby i hope you find peace now sweetie where no harm will ever come to you again

    Comment by agony over ivan | July 14, 2007

  3. this is a very sad story.but the little one is in good hands now.he is being watched over now. i hope they focus on home things seem a little strange there.i would want my baby laid to rest here. where i am so i could go visit him let him know how much i love and miss him everyday. i have seen know sadness out of the mom at all. she should be charged with something that child was looking for attention and fell in harms way.

    Comment by camille | July 23, 2007

  4. Robbie Thomas, a local psychic, is claiming that he was involved in solving this crime – he was not. Please help stop the further exploitation of people like Cesar Cano.

    Comment by SarniaSkeptic | November 2, 2010

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