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Steven Avery Convicted of First Degree Murder of Teresa Halbach

As much as the defence attorneys of Steven Avery wanted to sling mud on the wall to see what stuck, as much as they wanted to state that their client Avery was framed … THE VERDICT IS IN … GUILTY!!!

Steven Avery was convicted of first degree murder of 23 year old Teresa Halbach. Avery faces a mandatory life in prison term for his heinous actions. May he rot in hell as well.

The jury convicted Avery of first-degree intentional homicide and being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was acquitted of mutilating a corpse. The panel deliberated over 3 days and heard a month of testimony.

Halbach disappeared Oct. 31, 2005, after going to the salvage yard in rural Manitowoc County to photograph a minivan that Avery’s sister had for sale through Auto Trader Magazine. Avery called that morning to request the photo, testimony showed. (Fox News)

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  1. Teresa was 25, not 23. But thanks for your support of the prosecution and the Halbach family throughout this investigation and trial. There were SO many people looking for Teresa…it’s just absurd what the defense lawyers were saying about these police officers, working day and night to find any trace of her. Those two say they truly “believe Steven is innocent.” Yet I have a good feeling that if either of them have or had daughters, they’d think twice about leaving Steven alone in a room with those daughters!

    It’s sad how many people in the area STILL think Avery’s innocent. I don’t know how much clearer it could be that he isn’t, when considering how much of the evidence they actually had versus how much Avery destroyed (even though the jury found him not guilty on that charge, which I’ll likely never really understand).

    It’s even more sad to think about how many crimes he did manage to get away with in this particular case. But I know that the result of the two he did get charged with will mean he’s never free to hurt anyone again. That’s what’s really important.

    Well, one down, one to go. I pray Dassey has the same fate next month, though I fear they’ll go easier on him because he’s so young. Just the same, I can’t and won’t give up hope. Teresa wouldn’t.

    Comment by Friend of Teresa's | March 21, 2007

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