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Body Found at Purdue University, Could be missing Student Wade Steffey

A body has been found in a utility room at a campus residence hall at Purdue University. Wade Steffey1Authorities are not releasing the information as to whether it is missing college student Wade Steffey. Wade Steffey has been missing since January 13, 2007.

Purdue spokeswoman Jeanne Norberg says it’s too soon to know whether the body is that of missing Purdue student Wade Steffey, who vanished more than two months ago.

Norberg says the body was found inside a ground-level utility room at Owen Hall after a building resident heard a pinging noise and call the campus utility department.

She says a utility worker found the body. (Fox News)

Wade Steffey_Hall

Owens Hall was one of the last places that Steffey was seen.

”Owen Hall is indeed the last place where Wade Steffey was seen,” she said, adding that the room is not accessible from the residence hall.

She also said that the ground-level utility room is not accessible from Owen Hall and is locked with two sets of keys, one each for two sets of doors.

Norberg said that when the building was searched for clues into Steffey’s disappearance the utility room was apparently not examined because it was locked. (NWI Times)

Body found on Purdue campus

West Lafayette – Police are investigating the discovery of a body at the Purdue University campus Monday. At this point officials are not saying whether the body is male or female, and a coroner expects to have more answers Tuesday. Many on campus are worried that it could be the body of Wade Steffey, a freshman who went missing over two months ago.

The body was discovered around noon by a Purdue employee inside a utility room located in Owen Hall, a campus dormitory.

“A pinging noise was coming from an area of Owen Hall that is not accessible to anyone but our utilities people It’s a high-voltage area,” said Jeanne Norberg, Purdue University. She said the utility worker who found the body “was traumatized. It’s a very difficult situation for her.”

University officials say they don’t know the identity of the individual, but many fear it could be Purdue freshman Wade Steffey, 19, who went missing after attending a party in January.

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The Dana Pretzer Show: Monday March 19th 2007 9pm et, Guests: Yamila Castellano & Art Wood

The Dana Pretzer Show, Monday March 19th 2007 9pm et 


  • Yamila Castellano: Her Japanese husband kidnapped her 2 year old daughter from Cuba to Japan in 2003
  • Art Wood, Former Secret Service Agent,

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Steven Avery Convicted of First Degree Murder of Teresa Halbach

As much as the defence attorneys of Steven Avery wanted to sling mud on the wall to see what stuck, as much as they wanted to state that their client Avery was framed … THE VERDICT IS IN … GUILTY!!!

Steven Avery was convicted of first degree murder of 23 year old Teresa Halbach. Avery faces a mandatory life in prison term for his heinous actions. May he rot in hell as well.

The jury convicted Avery of first-degree intentional homicide and being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was acquitted of mutilating a corpse. The panel deliberated over 3 days and heard a month of testimony.

Halbach disappeared Oct. 31, 2005, after going to the salvage yard in rural Manitowoc County to photograph a minivan that Avery’s sister had for sale through Auto Trader Magazine. Avery called that morning to request the photo, testimony showed. (Fox News)

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